fiat ducato camper tyre pressures 225 75r16

I am now using my MH all year round. Cant see Torque settings? You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. I have a Viseo Sovereign 700i. Adjusting tyres pressure when the weather is colder. The only way to find the correct tyre pressures is to load up the m/home as if you were setting out on a trip with all your kit aboard and head for a weighbridge. CP-type tyres have been designed to cater for the higher loads imposed by motor-caravans, especially when fitted in single formation on the rear driven axle (also see following comments below referring to the service description). If the load index on your new tyre is lower than your previous tyre, then it stands to reason that the (US DOT) pressure marking will also be lower, since the inflation pressure of a tyre (together with its construction) determines its load rating. Rear: 5.5 bar. C Started 4 minutes ago, Copyright Warners Group Publications Plc. Hi Keith many thanks for that I will check tomorrow. axle stands to avoid tyre contact with cold winter surfaces (concrete, stone ). Check tires price. Car tyre pressure is measured by calculating the amount of air that has been pumped into the inner lining of your tyre in pounds per square inch (PSI) or BAR pressure. At the moment my tyres are at 5.5 Bar and will remain at that until I have a more accurate weight measurement. Historically - for many years - the advised pressures for Fiat-based new motorhomes fitted with Michelin and Continental camping-car tyres has been 5.0bar(front) and 5.5bar(rear) for 15 tyres, or 5.5bar(front) and 5.5bar(rear) for 16 tyres. As for the ride, well, I don't expect it to be that comfortable - it's a van chassis running at constant high weight. Drive for at least 20-30 minutes to ensure they have reached operating temperature and check again. My 2015 Rapidos Michelin Agilis Camper tyres (215/70 R15CP) are marked. 100 Roanoke, VA 24014 | Tel: (540) 725-3859 Privacy Policy. Youll see that, in the 1st case (FA S), the tyres maximum axle-load capacity of 2500kg is related to an inflation-pressure of 4.75bar, whereas, in the 2nd case (RA S) the 2500kg figure relates to a pressure of 5.5bar. For the Maxi Tempo Libero (camping-car) chassis on which the Burstner is built, the most recent Fiat Ducato Owner Handbook only gives one tyre specification - 225/75 R16CP 116/114 Q - and that applies for a GVW (or PAYLOAD in Fiat-speak!) We have a Ducato Mulivan 150 van conversion with 225/75 R16 Michelin X Green Eco light truck tyres The imprinted Max Speed and Cold Pressure on the tyre wall is stated as116km/h at 80 psi.. I'm lucky in that I have a few farming friends who have weighbridges in their yards. Find a fiat ducato on Gumtree, the #1 site for Stuff for Sale classifieds ads in the UK. The sidewall tells you that the loading value (112) is only reached when the tyre is at a certain pressure (think its 5.5bar but cant remember right now). I have also added wireless TPM which I find immensely reassuring since I have been accustomed to that feature on motorbikes for many years. You are using an out of date browser. That 475 kPa is that for the front or rear. Weighbridges are quite common depending on where you live. Your Fiat Ducato Owner Handbok will specify an inflation pressure of 5.5bar for your motorhome's front and rear 225/75 R16 CP 'camping tyres' and - if the Laika handbook includes a tyre-pressure recommendation - I'd expect it to repeat the Fiat advice. fiat ducato camper tyre pressures 225 75r16. One of today's jobs was to go to a storage site in Steyning to fit new 225/75R16 C Michelin Agilis Camper tyres to a motorhome. Be able to get them to come up on the search? but you need the axle weights for absolute correct pressures. Always consult your vehicle handbook for your exact recommended pressures. Choosing Your Next Tyres . I have a swift kontiki 2004 with michelin campers 215/75/16 i keep tyre pressure at 80 all round had these tyres since new thats almost ten years still plenty of tread on them but the outrr side walls are starting to perish so i am looking to replace them question. Whatever, there is little there that convinces me that, for a reasonably balanced vehicle with axle loadings well within the load index of the tyre, there is a need to run with the tyre-pressures at the filling-threatening maximum. Ultra-high performance from Continental VANCOCAMPER The Continental Vanco Camper tyres are premium tyres suited for camper and mobile homes. I must confess not to notice if the van has a harsh ride. of the normal pressure of 4.75 bar for example. I used the much-mentioned continental tyre pressure download found. When I fitted mine I checked the height between the rear jacking points and ground level with the van empty, loaded it to its max 3850 then pumped the airbags up to achieve the same ground clearance. I didn't even get that from Michelin. Started 3 minutes ago, By Obviously taking this DIY approach to obtaining tyre inflation-pressure data wont be the same as asking the tyre manufacturer for information but, if a motorhome owner decides to overlook the advice in the vehicles handbook(s), it may be the best way forwards. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Powered by Invision Community. 265/65R17. correction de texte je n'aimerais pas tre un mari. This is equal to 450kPa and 4.5bar. Ive noticed that the rear is less harsh now Ive replaced the rubber bump stops with airbags. You cannot paste images directly. The quoted pressures for example for 215/75/16CP at my requested axle loadings tallies exactly with the current Conti advice for the same profile "non-CP" tyres, with the 10% added to the front. 2572212 | VAT Registration No. 225/65R17. Read all the reviews here. These cookies do not store any personal information. damage, cuts, cracking etc) as well as the condition of the wheels and valves, NOTE: For tyre inflation pressures above 4.5 bar (450 kPa), metal valves appropriate to. Dribs and drabs of information that have come my way is that CP tyres have an extra toughening in the sidewall to cope with the greater leverage ratios on the rear axle with extended chassis on Motor Homes compared to vans. Take delivery of new one next Thursday so will see what pressures are quoted on the vehicle. Paste as plain text instead, liposcultura glutei prima e dopo The back 4 on tag axle were around 55psi. So, whatever you tell Michelin about your Burstners rear-axle weight-wise, Michelin will only provide a 5.5bar inflation figure.. 5/84.496WLL4.2 My Brstner manual has a table of tyre pressures that are TUV approved (otherwise they couldnt appear in the manual) which give different tyre pressures front and rear except where 16 inch wheels are used. LT225/75R16 tire pressure chart with maximum tire load capacity at determined tire inflation levels for LT225/75R16 tires. Hello and welcome to our new forums! kopen fiat ducato peugeot boxer citroen relay spare wheel 215/70/ r15 new tyre genuine van slechts 157.72 genuine fiat ducato peugeot boxer citroen relay 2006-2023 spare. Based on real weighbridge figures, however, I shall continue to run at pressures dictated by the tables for similar profile non-CP tyres, plus a margin of around 10%. any long journey. His head bowed,his feet shuffelling he was suitably chastised! Since I use French Aires and German equivalent most of the time, I need to carry water for basics like washing up and cleaning behind my ears or whatever the wash facilities in the van are for. Are you affected? robot dreams by isaac asimov answers; skycity staff intranet. and, for anyone who doesn't want to trawl through it, the bit I was interested in is this: Tyre use and maintenance for motor-caravans (or motor homes). Check your tyres regularly for your safety. The pascal (Pa) or kilopascal (kPa) as a unit of pressure measurement is widely used throughout the world and has largely replaced the pounds per square inch (psi) unit, except in some countries that still use the imperial measurement system or the US customary system, including the United States. The CCP applied to coachbuilt designs, but NOT to panel-van conversions (PVCs). GB 638 3492 15. You'll find many, many posts about ideal tyre pressures on this site and you may find that you don't get a clear answer to your question. if they are Conti tyres have a scan through this its around page 70++ for CP tyres. RA23. At the same time I was balancing items like cases of wine v dog food. The 475kPa is quoted on the new tyre alongside the 116Q which in my mind means that is the maximum weight and pressure which is lower than the tyres on my present M/H. The joke is, in Europe Michelin won't recommend CrossClimate's for campervans, when I corresponded with Michelin over tyres for my van they got their knickers in a twist over it, they would be happy for me to run the same van as a commercial at 4t, but not as a campervan at 3.5t. Check out our FREE tools and discover everything you need to know about tires Bar Psi Bar kPa Psi kPa Tire Pressure Temperature Calculator Gas Savings Calculator Tire Speed Rating Chart Tire Load Index Chart Tire Load Range Chart Some of the advice you can be given is just opinion. Are motorhomers being conned. 15 years or so ago it used to be suggested in Michelins Technical Handbook that, for motorhomes fitted with Michelin "XC Camping tyres and operated in Continental Europe, just the rear tyres should be inflated to a 5.5bar/80psi pressure. Hello and welcome to our new forums! 89.90. The entries for the XC Camping pattern had a footnote recommending that for Continental European vehicles the rear-tyre pressure should be 5.5bar. Relevant data is around page 18 These tyres offer excellent stability and road holding for mobile homes. I have a feeling that Continentals VancoCamper CP tyres had a sidewall inflation-pressure marking (a US requirement) that was less than the 80psi/5.5bar that the tyre could be inflated to, and Continentals databook entry for a 225/75 R16 CP 116Q tyre gives a 4.75bar inflation pressure value for a front axle load capacity of 2500kg (Load Index = 1250kg x 2), with a 5.5bar value for a single wheel rear axle load capacity of 2500kg. Then there are insurance issues to consider in the event of an accident. How To, off-road tips and adventure travel destinations, Not just utes. CP type-tyres (commercial vehicle tyres for service on motor-caravans) have only been marketed in the last few years. GB 638 3492 15. This cars tyre air pressure guide chart can in some cases contain actual tyre pressure placards from a Fiat Ducato which can list the space saver tyre pressure and the laden / fully loaded tyre pressure. If the vehicle is parked for a long time, do not leave the tyres under inflated, and always make sure that the inflation pressures are correct before next, using the vehicle. 1500 lbs: 1650 lbs: 1790 lbs: 1940 lbs: 2060 lbs: 2190 lbs: 2335 lbs: 2440 lbs: 2560 lbs: 2680 lbs: 2787 lbs: This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Although front axle is not carring the same weight when braking downhill or heavy braking on level the weight transferred to the front axle can temporarily exceed its permitted rating, hence the recommendation to have 5.5 all round. In March 2017, the DVSA advised me [the advice is somewhere in a post of mine around that time], " the vehicle should be weighed with a full tank of fuel full tank of water and all that you would normally carry but we would recommend that a tolerance is used to allow for the items you may pick up on route the different foods you may carry etc. My loading is, generally speaking, reasonably even, though I still have some experimentation to be done. 245/70R16. and I notice that (as I touched on above) the sidewall pressure marking' on those tyres was said to be 69psi, though the pressures advised on the motorhomes door were higher. We are aware of the variations between weigh bridges but we will not tolerate people that have checked the weight but continued even though the weight was clearly over the maximum permitted weight for that vehicle.". GB 638 3492 15. its 1992. . . - in difficult or severe conditions, premature deterioration of tyre components. All-season road and light off-road tyre for motorhomes from Michelin. I loaded the motorhome up to the travelling weight fuel, water etc and went to my local public weighbridge. Existing users click here to access your account,,, UCONN,Q707091118,, University of Connecticut, Florida,Q707091118,"#,University of Florida, |MUQ707091118/ Miami University Oxford, Iowa,Q707091118,, University of Iowa, UChicagoQ707091118,,University of Chicago. 21 years of exceptional service. About this item. Our motorhome tyre pressure calculator gives you the correct pressures for your motorhome. So, whatever you tell Michelin about your Burstners rear-axle weight-wise, Michelin will only provide a 5.5bar inflation figure. RA18 Vantra LT. Carrier. It's the rear axle that gets overloaded, even with front wheel drive. A fine balance you might agree. But, if you do as is regularly suggested on motorhome forums and provide the tyre manufacturer with weighbridge axle-load figures, you should anticipate that Michelin will quote a no choice 5.5bar pressure for your motorhomes rear tyres.). Don't guess. Cookies help us deliver the best experience on our website. This provides inflation-pressure-to-axle-load values for each tyre size and the data are identical for Agilis 81 white van tyres and XC Camping motorhome' tyres that have the same specification. These cookies are required to enable core functionality such as security, network management, and accessibility. Even so, on a Maxi chassis with a possible 2500kg permissible rear axle weight, Fiat have gone for the bare minimum by fitting a 116 rated tyre. Ad posted 10 days ago Save this ad 3 images; Fiat Ducato seat Newtownards, County Down though its perhaps worth mentioning (as the i in the advert highlights) that this archaic rating method has no direct relationship to the number of plies in the tyres construction. But then says "Do not exceed the maximum cold inflation pressure marked on the tyre sidewall" - it says 69PSI. highly positioned loads) and long-term periods of disuse. Absolutely. The main reason for my changes to tyres have been weight loads on my van. Tire size. You must log in or register to reply here. fiat ducato camper tyre pressures 225 75r16fiat ducato camper tyre pressures 225 75r16fiat ducato camper tyre pressures 225 75r16 2572212 | VAT Registration No. Some of the add-ons on this site are powered by. additionally, any deviation from the original type of tyre is likely to have an effect on the handling and general characteristics of the vehicle. By sheer chance, having not found Michelins reply in my email inbox (that I prune regularly and savagely) I came across it lurking in my email Sent' folder. Our automotive experts are here to help, If you're wondering, we've probably got the answer. Coachbuilt motorhomes not built on a Citroen/Fiat/Peugeot base have also tended to have C-marked rather than CP-marked tyres (my 2005 Ford-based Hobby for example). its 4.1f and 4.5r for the ff ducato minibus 2.8 lwb so book is probably right for a camper with all that extra weight. Clear editor. Don't guess, it's your only contact with the road. The front 2 were 75psi. Advice from Michelin 5.5 bar all round. Paste as plain text instead, It seems quite a bit different to the advise that Michelin USA give for RV tyres, different weight different pressures and non CP tyres, just the crossclimate though its ratings are the same for CP tyres. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Posted on . The tyre sidewall says that it is only rated at 112 with tyre pressure at 5.5 Bar. Report this item opens in a new window or tab. and the attached file shows the values for a Continental 225/75 R16 CP 116 tyre. Display as a link instead, Maintaining the correct tyre pressure will help to extend the life of your tyres, improve vehicle safety and maintain fuel efficiency. kopen fiat ducato peugeot boxer citroen relay spare wheel 215/75/ r16 new tyre genuine van slechts 174.62 genuine fiat ducato peugeot boxer citroen relay 2006-2023 spare wheel nexen215/77/. USA e Internacional Verenigd Koninkrijk Duitsland Spanje Frankrijk Itali Nederland Belgi Australi Canada In that case you're running over 90% of max load all the time with just the wife, water, gas, diesel and a few small provisions on board so those pressures sound about right .. just make sure the tyres fitted can take that pressure. Off-road for beginners and the experienced, plus camper trailers, caravans and motorhomes, We make it easy to compare design, practicality, value and more, Buying used? 225/75R16 tire pressure chart with maximum tire load capacity at determined tire inflation levels for 225/75R16 tires. The stricture does however specify that the rear axle be single fitment (ie. OE LT225/75R16 116R 10PR . Burstner sovereign 2015 3.5 Tons what is the correct tyre pressures please? fiat ducato camper tyre pressures 225 75r16. Agilis CrossClimate. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You must log in or register to reply here. So I play it safe, I run both axles at 5.5 bar and so far that seems to have worked. Leo Valentino AngelLaHash2023 The Continental data you attached was sent to me when i was corresponding with them over my previous van, and in any case, their databook is available online. For these reasons, it is strongly recommended that motor-caravans are only fitted with CP-tyres. I dont know if Michelin (UK) still produces the hardcopy handbook and, as far as Im aware, there are no Michelin on-line files containing axle-weight-based pressure recommendations for Agilis Camping tyres. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. "The ETRTO also states that where CP tyres are used on the rear axle. Re your air bag pressures? You are using an out of date browser. Copyright Warners Group Publications Plc. (see Note 1 against Single Rear). Have the condition of the tread and sidewall checked regularly (for impact. European Market model. Sorry, we differ here. Nevertheless it is a genuine camping-car tyre. I would be more concerned as to whether you have chosen a tyre compatible with the maximum permitted axle weights of your vehicle. It carries a Rapido data-plate advising that its tyres (215/70 R15CP Michelin Agilis Camping) be inflated to 5.0bar (front) and 5.5bar (rear) when the motorhome is FULLY LOADED, though what this actually means is not defined. In that case tyre pressures are equal on the van if there is no tandem axle. Fiat Ducato Motorhome Alloys - Original and as new with zero damage. Then to determine if you have the correct pressure for your current load, note down the cold tyre pressure reading. Detailed advice for you - the tradie - on what car is right for you and your job, Looking for an answer? Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This advert indicates that this makes the tyre 10PR, Excellent condition with deep tread. Now I use 4.5bar (front) and 5.0bar (rear), which still results in a firm ride but gets rid of some of the steering lightness. Note: This advice is only to be used as a guide. Ask questions in the forums, fix common issues using our helpful guides, upload your photos to the gallery or buy and sell with the online classifieds. Top-rated Plus seller. Didn't realise the tyre markings were for North America and not found much about them on the internet. 215/75 R16 112R. Bigjohn I doubt anyone can give you a definitive answer to your question. This tyre placard recommends a minimum tyre pressure of 65psi for the Fiat Ducato. Ithink the discussion has probably already ranged rather too far. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. (Ive several times explained on this forum the historical background that has led to why its now advised that CP-marked tyres be inflated to 5.0bar(F) and 5.5bar when fitted to 15 wheels or 5.5bar (F & R) when fitted to 16 wheels and Im not going to repeat myself.). Tyres Continental Vanco Camper 225 75 R16 CP. Another (in my view) reason why PVCs (at least Continental built PVCs) tend not to have CP-marked tyres is that they are considered to be a different breed to camping-cars/motorhomes, so ETRTO rules dont apply to them. Thanks both not much info about agree on that and Im aware its dependent on different factors but needed a starting point. The most recent on-line Fiat Ducato Owner Handbook indicates that - for the Maxi Tempo Libero (camping-car chassis) version - the tyres will normally have a 225/75 R16 CP 116/114Q specification, and advises a cold inflation-pressure of 5.5bar (front) and 5.5bar (rear) for camping tyres with that specification. 4 - tyres 225/75/R16 motorhome tyres. je voulais juste avoir de tes nouvelles fiat ducato camper tyre pressures 225 75r16. Tyre Rotation. At 3500kgs I was only a few kilos away from that limit when loaded for a continental trip. . Ours is based on a Transit 300 chassis. 16" motorhome spare wheel and balanced tyre to fit Fiat Ducato or 275719721276 . Hi Keith they are Michelin agilis but no idea of the axel weights. This shows the process of building a Ducato-based motorhome, an excellent choice for the vast majority of motorhome owners! Is this correct or is there some reason the garage / previous owner had them at this pressure. With the tyres I have fitted - Continental (225/70 R 15C 112/110) - on my Pilote on a Ducato base and with front axle 1560kg and rear axle 1940kg, confirmed fully laden by a weighbridge, the recommended pressures are 47psi front and 61psi rear. Also check the valves, tyre shops often put normal valves on which aren't rated for that pressure. Only done 5k miles. The recommendations would have me running the vehicle at 3.2 bar (46 psi) front and 3.3 bar (49 psi) rear. The rear axles could be a little lower than 55 but I would leave them as they are. The best you can do without true axle weights is to set the pressures for the maximum allowable axle weights as stated on your VIN plate. No products in the cart. In 2003, the ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation) changed. Four Season. There will be others too Bridgestone Duravis R624 121/120 Bridgestone Duravis R660 121/120 Comforser CF300 121 / 120 oops.forgot the figures.. This tyre placard recommends a minimum tyre pressure of 65psi for the Fiat Ducato. Here, Most motorhomes or campervans have a sticker inside the door stating the recommended tyre pressures but this is missing on ours. This high performance tyre is engineered for safety (1) (2) (3) on all surfaces. The Laika handbook, for such a good motorhome, leaves a lot to be desired amd tries to cover too many models in one volume. In 2019 Michelins advice for their Agilis Camping tyres was as given here,

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