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WPs Pritam Singh calls for thorough review of Singaporean living wage following useful lessons from COVID-19. Under this section, we will look out for any previous allegations against Asia Times by any political leader, party, organization or readers to support if Asia Times is biased towards left, right or center. Trust in Media. In review, when covering Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, CNA utilizes a neutral tone in their headlines such as this, Dont drop workers: Companies and workers should take the long view, says PM Lee in May Day message, hen covering opposition Workers Party leader Pritam Singh, they also maintain a neutral tone. Looking for a source we don't already have? Learn more about how we use cookies in our cookie policy. CNA is headquartered in Singapore and has Singapore and International editions. Regardless of how Taiwans fall might happen, Davis explains, the PRC would be much better placed to deny US forward presence, to weaken American geopolitical influence in Asia, and expand Beijings domination in the region., He adds that a US and allied failure to intervene would generate a highly permissive environment for Beijing from which it could expand its influence and presence as well as coerce other opponents, notably Japan as well as Australia.. to comment on Asia Timess media bias. The worldwide Tool Reconditioning & Regrinding & Sharpening Services market is expected to grow at a booming CAGR of 2023-2030, rising from USD billion in 2023 to USD billion in 2030. On his part, Li Haidong, a professor at the Institute of International Relations of the China Foreign Affairs University, told the nationalist newspaper, The US fleeing action is a warning to the Taiwan secessionists, or rather, a forecast [of what will happen in the future].. Israel government is new normal in the Middle East, Russia, Turkey come together in Syria to Uncle Sams chagrin, How 20 years of Erdogan have transformed Turkey, Ukrainian fighters at Bakhmut reported encircled, Munich conference as prelude to a wider war, Remembering Carters 1994 Pyongyang peace mission, How Putin has shrugged off Western sanctions, Still no denying Australias export reliance on China, Vietnam is a feed-importing powerhouse for the US, West finally hitting back at Chinas cleantech dominance, Proudly powered by Newspack by Automattic. Media Bias Fact Check offers a number of sustaining Ad-Free membership plans to fit your budget. Asia Times is a popular newspaper in Thailand, published from and headquartered in Thailand. Media Type: Newspaper But among Southeast Asian countries confronting religious extremism at home, most dramatically in the case of the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand, there are deep concerns about Afghanistan once again becoming a breeding and training ground for transnational terrorists. Top US diplomat Antony Blinken was due in New Delhi alongside Russia's Sergei Lavrov for a G20 meeting. CNA typically syndicates to low-biased credible news sources such as. One of the reasons behind the calls to drop Harris might be her poor national poll rating. Singapore Press Holdings currently owns The Straits Times, with revenue derived from advertising, classifieds, and subscription sales. This site, like many others, uses small files called cookies to help us improve and customize your experience. The . The Biden administrations spectacular failure to predict the sheer speed of the Afghan governments collapse has already been branded as one of the greatest intelligence failures in decades. We've aggregated 12,650 of Asia Times's headlines and news stories over the past 3 months. Compare headlines and media bias behind news outlets on stories breaking today. NPC is Xis big chance for a reform reboot, BOJ nominee tells Tokyo its Peter Pan days are over, US-China fight puts Taiwans economy in a firing line, US-Japan tie-up heralds new space telecom era, Chinas reopening still more boomlet than boom, Ueda the right choice for BOJs post-QE era, Chinas Bismarck moment is finally afoot, Japan aiming to boost profitability of defense contractors, Turns out BOJ wont ruin Chinas year after all, Iran's Asef air missile can hit all of Israel, Digital worlds diverge at World Mobile Congress, Weapon replacement costs changing nature of Ukraine war, Open season on China in Taiwan-focused US House, US dangles F-35 to lure India away from Russia, NPC is Xi's big chance for a reform reboot, Spin doctor who made and broke with Putin is dead, China's ironic reticence on land grab in Ukraine, US Navy laments Chinas shipbuilding supremacy, Ukraine marks the future of remote-control war, Chinas phantom space strike made to spoof US defenses, US secretly amassing killer drone swarms to repel China, Why Zelensky covets and craves Western fighter jets, US still building vulnerable carriers in the hypersonic age, Proudly powered by Newspack by Automattic. Who are Irans embattled morality police? CNAs TV channel also broadcasts live reports and interviews. Easton further contends that the outcome would be especially dire if Taiwan should fall without the United States and others trying (even if they failed) to defend it. He is also the Secretary-General of the center-right Peoples Action Party ( PAP). Mediacorp is owned by Temasek Holdings which is a Singaporean state investment firm. Several organizations across the globe independently conduct thorough research and studies on the pattern of news coverage by mainstream media. Global Council to Build Trust in Media and Fight Misinformation. CNA (Channel News Asia) revenue is derived through advertising. At the same time, the Biden administration should emphasize that more than its credibility is at stake when it promises to use the "full range of U.S. capabilities, including nuclear," to defend Tokyo and Seoul: more than 80,000 U.S. forces are stationed in Japan and South Korea, and 120,000 U.S. citizens live in the two countries, creating what the political scientist Joseph Nye calls a . Country: Hong Kong In the first scenario, the PRC attacks Taiwan and it falls with no outside assistance from the United States or others. Following the 2008 global financial crisis, U.S. imports from Southeast Asia have grown steadily and reached over $185.8 billion in 2018, up 9.4 percent from 2017 and up 68.7 percent in the last decade. Asia Times is a Hong Kong-based English-language news website covering politics, economics, business and culture "from an Asian perspective". The result would be Taiwans destruction as a free and independent country; the breakdown of the US alliance system, with some allies going nuclear and others falling into the PRCs diplomatic orbit; and increased PRC influence globally. According to its "About" page, Asia Times has "two main newsrooms and social media hubs in Bangkok and Hong Kongsupported by bureaus in Seoul, Beijing, Singapore, and New York."[5]. Post-coup opposition movements have created opportunities for these people to take on roles that earlier were off limits. that suggests any bias of Asia Times towards any side of the spectrum. Lorna Slater: No-one with credibility would delay deposit return scheme Posted 2023-02-28, The Scotsman Headlines No-one with any credibility would delay Scotland's deposit return scheme, the circular economy minister has said, after two SNP leadership candidates said it should be paused. It will also have an age-wise, demographic-wise, gender-wise and political opinion-wise distribution of Asia Times audience. Global Disinformation Index. [3] Many reporters from the Asia Times print edition continued their careers as journalists, and a group of those contributors created Asia Times Online as a successor to the Asia Times. Lester Holt (Full name: Lester Don Holt, Jr) is an American broadcast journalist who has served as anchor of NBC Nightly News since 2015 and also serves as anchor for Dateline NBC. Share. But broken down, that is an ominous figure. We have also commented on the left or right biasedness of the Asia Times along with its factual accuracy. Mediacorp is owned by. The site was again relaunched in February 2019 with a refreshed web design, multiple languages and a domain name change to Doubts over American commitment to the Philippines may explain why a Pew Research Center survey showed the majority of Filipinos (67%) prefer warmer economic ties with China rather than confrontation. The decision to postpone local elections is a dangerous moment for Sri Lankan democracy. The Straits Times mainly focuses on events in Singapore and the region. The site was relaunched with a new logo and design in October 2016 with Uwe Parpart as editor. It will also empower Beijing-friendly elites such as populist President Rodrigo Duterte, who has consistently questioned American credibility during his tenure while pivoting to China. These media sources are slight to moderately conservative in bias. Covering geo-political news and current affairs across Asia Menu. The mainstream media is increasingly vested in the hands of a . The Straits Times uses right-center bias in editorial pieces when reporting USA news and often sources credible information. Unsurprisingly, China and its regional proxies are trying to exploit the debacle to portray the US as an unreliable and untrustworthy ally, which rushes to intervene in nations just to disown them at their greatest hour of need. Based on the above analysis, we will assign one of the media bias meter out of all the seven possible meters shown here. Asia Times is based out of Thailand and primarily published from Thailand . Series: Materials Science and Engineering 482 (2019) 012036 IOP Publishing Asia Times - Media Bias/Fact Check Detailed Report Factual Reporting: HIGH Country: Hong King World Press Freedom Rank: Hong Kong 73/180 History Asia Times is an English-language publication launched in 1995. Still, the regional and global security orders would be shattered. situs link alternatif kamislot asia times credibility Perched on cliffs 70 metres above the sea in the Uluwatu area of Bali, 72 villas overlook the . Right Bias: How we rate the bias of media sources. At a minimum, it should jumpstart research to examine the benefits, costs and risks that such arrangements would bring to the Indo-Pacific security architecture and assess the opportunities and challenges that such a development would present. As one top Filipino official told Asia Times, Has it become just a habit, or its just that they [Americans] dont care about their allies?, citing his worries about the fate of US-aligned officials in Kabul. Operation Claw-Sword: Erdogans big new game in Syria, The G20s Balinese dance and Bidens calming words, US Navy laments Chinas shipbuilding supremacy, US dangles F-35 to lure India away from Russia, Ukraine marks the future of remote-control war, Chinas phantom space strike made to spoof US defenses, Tracing the steps of Vancouver 1907 anti-Asianmob, Living and dying by the purge in North Korea, Western sanctions on Iran more sound than fury, Elderly Japan on brink of a demographic crisis, Why the fourth industrial revolution still hasnt arrived, Tax-evading tax collectors living high on the hog in Indonesia, Cambodia: when Hun Manet takes over from Hun Sen, Why Indonesia is so behind the innovation curve, Chinas chip sector enters a dark forest era, Rising specter of a quantum computing arms race, Rethinking the future of AI-powered warfare, Ueda the right choice for BOJs post-QE era, Chinas Bismarck moment is finally afoot, Japan aiming to boost profitability of defense contractors, Chinas ironic reticence on land grab in Ukraine, China digitizing health care up and beyond Covid-19, Relentless censor Beijing mocks US TikTok crackdown, Beijing complains of new illegal US sanctions, The price Europe must pay to end the Ukraine war, Chinese balloons and US alchemic leadership, Global security rules would bind world, not China. Answer (1 of 7): Looking pretty good. Nielsen announces proposed $500 million add-on offering of senior secured notes by its affiliate. Freedom on the Net. Furthermore, they source through quotes rather than hyperlinks. Canberra, then, would have to recalibrate and fundamentally rethink its defense policy, its alliance with the United States, and its strategic relationships with other regional partners. Jabin Jacobs chapter on the Indian perspective argues that a PRC invasion of Taiwan would change very little on the ground for India in terms of the bilateral [India-Taiwan] relationship itself. Yet he explains that a PRC invasion of Taiwan would force India to refocus its national security policy squarely on the PRC, making China its primary threat. Founded in 1995 as a printed broadsheet newspaper, Asia Times relaunched in 2016 and has since developed into one of the region's largest English-language pan-Asia digital news . Follow him on Twitter @DavidSantoro1. All plans give access to our growing exclusive content! See all Right-Center sources. Support MBFC Donations In many ways, the Biden administration began to fulfill what former President Barack Obama tried to accomplish under his pivot to Asia policy. For Asia Times, we will go through several researches, studies, blind surveys, headline analysis, etc. One of the most intriguing mysteries of the last three months is this: Why is Japan, the biggest foreign holder of US Treasury securities, placing so many sell orders? Press Freedom Rank: LIMITED FREEDOM President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday that Russia was suspending its participation in the New START treaty with the United States that limits the two sides' strategic nuclear arsenals. The newspaper faced financial difficulties in 1997 and closed down the week before the Asian financial crisis erupted with the collapse of the Thai baht on July 2, 1997. New Premier Li Qiang may have Xi's full confidence to shake up the economy in epochal ways. Prior to this, Sanyal was the MD & CEO of Universal Music India and South Asia, based in Mumbai. Country: Singapore Moscow's armies took over the city on March 2, 2022, and occupied . Current Local Times in Asia. "None of our randomly selected respondents could be classified as Class AB," explained Ronald Holmes, Pulse Asia president, in a message to Rappler on Monday, March 14, the day the results of . The shift, finalised by a vote at the Asian Chess Summit in Abu Dhabi earlier Tuesday, comes as other . Suggest one, Stay current with all the latest and breaking news from. Support MBFC Donations Asia Times. Very strong mag. In this article, Mediabuzz is going to analyze Asia Timess media bias and Asia Timess factual reporting on the basis of its coverage, language used, presidential endorsements, media reports, research and blind surveys. Their editorial work is published, the main website, and at social media sites on Facebook and Twitter. We will list down fact-checks that mentioned Asia Times to suggest if Asia Times has published false stories in the past or not. March 3, 2023, 2:08 a.m. Beijing seen muzzling its wolf warrior diplomacy, HK-mainland reunions no big deal for travel trade, Tilting to US, S Korea ends era of strategic ambiguity, A glimmer of hope for North Korea in 2023, US Marines to join Japanese guarding remote islands, Sensing US shortfall, Tokyo and Seoul self-strengthen, Japan, Korea risk blowing rare economic tailwinds, Big spender Anwar buying political staying power, Security sector purge only skin-deep in the Philippines, Myanmars overlooked but not-yet-forgotten war, China-Philippine relations on a hot lasers edge, Myanmar election ploy threatens to split ASEAN and West, US-collected biometric data in Talibans killer hands, Taking US-India relations to the next level, Sri Lankas 2022 crisis will hurt for years to come, Pakistan now a bigger basket case than even Bangladesh, US secretly amassing killer drone swarms to repel China, Why Zelensky covets and craves Western fighter jets, US still building vulnerable carriers in the hypersonic age, US fumbling to close hypersonic gap with China, Russia, China set to eclipse US air superiority in Pacific, The demographics behind Israels right-wing shift. An Unexpected Meeting: Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken and Foreign Minister Sergey V. Lavrov of Russia spoke face-to-face for the first time since Moscow's invasion .

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