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Yes, the 1994 SP Alex Rodriguez Rookie Card doesnt carry the same prestige it once did. So theyre tough. And thats a big reason why this card is so amazing. Miller was known as one of the best free-throw shooters in his era after leading the NBA in free-throw percentage four times but his accuracy dipped in 1992-93 to a .880 percentage, a bit off his career .888 average. Showcasing unparalleled athleticism for a seven-footer game after game, O'Neal became the first rookie to be voted in as an All-Star starter since Michael Jordan in 1985. Larry Bird had retired for the 1992-93 season but still was a big enough name to be included in the "Fanimation" series as none other than "Birdman.". Its also Konerkos only card to get the RC tag. To free the card, all four sides needed to be separated with its perforated edges, much like Sports Illustrated for Kids cards. Hill was excellent during his rookie season, making the All-Star team at the mid-way point and collecting co-NBA Rookie of the Year honors with Jason Kidd at the season's end. They pair up a slick regular design and integrate a holograms into it. During the postseason, Pippen upped his scoring output, posting an impressive 20.1 points per game over nineteen games in the 1993 NBA Playoffs. Cards were primarily distributed in 12-card packs, each of . But the cards landing 1:24 packs and a big checklist, the perception of rarity drove them. This set brings back so many great memories and nostalgia of an era when card collecting was at such a craze. 1994 Upper Deck 1995 Upper Deck Find a Specific Upper Deck Basketball Card Set Browse Upper Deck Basketball Card Sets Below is a list of Upper Deck Basketball Card Sets with Cards . Shaq wasted no time making his presence known to the rest of the NBA and immediately got to work. Arguably the most famous sidekick in NBA history, Scottie Pippen was as much of a key to the Bulls' success as ever during the 1992-93 season. During his time in college leading the California Golden Bears, Kidd showed incredible basketball smarts and an ability to shoot, pass and rebound from the point guard position. Debuting the year before, theres not much to them other than a foil stamp. Page Size: 100 1000 . The design nails the era and its players. Thankfully, with other cards surrounding it on all four sides, there was a bit of protection. The Pistons agreed and dealt him to the San Antonio Spurs before the 1993-1994 season began. But he didnt stop there. But, Upper Deck still found ways to include him and even used his likeness on the cover of Series One boxes: The design of the cards in the set offered collectors a fantastic experience with bright, full-color imagery that featured plenty of action. Click here for the details, David Robinson (Foil) [CSG7.5NearMint+], Latrell Sprewell [BASCertifiedBGSEncased], Dennis Rodman [BASCertifiedBASEncased], Dennis Rodman [BASCertifiedBGSEncased], Charlie Ward [BASCertifiedBeckettAuthSticker], B.J. Whereas the standard rookie was distributed in Series 2 boxes, the redemption cards could be found in Series 1 boxes. Game 7, however, ended in a blowout win for Shaq's Magic. But what some have done is taken a single signature card and tried to make it into one that appears to be the dual autograph. And now, they bring back tons of nostalgia. Gary Roosevelt blew them out and Robinson won the 1991 Indiana Mr. Basketball Award. For more than a decade, it sat in bins of commons. Christie's rookie card #32 could be pulled in high-series packs. Free shipping. In his first season with the Phoenix Suns following a trade from the 76ers, Charles Barkley quickly impressed his new franchise and fans. Read our methodology . Average ungraded base card value (excludes parallels) for 1994 Upper Deck USA Basketball Barkleys talent combined with the signing of recent All-Star Danny Manning had many Phoenix Suns fans expecting the team to surpass the previous years performance. These also happen to be the first autograph cards in a mainstream wrestling card set. Click on any card to see more graded card prices, historic prices, and past sales. To a certain extent, it still is. Mickey Mantle and Ken Griffey Jr. are baseball card icons. He may have been retired from the NBA at the time, but that didn't mean Michael Jordan couldn't give his opinion on several of the 1994 NBA Draft Picks. There are two versions of the card. Hardaways 21.7 points and 7.2 assists were enough to find him a spot at the All-Star game. The final game came down to a nail-biting 115-114 Houston win, and Olajuwon eliminated Barkley in an incredibly close series for the second year in a row. That means the card needs to be flawless. We are user supported. Comic books and sports cards were both pretty hot markets when I was a kid, so I certainly remember thinking these "Fanimation" cards were cool when they first came out. From there you can also add a Card to your collection or wishlist. San Antonio looked ready to bring home the first NBA title in franchise history with a well-rounded team that included guys like Dennis Rodman, Sean Elliot, Avery Johnson, and several other key role players. After starring at Temple University, Eddie Jones looked to bring his incredible skills to the NBA when the Los Angeles Lakers drafted him with the tenth pick of the 1994 NBA Draft. Arguably the most incredible one-two punch the NBA has ever seen, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen dominated the league during the 1990s to win six NBA titles. With tens of thousands to choose from, weve narrowed the field down to 25 of the most unforgettable 1994 sports (and non-sport) cards. Ungraded & graded values for all '94 Upper Deck USA Basketball Ungraded & graded values for all '94 Upper Deck Basketball Cards. The foil backdrop on the card makes it one of his most attractive as well. After sweeping the Nuggets in the First Round, the Spurs knocked out the Lakers 4-2 in the Semifinals to find themselves in a Western Conference Championship showdown against Hakeem Olajuwon and the Houston Rockets. Call it a jinx if you want, but unfortunately, the injury bug held back Hill for many years in his career. Its also one of the most coveted Alex Rodriguez cards from his debut season. P4 is much more scarce, handed out through Diamond Distributors. Speaking of the 1994 NBA Draft picks, several superstars like Jason Kidd, Grant Hill, Glenn Robinson, and Juwan Howard make their rookie card debuts in this set. While Glenn Robinson and Juwan Howard saw their hobby spotlight fade, Jason Kidd put together a Hall of Fame career that included an NBA Championship, ten All-Star selections and dozens of other accolades and awards. 4. Despite his success at Duke, Laettner had established a reputation as one of the most unlikeable players in the college game. The Suns got off to a 3-1 lead, and the series seemed to be done and dusted after a 43-point performance from Kevin Johnson in Game 4. The Knicks and Pacers rivalry was one of the most intense during the 1990s, with Miller always being a massive thorn in New York's side. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Page: Related: FAQ - Pricing And of those that he does have, several inserts have carried the most clout thanks to the lower print runs. Though Laettner performed well, the Timberwolves staggered to a dreadful 19-62 record. COMC.com is doing business for CheckOutMyLLCand is utilizing patented technology. The Jordan card is the most expensive of the subset, while this one that features both Jordan and Bird is typically the next-in-line. Coming off a 58-24 record and NBA Championship win during the 1993-94 season, Hakeem Olajuwon showed no signs of slowing down, as he led the Rockets to another outstanding campaign in franchise history. The 1994 Collectors Choice Michael Jordan is a perfect transition card showing that even on the diamond, Jordan knew his basketball roots. Alex Rodriguez doesnt have a ton of MLB card from 1994. Among them is one of the earliest Maurice Richard signature cards. One thing to be on the watch for is altered cards. Prices are updated daily based upon 1994 Upper Deck listings that sold on eBay and our marketplace. After edging the Indiana Pacers in seven games in the Eastern Conference Finals, the Magic faced the Houston Rockets in the Finals. Johnson initially retired on November 7, 1991, ahead of the 1991-92 season after announcing he had tested positive for HIV. Michael Jordan won his first Slam Dunk Contest in 1987 in Seattle and then became the first player to repeat when he won the competition again in 1988 in front of his home crowd fans in Chicago. He also loves to write about the hobby and has written for Beckett, Topps, SABR and of course, this website. Found in 1994 Flair Series 2 packs, they land 1:24 packs (one per box). Date Added. They were most prominent in Upper Deck products. Similar to Iginla, Paul Konerko is one of those athletes that pretty much everyone respects but when it comes to cards, hes overlooked. The imagery on this card is fantastic as Barkley goes up for the score versus a Denver Nuggets defender with the phrase "Traded to Suns" called out on the bottom of the card. That means similar issues with condition the edges and corners. Not surprisingly, Gretzky is a short print having signed just 300 copies versus the reported 2,400 most other players did. But no matter what side of the debate youre on, the history surrounding this autograph is still fascinating. Kidd may have fallen short of that incredible comparison, but there's no question that he was one of the greatest point guards of all time. Free shipping. Rose played 81 games during his rookie season and averaged 8.2 points per game and 4.8 assists per game. 0% . document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Stay in the know about the latest sports card, hobby news, and promotions from Beckett. Card numbers 483-497 in the set were part of a subset known as "Game Faces" that featured images of players with various facial expressions of joy, concentration, and intimidation, to name a few. During his rookie season, Jones averaged 14 points, 3.9 rebounds, 2 assists, and 2 steals to earn 1994-95 All-Rookie First Team honors and to finish fourth in the NBA Rookie of the Year vote. All rights reserved. The Rockets were unshaken and fought their way to an NBA Finals showdown against the Orlando Magic and superstar big man Shaquille O'Neal. Coming off of a sensational 1993-94 rookie season that saw him take home the Rookie of the Year honors, Webber entered his sophomore season looking to display further improvement. Contact him at [emailprotected]. In the deciding Game 7, Kenny "the Jet" Smith missed a crucial game-winner that sent the game into overtime, where a late clutch field goal by Hakeem wouldn't be enough to get the Rockets over the hump. As talented as Houston was, many were surprised when they finished 47-35 for the sixth seed in the Western Conference Playoffs. He also came out of the blocks on fire as a rim protector, averaging a career-best 3.5 blocks per contest in year one. Shop COMC's extensive selection of 1994-95 upper deck collector's choice basketball cards. buy stuff after clicking links on our site 1994 SP Holoviews are some of the most interesting and coolest inserts ever created. , 1994-95 SP PREMIERE PROSPECTS DIE CUT #D2 JASON KIDD BGS 9.5 GEM MINT HOF, 1998-99 Black Diamond Dominance Emerald D13 Shaquille ONeal #d 23/100 BGS 8.5. Unfortunately, the 1992-1993 campaign would not be so glorious. Rookie. In the summer before he relocated to Central Florida, the kid who'd later be known simply as "Shaq" put in work with legendary Los Angeles Lakers point guard Magic Johnson in Southern California. Richard signed for several sets prior to his death in May, 2000, but not a lot. In 1994-95, the basketball card world was still a couple of years away from embracing things like small, numbered print runs and autographs. The lenticular inserts are the toughest cards to pull in Series 1, landing 1:180 packs. $299.99 Free shipping 1994 Upper Deck Baseball #19 Michael Jordan PSA 8 NM-MT HOF NEW GRADE *QTY*. Soccer had a breakthrough year in North America in 1994 as the United States played host to the World Cup. Need help buying or selling cards or have a general question about the hobby? Basketball Cards. Let's be clear:most of the cards from this set do not have any value these days. After returning from Barcelona with his gold medal, though, Johnson remained retired for the 1992-93 NBA season. And its the maple leaf thats highlighted on one of his most iconic cards of all-time. Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were two of the biggest legends in the game's history, and unfortunately, both of their careers ended too soon. The quality of the signatures varies, as does the condition of the cards themselves. 1993-94 Upper Deck Basketball - Trading Card Database Basketball Sets 1993-94 Overview 1993-94 Upper Deck Total Cards: 510 Rating: 7.2 (55 votes) Click here to Rate Top Sets: #35 Notes: Distributed as Series One (#1-255) and Series Two (#256-510) Tweet No More Secrets Puzzle Game. His true ambition was to play the flute for the New Shelbyville Philharmonic. We may earn an affiliate commission if you So, for the cards on this list to be worth much, they'll have to be graded by PSA to be in perfect, gem mint condition. Jordan's opinion on Grant Hill was very positive, as he pointed out his incredible athletic gifts, leadership and explosiveness. Tune in as Mrs. Wax Pack Gods reads 1994 Upper Deck Baseball Cards - 12 Most Valuable. Click on any Upper Deck Set to see a full list of Cards and their current value. A scorer and pure playmaker in a class all his own, the 29-year-old living legend keyed a Bulls offense that finished with a 112.9 offensive rating, the second-best mark in the NBA. In hindsight, Jordan pointed out Detroit's history of player injuries somewhat ominously. List by Card #, You own: 0 / 47 items 1994 Flair Hot Gloves set a high bar and collectors took note, making them one of the years most popular insert sets. $59.99 Notes about 1994 Upper Deck Now that we got that out of the way, let's take a look at the list: During his time at LSU, Shaquille O'Neal wowed the NCAA basketball world with his size and dominant presence in the paint, becoming a two-time All-American and later winning the Adolph Rupp Trophy in 1991. In 1994, Upper Deck had an exclusive deal with Mickey Mantle. With Michael Jordan still in the middle of his first retirement from the NBA, you'll notice that the 1994 Upper Deck basketball card set doesn't include seemingly endless amounts of Jordan cards. Ungraded & graded values for all '94 Fleer Tower of Power Basketball Cards. Though Reggie Miller wasn't really known as a big dunker, Upper Deck featured the legendary sharpshooter throwing one down with authority on this card. Track your collection for free. . Though he played in only 49 games that season, Rodman averaged 16.8 rebounds per game and brought home his fourth-straight rebounding title. And theyre one of the most interesting pieces to come from a trial that has gone on to influence so many parts of our culture and media. SUBSCRIBE NOW! There should be no surprise that Shaq's rookie is the most expensive card in this set, but there are some others in the checklist that may raise your eyebrows. Now that we got that out of the way, let's take a look at the list: After spending the previous season pursuing a career in Major League Baseball, Michael Jordan returned to the Bulls near the end of the 1994-1995 season. eBay Auction Event: 2023 Super Bowl Kickoff, eBay Auction Event: 2023 NHL All-Star Game. The print run was on the large side for a non-sport set, but these are still relatively tough to find. What a great autograph Mickey Mantle has. But look into those eyes and say the name again. And one of the most hyped rookies in league history was about to take the NBA by storm That's right, Shaq Diesel was about to embark on a Hall of Fame nineteen-year career where he would solidify his legacy as one of the NBA's most dominant big men of all time. Card #1 was slotted for the best of them all: Chris Webber. The cards come with a story. 1994 Flair Hot Gloves flip things, putting the spotlight on the games best defensive players. For 1994 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes, an early foray for the company into products focused on retired players. Robinson unanimously won the John R. Wooden Award and Naismith Award during his junior 1993-94 season while also taking Purdue to the Elite Eight. As part of the Michigan Wolverines' infamous "Fab Five" in college, Jalen Rose looked to try his talents at the NBA level when the Denver Nuggets selected him with the 13th pick of the 1994 NBA Draft. The team's offense finished 16th among 27 teams by scoring 100.5 points per game, but their defense was pathetic as they allowed 106.1 points per game to put them 25th among the 27 teams. During his eight seasons with the Sixers, Barkley averaged 23.3 points and 11.6 rebounds per game as he developed a reputation as a controversial player but a top power forward nonetheless. Speaking of the 1994 NBA Draft picks, several superstars like Jason Kidd, Grant Hill, Glenn Robinson, and Juwan Howard make their rookie card debuts in this set. However, Barkley grew frustrated in Philadelphia and demanded a trade after the team finished 35-47 during the 1991-92 NBA season and missed the playoffs. He was an avid defender, too, earning All-Defensive Second Team honors for three seasons in a row from 1998-2000. Playing off of the infamous 1989 Fleer Bill Ripken, this promo card pays tribute as onlyThe Simpsons can. It really doesnt matter what sport it is (or how good he is playing it). During that performance, he once again established his dominance in the NBA. 2019 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball Checklist, 2018-19 Hockey Cards Release Dates, Checklists and Cheap Wax Wednesday Box Breaks: 1993 Studio Baseball, 5 Iconic 1980s and 90s Baseball Cards That Left Us Disappointed, 15 of the Coolest Bo Jackson Cards from the 1980s and Early 90s, Cheap Wax Wednesday Box Breaks: 1995 Playoff Prime Football. View cart for details. Kidd wasted no time getting into the flow of things in the NBA, as the young guard averaged 11.7 points per game, 7.7 assists per game, 5.4 rebounds per game, and 1.9 steals per game. When it comes to baseball cards, big hitters usually get the most love. Coming out at a time when autographs were still rare in the vast majority of products, it set a high mark for multi-signed cards to follow. Heres How to Tell Them Apart. Although they missed the playoffs due to a tiebreaker with the Indiana Pacers, the sheer presence of the newly-crowned 1993 NBA Rookie of the Year was plenty enough reason for optimism. The first is from 1994 Action Packed WWF where he and The Undertaker both signed 500 cards. Although this is a Sylvain Turgeon card, hes not the reason this card has gained tremendous notoriety.

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