does stubhub refund cancelled events

Tel: 251.432.1600 More than disappointed at not being able to take her daughter to see her favorite show for her birthday, shes angry that she, like thousands of others, bought tickets months ago through StubHub with the guarantee that in the event of a cancellation, she would be able to get a refund and then, just over a week ago, in the heat of the global pandemic, StubHub changed its policies. Terms & Conditions. That customer may need to try and exchange those tickets, or attend the rescheduled date. A quick search on Twitter yields dozens of accounts complaining that they have not received refunds for events that were canceled, or payouts for events that already happened. However, their respective terms of service seem to leave the door open for shutting down refunds if need be as things progress. [2] StubHub said theyd refund canceled tickets, but now theyre taking that back (StubHub is here for you. If any of these unfortunate scenarios happens, to get a refund: Contact StubHub customer service as soon as possible by phone at 1-866-STUBHUB (1-866-788-2482), or by email at [emailprotected]. Eli Lilly announced a cap on insulin costs. Explain your situation and why you wish to receive a refund. Its just missing with no explanation. Explain your scenario, and provide any applicable evidence. If the buyers billing address or event is in one of 14 states with consumer laws around refund then the customer still can receive a refund. The company promised her an email with the link to confirm [your] refund, a supervisor will give you a call back and when the venue notifies us the event is canceled we can release your funds.. Fax: 251.432.1700, Business Services and Commercial Litigation, Author: Bradley R. Hightower If StubHub made a mistake, call their customer service line at 1-866-788-2482 and explain your problem. It doesn't look like the case has officially seen the courts yet. You cannot return tickets that you bought on StubHub, as StubHub does not sell any tickets itself. With offices in Birmingham, metro-Jackson, Mississippi, and the Alabama Gulf Coast, Christian & Small focuses on the areas of litigation and business, is a member of the International Society of Primerus Law Firms, and is the only Alabama-based member firm in the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity. Blockchain Technology Makes Buying Concert Tickets Cheaper, And May End Robots Buying In Bulk, Tri-State Coronavirus Travel Advisory Quarantine List, Resources, Hotlines, Unemployment & Covering Bills, Remote Learning Tools For Parents Teaching At Home, CBS2's Dr. Max Answers Your Health Questions. Im not proud of having to do it, but in order for us to be there for our customers post-recovery, we have to make these tough decisions now, Cassidy told Stubhub does not have the money for refunds and recently admitted so in court. For big sporting events, when is a sellout a sellout? . The NHL suspended its season March 12. Straight-up refunds for purchases from official outlets. All rights reserved. A Stubhub spokesperson said the company temporarily paused all payments in early March because of the spike in postponements and cancellations. Then theres the question of the legality of the move, beyond any ethical shortcomings. For full information about the FanProtect Guarantee, and how it works for you as a ticket buyer, click here. StubHub owed him $111.36. "You can apply this coupon to one or multiple StubHub orders in the. StubHub is offering some customers cash refunds for tickets to events that were canceled during the pandemic, creating an exception to a no-refunds policy it adopted in March 2020 to the. McMillan is represented by a Detroit law firm specializing in class actions. StubHubs Policy on Venue Health and Safety Protocols, COVID-19 Impacted Event Policy - What You Need to Know Before You Go. Each cancelled show was a loss to StubHub of their fees which now represented as much as 45% of the total sale. Early last month, he paid $120 for two seats to the March 20 National Hockey League game between the Winnipeg Jets and the Minnesota Wild. February 16, 2021 March 13, 2020 by Brett Goldberg. Emily Kreifels of New Jersey, who spent $145 for three tickets to Disney on Ice scheduled for March 29, went through the same back-and-forth. We rely on your financial support to keep making that possible. Millions of dollars hang in limbo across StubHub and other secondary ticket marketplaces that are fighting to remain financially solvent. StubHub is offering the retroactive refunds now because the live events industry is opening back up. Customers can choose to keep their credits if they like. How do I get a refund from StubHub? It is your responsibility to check with the venue, team, or performer website to understand all health and safety requirements before you go. The credit is valid for a year (365 days), and you can use it for any live event on our site in the same currency. He also eventually received his payment on the night of April 3. Yes StubHub users agree to StubHubs policy on venue health and safety protocols. But StubHub responded by booting him from their ticket platform altogether, something experts say is a sneaky clause in StubHub's fine print. Gibbs Law Group filed a complaint on May 1, 2020 against StubHub for refusing to refund customers who purchased tickets for events that have been cancelled in light of COVID-19. All rights reserved (About Us). StubHub will pay out over $16 million in refunds to over 75,000 customers for events canceled at the start of the pandemic last year. August 20, 2020 / 6:06 PM 2023 Cox Media Group. The cost of loneliness: Social isolation holds back workers and costs employers billions, Businesses and consumers are borrowing more, despite rising interest rates, Why a Guarneri violin is expected to fetch $10 million at auction. | NY Call 1-(888)-364-3065 |NYC Health Dept. You can apply this coupon toward multiple StubHub events in the same currency. [1]You already know that. Unfortunately, as our complaint alleges, StubHub is breaching its . Customers complained to the press and filed lawsuits. From the Rolling Stones to James Taylor and Janet Jackson, Pittsburgh had some great concerts lined up for this summer. Theyre trying to tell people they either have to accept a voucher for a percentage more than the ticket price or theyre going to reschedule the event, he said. Required fields are marked *. The event was canceled and turned into some online-only baloney. The agent will be able to grant you a refund if your scheduled event has been canceled. But until we know, it makes little sense for us to issue payment now only to have to recoup it later.. The ticket service changed its refunds policy just as the COVID-19 pandemic was picking up steam in the U.S., announcing that it would only give customers credit rather than cash when concerts, sports games and other events were canceled. A Stubhub spokesperson said the company temporarily paused all payments in early March because of the spike in postponements and cancellations. It had already been disbursed to the sellers. (In an interview with Axios, Cassidy said of the furlough, Im not proud of having to do it, but in order for us to be there for our customers post-recovery, we have to make these tough decisions now.). If your event is canceled and not rescheduled, SeatGeek, in its sole discretion, will provide you with a full refund of the purchase price or, subject to applicable state laws, issue you a credit for use on a future purchase. Woody heard from StubHub twice after spending $1,748.70 to purchase eight tickets to the event: Once, on March 7, to preemptively explain that if an event were to be canceled, he would have the option to receive a refund or a coupon, and again on March 14, to say the concert was canceled, and once again he had the option for a refund or a coupon. You can also follow WPXI on Facebook and Twitter. Now, StubHub customers can't even get their money back, after a change in company policy amid the coronavirus pandemic. [9] See Paragraph 22, Section B, titled Arbitration Procedures., [10] Marketplace is a division of MPR's 501 (c)(3). I want to assure you that StubHubs FanProtect Guarantee protects every purchase the ticket you have purchased on our site will get you into the event or we will make it right, reads the update, which is also signed by Cassidy. [8] See Paragraph 22, Section B, titled Arbitration Procedures, regarding the requirement that you must submit a Notice of Dispute form before filing a refund arbitration claim. Unless you want a refund. The StubHub policy for rescheduled events is that the tickets are good for the new event and you can either attend or sell the tickets. But these are unprecedented times.. If a team, venue, or event organizer invalidates a ticket to implement social distancing requirements, well treat the order as canceled. What resale sites like StubHub are doing to the price of your ticket, How much a Super Bowl ticket will cost you and how its changed, Lets do the numbers: The money spent on the Rio Olympics. FORTUNE is a trademark of Fortune Media IP Limited, registered in the U.S. and other countries. For just $5/month, you can help sustain Marketplace so we can keep reporting on the things that matter to you. However, StubHub is not responsible for partial performances, line-up, time, or venue changes. But people want their cash back now. It also covers you if an event is cancelled, or rescheduled and requires new tickets to be purchased. This argument incorrectly assumes that StubHub has not already paid sellers for tickets that sold prior to the unprecedented wave of cancellations, or that all sellers have a net positive balance with StubHub. Customers can choose to keep their credits if they like. StubHub is here for you. Prefer a cash refund instead? Just 21 days ago, online ticket exchange and resale company StubHub sent a reassuring email to their customers. Avoid close contact with people who are sick. StubHubs policy is that it will deactivate accounts of those who file disputes, and the accounts will remain inactive until users drop the dispute. That includes includes California, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Utah, and Virginia. For third party ticket resellers, it gets even more complicated. The company, built around the constant sale and exchange of tickets to live events, announced cost-saving measures on March 24, according to Celebrity Access, an entertainment industry site. StubHub has made an exception in one case: If the buyers billing address or event is in one of 14 states with consumer laws around refund, the customer still can get a refund. The credits are valid through the end of 2022. "@sukhindersingh, that's not going to go over very well. Thats when Woody, Moyles, Kreifels and many others learned that the refunds werent coming. Another seller, who requested anonymity, says he sold one pair of tickets on the platform to a popular event in Los Angeles scheduled for March 8, and did not receive his payout for more than a month, only after raising holy hell. He says he called 10 times and heard similar reasons for pay delays: issues with PayPal. If you want to file a refund arbitration claim against StubHub for COVID-19 related event cancellation, you should follow the steps below. Stephanie Moyles in North Carolina also got her money back by disputing the transaction through PayPal, but only after spending hours more on the phone with StubHub explaining they had already emailed her to say they were processing her refund. If you buy tickets on StubHub to an event that is canceled, you are covered by our FanProtect Guarantee. Canceled Event Info Mar 28 Tue 8:00pm Ibeyi Cat's Cradle - Carrboro, NC See Tickets Apr 15 Sat 8:00pm Los Temerarios Usa Tour Greensboro Coliseum Complex - Greensboro, NC See Tickets Apr 22 Sat 7:30pm North Carolina Theatre Presents The Color Purple Martin Marietta Center for the Performing Arts (fka Duke Energy) - Raleigh, NC See Tickets Lets pick a winner in every mens college basketball conference tournament. In addition to the Demand for Arbitration, Consumer Arbitration Rules form itself, youll also want to include the following: These documents may be submitted to the AAA via its website ( or by mail. "When an event is canceled, you will receive a @StubHub coupon worth 120% of your original order. Not able to attend or sell tickets for performance on THIS DATE, THIS EVENT. No. Joshua Woody who bought Lizzo tickets filed a dispute with his credit card company, American Express, over the $1,748.70 he says he was owed, and it found in his favor. 07-26-2021 09:10 PM 0 Reply Alastor Backup Singer Re: Event cancelled - Seller refunds? StubHub will require you to send in the incorrect tickets and it will be at their discretion whether they issue you a full refund or offer you StubHub credit for future events. Kimmel says, legally, companies cant just change the rules due to COVID-19. But sellers are not seeing payouts for sales they say took place before any changes to the companys policy occurred. No matter which option you choose, you must also send a copy to StubHub at the following address (which is different from the address where you sent the Notice of Dispute form): StubHub, Inc. We will notify you that the event was canceled and provide instructions on how to obtain the refund or credit. If an event is canceled, well give you a StubHub credit for 120% of the amount you paid. If your event was canceled, in most cases you won't need to do a thing: we'll inform you of the cancellation and refund the amount you paid for your tickets, including all fees (except UPS and retail pickup, and fees on certain Major League Baseball purchases) on the same payment method used for purchase. Its been well-reported in the media[2] and is the subject of a class-action lawsuit. The organizers stuck to their no . Birmingham, Alabama 35203 Simply go to your. Viagogo, a tickets marketplace, bought StubHub in February 2020. Thats everything that we can tell you about StubHubs returns and refunds policy! It covers you as a buyer if your tickets do not arrive in time for an event, are not valid for the listed event, or were grossly misrepresented on StubHub. |, How to Get a Refund from StubHub Because Getting a Future Credit for an Event That May Never Happen Just Sounds Sketchy. The answer is yes, StubHub is legal. A StubHub official said Wednesday the company doesn't discuss active litigation. Read more about event statuses. The AAA, upon its receipt of your refund arbitration claim, will notify you and StubHub that your claim has been received and StubHub will then be required to submit its written response (and its payment for the costs of the arbitration) within 14 days. Ticketmasterand its owner,Live Nation, whose pandemic ticketing policies were also subject tocomplaints and lawsuits, offers refunds or credits if an event is canceled once it gets funds from the event organizer. Sep 15, 2021, 1:28 PM. Before, if an event were canceled before it happened, StubHub would then go back and essentially reverse the transaction, charging the seller for a refund, as its doing now in many cases. If you can no longer attend the event, you can, Log in to your StubHub account and click or tap Profile then. But another major sticking point in all of this is event postponements, an entirely separate category of cases. If an event is cancelled and will not occur at a later date, StubHub will send the Buyer an email offering the Buyer the opportunity to return their tickets within 2 weeks in order to receive. If you can no longer attend your event for any reason, you can sell your tickets with confidence on StubHub in just a few quick steps. NO MORE REFUNDS. Coupons can be applied to one or multiple StubHub. 2023 Minnesota Public Radio. ATTORNEY GENERAL HERRING HOLDS STUBHUB ACCOUNTABLE OVER FAILURE TO PROVIDE REFUNDS FOR CANCELLED EVENTS ~ StubHub, Inc. has agreed to honor its refund policies and is paying refunds to consumers whose events were cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic; more than 8,300 Virginia consumers were affected by StubHub's actions ~ StubHub updated their policy today. Events that were postponed or rescheduled wont be refunded, Fowlks said. If you paid for something thats not being provided and material terms of that contract have not been met by the provider, youre entitled to your money back. StubHub will refund your money if an event is cancelled or moved. The fired Google engineer who thought its A.I. Learn about careers at Cox Media Group. If you've purchased tickets, you'll . SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (CBS) - The ticket resale company StubHub is now offering customers cash refunds for tickets to events that were canceled during the pandemic. First published on August 20, 2020 / 6:06 PM. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Unfortunately you will not be entitled to a refund. Most venues, ticket platforms, and resellers are offering full refunds (ticket fees included) when an event gets canceled. If you sell they will reduce or waive the sellers fee. StubHub suspended that policy in March 2020, following the mass . Postponed events may not be eligible for refunds. If a ticketholder cant attend, they can resell their tickets on StubHub with no selling fee. It seeks class-action status and various damages, and an order that StubHub return to a policy of full refunds instead of coupons for 120% of the refund amount. Irvine, CA 92606. His law firm, Kimmel and Silverman, which has a Pittsburgh office, is also helping consumers to file legal claims to get refunds. Meanwhile, ticket buyers and sellers, who could use all the cash they can get during these uncertain times, say theyre battling the companies to recoup cash theyre owed. College basketball conference tournament predictions: Picks for every mens league. Otherwise you will receive a voucher for 120% of your purchase price. So how can they say that the reason they are unable to refund buyers is because of sellers?, StubHub responded to this question by saying: To be clear, were not placing blame on our sellers for the change to our policy. This may include details from your tickets (so be sure to keep them), or information from the event venue. The settlement will also end a multi-state investigation into StubHub's alleged refusal to provide customers with refunds for cancelled events, reports Law360. The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection and Wisconsin Department of Justice announced a settlement reached with StubHub, Inc. regarding the company's refusal to pay refunds to Wisconsin consumers for events that were canceled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Refunds will be equal to the original purchase price. If no timely response is received from StubHub regarding your Notice of Dispute form, you may then initiate an arbitration proceeding against StubHub by filing a Demand for Arbitration Consumer Arbitration Rules form with the AAA. Dial 833-228-5143. A Wisconsin man has sued the giant online ticket reseller StubHub for reneging on its money-back guarantee for events now canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. If your event is canceled and not rescheduled, you'll receive 120% credit or provide the option of a full refund. Use of this website signifies your agreement to our, Read more about our event cancelation policy, relist your tickets and we'll waive the sell fee. StubHub, however, wont offer refunds to anyone who bought a ticket after March 25 of last year if an event is canceledonly credits. Event Cancellation Protection . StubHub, as the middleman between buyers and sellers of secondhand tickets, says that handling refunds for the huge number of canceled concerts is simply not manageable. See Paragraph 22, Section C, titled Costs of Arbitration, in the user agreement. Receive a full refund of your purchase 2. Read more about our event cancelation policy. Our mission to make business better is fueled by readers like you. Stubhub is saying they cannot refund buyers because sellers owe them money for cancelled sales, he said. The credit is valid for one year (365 days) and you can apply this credit toward any live event listings on our site in the same currency. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy | CA Notice at Collection and Privacy Notice| Do Not Sell/Share My Personal Information| Ad Choices We have a situation right now where we had over 20,000 events canceled, basically at the same time," StubHub president Sukhinder Singh Cassidy told But with thousands of events wiped out, StubHub says it can no longer afford that business practice, and instead will offer a 120 percent site credit once an event has been officially canceled. StubHub is offering some customers cash refunds for tickets to events that were canceled during the pandemic, creating an exception to a no-refunds policy it adopted in March 2020 to the dismay of many customers, the company told The Associated Press. [4] The formal name of the user agreement is StubHub Marketplace Global User Agreement, and you can find a copy of it here: All rights reserved. Have already received refund from credit card. Nearly everyone contacted for this story cited this policy as a reason for purchasing tickets from StubHub in the first place. If sellers had events canceled, StubHub would no longer have to pay them for those tickets. If you have purchased tickets to an event that has been canceled by the event organizer you will automatically receive a Rewards Cash loyalty credit for 110% of the full value of your order total, inclusive of base price, fees, delivery charges, less any sums already refunded. I still printed out the notice of dispute. As pointed out by @don_shano, this is not only absurd (fans deserve their $ back), its unethical and likely illegal. In a statement to the site, StubHub indicated it made the difficult but responsible decision to furlough a portion of our employee base. The site reports the number of employees to be 67 percent of the companys workforce, leaving approximately 150 workers out of about 450 to handle operations until at least June.. As pointed out by @don_shano, this is not only absurd (fans deserve their $ back), its unethical and likely illegal. In an interview, StubHub customer experience vice president Daron Fowlks declined to comment on litigation but said that customers who bought tickets to events in the U.S. or Canada on or before March 25, 2020, and were issued credits for cancellations, will now get refunds. If you purchase a product or register for an account through one of the links on our site, we may receive compensation.

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