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Its deep voice was a welcome addition to the brass section, and it quickly entered the romantic era orchestra . Manuscripts originally written for ophicleide are compiled into categories: orchestral repertoire, wind band repertoire, chamber music, solo repertoire (and conventions), and pedagogical music. The shirt features a durable double-stitch trim and shoulder-to-shoulder taping. If you have questions about this please ask. While every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies. Maybe an ophicleide mouthpiece could help get that instrument there, and It is quite similar to a euphonium, and a euph mouthpiece could get that velvet in the high register. More details on ask. The cup measures 28mm in diameter. approx. Extremely rare french 11 keys stamped on the bell: Qualit Suprieure MILLEREAU BREVETE Fr du Conservatoire de Paris Mdailles d'Or d'argent Diplmes d'honneur 66 rue d'Angoulme PARIS This is really a beautiful horn. Peter Conte, Wanamkr Orgn, Adam / Queensland Sy - La Jolie Fille de Gand [New CD] 2 Pa, ZUBIN MEHTA BATON FRAMED wedding invitation photos PROVENANCE CLASSICAL MUSIC, The Band Of The Royal Military School Of Music - Nulli Secundus (LP), Berlioz: Symphonie Fantique Op.14 Overture "Religious Judge" Op.3, Rhapsodies & Elegies: English Romantic Organ Music, Damin Spritzer at Hereford, The Band Of The Roya - Nulli Secundus - Used Vinyl Record - E1177A. Welcome to Dillon Music Web Store! Good general condition. You must log in or register to reply here. And I will print whatever you need. The combination of tone holes and cup mouthpiece give it a fuzzy sound somewhat akin to that of a trumpet with its spit valve open. When I played it I made a bump on the bottom. Oh, want one in Bb, get a bass sax, same deal. CT . 1818-84), Maker, Wolverhampton. ophicleide: [noun] a deep-toned brass wind musical instrument of the key bugle class, consisting of a large tapering tube bent double and provided with finger keys. My favourite oddities are still the Sedaphones I discovered in Prague. Rare french post card printed around 1900. Artist The Band Of The Royal Military School Of Music. Crook with 1 circular turns, no tuning-slide. A very rare contrabass in 12-foot F or E, sometimes known as the monstre, was commissioned in 1834 for Mendelssohn's oratorio Elijah. 8 Nazard Gamba II (sharp) 146 pipes. Do not distribute or copy without written permission! It seems, though, that the opposite is true. The original is made from Ivory. Good general condition. Yet to not detract from the originality! No reserve, a 5 day auction! Ophikleid; Ital. Please see my other post cards. January 2012 Price List. If you are ordering from the UK or US any relevant Taxes will be included & shown in the cart. ocarina The ocarina is a type of vessel flute which has a mouthpiece extending from the body.olifant (Ivory natural brass hunting horn) Hunting horn carved out of ivory, it was widely used in Medieval wars to alarm or increase soldiers' morale.ophicleide; organ Most brass instruments use valves or a slide instead of tone holes, with the rare keyed bugle and the ophicleide as exceptions. you have more options.The best ophicleide for a beginner is Bb since it is the most common variant and C for being used just as much. 9 Key Bb Ophicleide & Original Mthpce-NR! ophicleide, basse d'harmonie; Ger. - Timothy Constable | Tamara-Anna Cislowska. Your print will not fade or crack over time! Weird side note, Pickett makes an ophicleide mouthpiece, developed in conjunction with Dr. Richard Demy, that is a fantastic hybrid of period architecture and modern adjustments. check this guide. Repair History: The support . Please note that shipping charges apply to refund upon return of your item and any damage will also result in reduced refund. The ophicleide (Portuguese: oficleide) was used in Brazilian choro bands well into the 20th century until it was superseded by the saxophone. 06258985 I am not sure what kind of instrument it goes to but saw one similar that went to an ophicleide. The ophiclieide replaced the serpert, an instrument that had been in wide use since the Renaissance. It served as an extension to the keyed bugle family. Printed around 1900. The ophicleide was very widely used as a bass instrument in the middle years of the 19th century in wind music of many kinds; it also appeared occasionally as a virtuoso solo instrument. record will be more pronounced in a VG disc. If a NYS resident, add 8.75% sales tax. If I do not have an opportunity to answer, assume NOTHING. Super rare original stereoview image of an early town band-on back called'The Waits. Heres a list of a lot of them, but for this one you will only find the basics like a mouthpiece to just play, a case for protection, and a stand to leave it somewhere safe, all of this can be found for other instruments and adapted to the ophicleide like the tuba. Valved "ophicleide" built by Leopold Uhlmann, . 2 Viscount CourtSouth WayWalworth Business ParkAndover,Hampshire, SP10 5NWUnited Kingdom. Will ship by UPS. GB 108 1048 50 More details and pics on ask! I am always happy to combine multiple auctions to save you money. Not only by listening to it but by dancing or (in this case) by playing it. Roger Sayer gives spectacular performances of all six of Viernes organ symphonies on the magnificent 1923/1954/2013 Harrison & Harrison 67-stop organ. In addition to owning the ophicleide, keyed bugle and cornopean, Guy also owns a replica o.t.s. Later expanded to as many as twelve keys, covering the large. By placing a bid. The ophicleide (/fklad/ OFF-i-klyde) is a keyed brass instrument similar to the tuba. Good luck! 4 Trio Pathtique In D Minor: IV / Allegro 0:00. I am offering two types of mouthpiece for ophicleide both copied from originals in use by professional ophicleide players. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items. Like the trombone . Mouthpiece for serpent or ophicleide. The ophicleide was the main bass brass instrument used before the perfection of the valved tubas and incorporated keys like those found on the modern saxophone instead of valves. The label on the disk is likely to have minor wear. Great piece! of the Temple Church, London. In general, the player can obtain all the "partial" pitches available for a given air column length. . Good condition, some scratches. Original Restored Mid 19th C Anon. I sell other mouthpieces and I can combine shipping. The ophicleide has a glorious tone (when played by someone proficient) and excellent intonation. [5], The instrument was standard in French mid-19th century serious operas by Meyerbeer, Halevy, and Auber, as well as English operas by Michael Balfe, Vincent Wallace, and others. Pitches in the upper and middle range of the instrument can be obtained by using only the left hand's set of tone holes, and the right hand can hold and stabilize the instrument. Please see the pics. Re: Ophicleide - possible to build? PayPal by approval only prior to the auction end. Note : This mouthpiece is only available in silver, and not gold finish as pictured Wessex Warranty Share Reviews of Ophicleide or Sackbut Mouthpiece - P1 We reserve the right to cancel the auction at any time if the item gets sold through our web site. The ophicleide, like the keyed bugle (the soprano member of its 'family'), has a fingering system like no other wind instrument. Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album More than just a pretty picture. Sold'as-is'no returns. The ophicleide ismade to accommodate large variations of pitch, so can be used with groups that play in high, or low pitch. voir aussi dans la rubrique mouthpiece. No return. The Ophicleide is a French instrument designed in 1817 by Jean Hilaire Ast as an extension to the keyed bugle and a replacement for the serpent. It retains the characteristictimbre and articulation of the ophicleide, and it has a clear and consistent tone at all of the ophicleide's volumes and ranges. For other destinations you will receive notice from the courier on import for any taxes and duties due to your local customs authorities. Decrease quantity for Bb Ophicleide OB10, Increase quantity for Bb Ophicleide OB10, Pitch: Variable from A=425 to 450 (key spacing for A=440), Play tested by professional ophicleide player. 'serpent') and (kleis, lit. It has a very deep bowl shaped cup and has a reasonably wide and rounded rim. The first is associated with an instrument owned by Jeff Miller stamped Colmar of Montpelier, almost certainly a stencil instrument produced by Gautrot. Rare old french anonymous mouthpiece. If you require a specific carrier. Bb Ophicleide. The ophicleide is a keyed brass instrument invented by the Frenchman Jean Hilaire Ast in 1817. The Wessex Bb ophicleide is a modern reproduction of a French Gautrot 11 key instrument dating from (we believe) the 1860s, updated with some modern features, but faithfully following the original. A good ophicleide or bass sackbut mouthpiece. Keyhead type: flat, round. The most common versions are Bb and C. The Bb ophicleide range is from A2-Ab5 and the C ophicleide range is B2-Bb5. Please see my other post cards. American composer William Perry (b. Just use a larger mouthpiece. Handling and insurance for the full value, also duty and taxes if applicable. Ophicleide, cornet, saxhorn! This is AS IS. If you are in doubt, DO NOT BID! Above - Coburn Brass playing at Danville PA. July 2003. However, please contact us before returning your item so we can provide you with return labels and a collection booking with our dedicated courier to ensure the safe return of your item/s. Finally, maybe a tenor tuba mouthpiece like the Bobo one . For other destinations you will receive notice from the courier on import for any taxes and duties due to your local customs authorities. All my keep calm and play-ophicleide t Shirts are printed to order and take 24 hours to print ready for dispatch. Both mouthpieces have thin, flat rims, very thin walls and rounded throats. It is unmarked but another one I am selling is marked Higham-not sure why this one is not. Its tightly knit for smoothness and strength. I prefer PayPal. Unlike most leading brands, Wessex Tubas offers a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects on all our instruments, and in the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with your purchase, we offer a full refund and return within 2 weeks. It may not display this or other websites correctly. strong sound with an almost reedy edge. Specifications Key: Bb (same pitch as euphonium) 11 key Weight 8.5lb (3.9kg) Height: 44" (113cm) Pitch: Variable from A=425 to 450 (key spacing for A=440) Special features Play tested by professional ophicleide player The ophicleide was normally built in C or B with the same compass (three octaves) as the euphonium and with a similar tone. Damin Spritzer has gathered a fascinating program of mostly obscure works by English composers, most created in the early 20th-century (1903-1956). Try Vendio Image Hosting. the mouthpiece in the photo looks very inauthentic. Clarinet player. Try Vendio Image Hosting. E-mail for payment options. Bruno Tilz Mouthpieces. Posted with eBay Mobile, RARE FRENCH POSTCARD MAN WITH OPHICLEIDE AROUND 1900. Braces and bow guard are simple and unadorned. 7. INSTANT Ophicleide. (3590) Ophicleide in Bb, Gautrot an, Paris, c 1860. It would need a restoration but could be a nice pice of history. The instrument is in excellent condition and has been serviced with new pads. 4 Soft Flute (wood) 32 pipes. The Ophicleide has keys and pads like a saxophone. in early scores of Mendelssohn, Berlioz, Verdi, and Wagner. While at Peabody, Brakel was guest assisting organist at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC. definition - Ophicleide Upright saxhorn player, slide trombone player-and a keyed bugle player AND an ophicleide player! at the Knigliches Hoftheater Dresden in 1843. With the exception of these special few pitches in the low octave, the combinations of partials on various sets of opened tone holes results in the left hand fingers going through something very similar to what they would be doing to manipulate the valves on a modern brass instrument. Who created the ophicleide? The seller reserves the right to change shipping carriers without notice to the buyer. The euphonium can also be called a successor instrument. by BGuttman Thu Jun 16, 2022 12:33 pm, Powered by phpBB Forum Software phpBB Limited, Style by Arty - phpBB 3.3 by MrGaby 10.5 x 7.5 cm. Trio Pathtique In D Minor: IV 0:00. England and the text can be personalised for free Hand Printed using the highest quality materials. CDV of An Ophicleide ( Old tuba)-still life? They don't play well with modern style mouthpieces, if you put an original type mouthpiece on the intonation magically gets better, you get a better more characteristic sound, etc.. The cup measures 28mm in diameter. Dillon Ophicleide - Dillon Music Web Store. To get more people into playing music I decided to create this website explaining music instruments in a simple way. The instrument is on its'bell' on a chair outside- a very interesting'still life' of a musical instrument. Recorded in extraordinary power and vivid detail in both stereo and 5.1 surround sound, and in 4k video, all six symphonies are presented with video of the performances on the DVD and in audio only on 3 CDs. Ophicleide, n. It has the original brass bocal with a tuning slide. Total lenght is 97 cm. It has a very pronounced V shaped cup, has a very. Sold with mouthpiece but no case. Apart from the fact that it had a proper mouthpiece, it was more akin to a saxophone. Dark Smooth Rich Tone- Big Projection in the Lower Register. DirectToU LLC. Thanks for your interest and have a nice day. Several What you see listed is what you pay. Please note that shipping charges apply to refund upon return of your item and any damage will also result in reduced refund. 4.4 mm. The program includes; Dixie, In The Still Of The Night, St. LOUIS Blues, No Other Love, Old Man River, Holiday For Strings, "Tara Theme (from Gone With The Wind), and Washington and Lee Swing among others. There is a period instrument group called The Victorian Brass Band and he was/is a member. Powered by The free listing tool. The ophicleide was the predecessor of the tuba and had keys like a saxophone instead of valves. Alto ophicleide in E-flat with nine keys, body made of brass, detachable looped crook, no tuning slide, bell has rolled rim. The ophicleide was normally built in C or B with the same compass (three octaves) as the euphonium and with a similar tone. Models and series are confusing? ophicleide mouthpiece because it is claimed to have better intonation. Payment must be made within 7 days after auction closes. Add 8.75% sales tax. It was invented in 1817 by the Parisian Jean Ast, known as Halary, and was extensively used in French and British bands and orchestras until replaced by the tuba near the end of the 19th century. Its deep voice was a welcome addition to the brass section, and it quickly entered the romantic era orchestra. Cornetto, Dulcian, Shawm & Trumpet Player. The ophicleide is a keyed brass instrument invented by the Frenchman Jean Hilaire Ast in 1817. 1-732-634-3399. Harp II (Prepared). The ophicleide (/fklad/ OFF-ih-klyde) is a family of conical-bore keyed brass instruments invented in early 19th century France to extend the keyed bugle into the alto, bass and contrabass ranges. More details on ask. 'key'), since it was conceived of as a serpent with keys. Mouthpiece: Instrument Family Mouthpieces: Maker Tompkins and Son: Place Made Northampton; North America; United States of America: Date Made Probably second quarter of the 20th century: Description . 2. [3] The patent originally included the alto or quinticlave built in 6-foot F or E, and the bass ophicleide in 8-foot C or B. Title Nulli Secundus. Postal code and country) to receive a detailed shipping quote from Canada(eBay wont let me choose Canadian shipping options) DO NOT use automatic check out, because the shipping costs will not be accurate. Please select your shirt colour and print colour from the menus above FAST DELIVERY! Ophicleide Mouthpieces: I am offering two types of mouthpiece for ophicleide both copied from originals in use by professional ophicleide players. Bb Ophicleide OB10 opens full screen video in same window. All sales. Ophicleide - possible to build? Scratch and Dent Horn Mouthpiece: 6DC Scratch and dent clearance! I ship only within the USA-no exceptions. 06258985 Click to View Image Album Click to View Image Album More than just a pretty picture. Every play-ophicleide T shirt is hand printed to order in Lancashire. A wonderful addition for a collector of musical instruments and/or images. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. A person that plays the venu it's just called a venu player. We all love music! The sound produced with no key levers pressed is the nominal pitch of the instrument.

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