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His father had German and Dutch ancestry, and his mother was of Italian descent. Leave a sympathy message to the family on the memorial page of Sonny Barger to pay them a last tribute. The funeral for Sonny Barger, founder of the Hells Angels, was a private, quiet affair Saturday in . On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. Ralph "Sonny" Barger, Hell's Angel[100], Barger was present at the Hellraiser Ball, a tattoo and motorcycle trade exposition in Plainview, New York, sponsored by the Long Island chapter of the HAMC, which was ambushed by dozens of members of the rival Pagans motorcycle gang on February 23, 2002, resulting in one biker being killed and at least ten injured. Thousands of people are. [23] The RICO case against the Hells Angels was the most substantial effort in federal history against the club at the time, and charged the defendants with various crimes dating back to 1971, including manufacturing and distributing methamphetamine; conspiring to commit murder; assault; use of false identification; intimidation; and bribery. Barger's death was announced on his Facebook page late Wednesday. Ralph "Sonny" Barger was an author of numerous books, an actor and a founding member of the Oakland Hells Angels on April 1st, 1957. [6] As a result of critical media attention given to the HAMC after the concert, he went on KSAN, a local Bay Area radio station, to justify the actions of the Hells Angels and to present their side of the story. Christie believed Bowman was persuaded to abandon a truce with the Hells Angels by one of his lieutenants, Kevin "Spike" O'Neill, who thought agreeing to a ceasefire would make the Outlaws appear weak. Oakland police sergeant Edward "Ted" Hilliard testified in 1972 that he accepted guns, dynamite, and grenades from Barger personally in return for deals on arrests during at least fifteen separate meetings, the most recent of which took place in the spring of 1971. Insert image . According to Carlson, he was . [7] Barger would later state that Hunter fired a shot that struck a Hells Angels member with what he described as "just a flesh wound. I've asked that this note be posted immediately after my passing," a . He also attested that the FBI had asked him to fake his own death in order to further their investigation against the Hells Angels, to which he refused. Barger claimed the spectators had provoked the violence by damaging the Angels bikes; but he also claimed that the crowd had grown restless as the Stones were late and he had held a gun to Keith Richards face to get them to start. [71] Barger and three other defendants were also convicted on the misdemeanor charge of knowingly converting a copy of a government document, while five others were acquitted of all charges. [58] U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese stated that Barger's arrest had averted five murders. On June 29, 2022, Barger died of liver cancer aged 83 at his home in Livermore, California. [91], In 1998, peace talks were opened to end the long-standing biker war with the Outlaws, which was largely because the conflict was bringing down too much police pressure on both clubs. The club also hired public relations specialists and began participating in charity fund drives. I ride them because I'm in the club, and that's the image, but if I could I would seriously consider riding a Honda ST1100 or a BMW. "[72], On March 10, 1989, Barger was sentenced to 57 months' imprisonment at the Federal Correctional Institution, Phoenix in Arizona. "[25] President Johnson did not reply to the letter.[26]. [66] While most of the Hells Angels arrested in northern California were charged with drug offenses, Barger and O'Farrell were accused of conspiring to violate federal firearms and explosives laws. [23] His acquittal in that case made him eligible for parole as the California Supreme Court ruled that a five-year waiting period attached to his sentence due to the prior marijuana conviction was unconstitutional. [5][12] Barger grew up in Oakland in the post-war era, during which time the city's shipbuilding and automobile industries went into decline, leading to a significant rise in unemployment. [4][13] Growing up, Barger was suspended from school several times for assaulting teachers, and he often fought with other boys. Sonny Barger, a founder of the notorious Hells Angels motorcycle club, has died at 83 years old. HELLS Angels founder Sonny Barger has died at the age of 83 after battling cancer. [14] After his return from the Army, Barger drifted between menial jobs and lived with his father in a single residence at a hotel, later moving in with his sister and her children. A team of Outlaws members were sent to California in early 1995 to carry out surveillance ahead of the assassination of either Barger or Christie. Thu 30th Jun 2022 15.32 BST. "[23] He also began studying sociology at Folsom. I'll usually say "Fuck Harley-Davidson." 2. An estimated 7,000 people attended, and the event was peaceful. Barger claimed to have been sitting on stage drinking beer when the violence was taking place. [22] Barger and the Hells Angels, many of whom were military veterans, considered themselves anti-communist and anti-subversion. [16] According to U.S. Attorney William Hunter, the "cornerstone" of the Hells Angels' drug enterprise was the "largescale manufacture and mass distribution of methamphetamine". [85] The Bandidos were represented by their international vice president George Wegers, Charles "Jaws" Johnson of their Houston chapter and Jim Tinndahn of the Helsingborg chapter. Barger, Beyea and Popkin were arrested after the Cadillac was chased for four miles by converging police. After forming the Oakland chapter, Barger was instrumental in unifying various disparate Hells Angels chapters and had the club incorporated in 1966. He was a total fake. Keep your head up high, stay loyal, remain free, and always value honor. His wife and relatives were with him. It was just too bad that Irish [OFarrell] and I were convicted, but we will probably win an appeal. Back in Oakland, living between his fathers and his older sisters family, and doing dock work, he met fellow veterans and in 1956 joined the Oakland Panthers motorcycle club. Barger died on Thursday, June 30 aged 83 following a battle with cancer. [7][23] In a jailhouse interview with Cynthia Gorney of The Washington Post in October 1979, he stated: "I can tell you why they want to get rid of the Hells Angels, what I think. [86], On October 18, 1997, the five-chapter strong Dirty Dozen biker club of Arizona "patched over" to became Hells Angels chapters. "If you are reading this message, you'll know that I'm gone. Read. [105], Barger's first wife Elsie Mae (ne George) died on February 1, 1967, from an embolism in her bloodstream after undergoing an illegal abortion. Although I've had a public persona for decades, i've mostly enjoyed special time with my club brothers, my family, and close friends. 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"[7] In the late 1970s, Barger and other senior Hells Angels ordered James "Buddy" Caronite, the president of the club's East Coast faction, to organize a peace conference with Outlaws leaders. When Tait informed Barger in a phone conversation that the FBI was investigating the package he had mailed to Webb's sister, Barger proposed the alibi that the package contained sympathy cards. Show creator Kurt Sutter spent time with Barger and other members of Hells Angels researching for the show, and acted opposite Barger in his scene. Local law enforcement is warning about the possibility of violence at the Saturday funeral of Hells Angels founder Sonny Barger at the 99 Speedway in California. "[34] Barger maintained that the Rolling Stones were ultimately responsible for the violent events that took place at the concert, saying: "They agitated the crowd, had the stage built too low, and then used us to keep the whole thing boiling. "[43] Barger and the others were charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, and assault with a deadly weapon. [32] Barger married Gruhlke while he was incarcerated at Folsom State Prison in 1973. [4] He emerged as the Hells Angels' most prominent member during the counterculture era and was reputed by law enforcement and media to be the club's international president, an allegation he repeatedly denied. [17] After a chance encounter a member of a pre-existing Hells Angels chapter, Barger learned of the club's history, rules, regulations and procedures. [1][54] Barger himself admitted during the trial that he had used and sold narcotics in the 1960s, but asserted that his actions did not involve the Hells Angels. At the age of eighty-three, Ralph "Sonny" Barger, a founding member of the Hell's Angels motorcycle club, has died. [7], In 1998, Barger moved to Arizona, where he had previously served a prison sentence, with his third wife Beth Noel (ne Black) and stepdaughter Sarrah. By 1960, the Oakland Hells Angels had established an extensive narcotics network within the club. Anthony Tait, the government's key witness in the case, was housed in a safehouse in the Louisville suburb of Prospect during the trial, where he was guarded by an FBI SWAT team. Later that year, Barger suffered a fractured skull during a fight with Oakland police. [96] He subsequently wrote several biker-related novels. [83][84] Although the Outlaws failed to kill either man, a number of Hells Angels-owned businesses in southern California were firebombed. [103] Increasing tensions between the Hells Angels and other motorcycle clubs led to Barger organizing a peace conference scheduled to be held in the Arizona desert following the April 2002 Laughlin River Run motorcycle rally in Laughlin, Nevada. [93] The talks began on July 18, 1998, in the Copacabana strip club in the Illinois town of Alsip with Edward "Shock" Anastas, the president of the Outlaws Milwaukee chapter, serving as their lead negotiator. He and Tait discussed retaliation against the Outlaws on several occasions, and Tait encouraged Barger to travel to Alaska to provide guidance to the Anchorage Hells Angels chapter on retributive action. Mr. Barger's former attorney, Fritz Clapp, said he . [19] On November 19, 1965, five Hells Angels led by Barger held a press conference at their bail bondsman's office, announcing that the club would not attend the protest the following day as "Any physical encounter would only produce sympathy for this mob of traitors", according to Barger. [61] The trial took place in Lucas County circuit court in Toledo, a city considered Outlaws territory. It was something he had earned, but also an image he cultivated with charisma and shrewdness, turning Hells Angels into a worldwide brand. ",, American people convicted of drug offenses, Prisoners and detainees of the United States, CS1 maint: bot: original URL status unknown, Short description is different from Wikidata, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Pages using infobox criminal with known for parameter, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, Possession of narcotics with intent to distribute (1973), This page was last edited on 4 March 2023, at 08:41. [52] Barger was held on a $1 million bail and spent 14 months in San Francisco County Jail before and during the trial. These set the scene for Nicholson and Fondas acting breakthrough with Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider, a romantic portrayal of bikers as countercultural outlaws. He was 83. Around a hundred Hells Angels wearing full "colors" attended the trial, as did the country singer Johnny Paycheck, a friend of Barger. Son of a mother, Kathryn Carmella Barger, and father, Ralph Hubert Barger, Sonny Barger had a rough childhood. The Rough Rider: Entrepreneur. He grew up along with his alcoholic father and elder sister. Concert goers and musicians alike were subjected to violence from the Hells Angels, including Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane, who was knocked unconscious, and audience member Meredith "Murdock" Hunter, who was stabbed to death. Died: Wednesday, June 29, 2022 ( Who else died on June 29? ) Sonny Barger Death Fact Check Sonny is alive and kicking and is currently 84 years old. [87] Barger's role within the Arizona Hells Angels was reportedly an advisory position, as he did not hold officer status and he rarely attended rallies or public events. Election Headquarters. [68] On August 12, 1986, John Cleave "J.C." Webb, a member of the Anchorage Hells Angels, was shot and killed by Outlaws outside a biker bar in Jefferson County, Kentucky, prompting Barger to say that it was "time to start killing Outlaws again". That's the way it goes. In 1969, he began a relationship with Sharon Gruhlke, a former beauty queen from Livermore. [87][89] In 1999, Lavigne wrote: "The Hells Angels obviously have big plans for Arizona. Two years later Barger appeared in Tom Wolfes Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test when the author and counterculture figure Ken Kesey invited the Oakland Angels to a party; Kesey introduced the bikers to LSD. Although many of his school friends became drug addicts, Barger worked at a grocery store and enlisted in the U.S. Army, aged sixteen in 1955, but was given an honorable discharge fourteen months later when it was discovered that he had forged his birth certificate in order to be able to join. June 30, (Reuters) - Ralph "Sonny" Barger, the Hells Angels motorcycle club leader who became the rough-hewn face of America's outlaw biker culture and the restlessness, hard living and. 894646. The Hells Angels: Mick Jagger Dodged Murder Contract From Mad Bikers In 1970s, Sonny Barger, fearsome leader of the Oakland Hells Angels, dies at 83, Hell's Angel racketeering defendants reduced by two, They Are Not Club Activities: The Hells Angels and the Early Struggles of the RICO Statute, Mistrial Declared in 8-Month Hells Angels Trial on Coast, Legendary Hells Angels-Outlaws Biker War Can Be Traced Back To 1974 Triple Murder In South Florida, Five-state sweep produces arrests of 32 Hells Angels, Police search spectators in area Hell's Angels trial, Biker War Hit The Heartland In 1980s: Outlaws Murder In Toledo Brought Hells Angels To Town En Masse For Trial, Daughter says life in hiding led to fathers death, Gang's terror aimed at police, FBI report says, Hells Angels Stage Funeral for Leader Killed in Bar Fight, FBI report says informant uncovered Hells Angels crimes, 38 Hells Angels Arrested In Operation Roughrider, Louisville trial gives bikers an easy ride, "Jury Finds Hells Angels Leader Guilty in Plots", Jury Finds National Hells Angels Leader Guilty of Conspiracy, Harley-riding senator says bikers get bum rap, 'Taco' Bowman, ex-head of Outlaws biker gang, dies at 69, Ex-Biker Boss: Outlaws MC Power Spike ONeill Put Wrench In Potential Peace Treaty With Hells Angels In 93, The Lancaster National Speedway Slayings: Hells Angels-Outlaws Biker War Peaked In 1990s With Racetrack Fight, Bombings in Chicago, Rockford linked to motorcycle gang merger, Hell's Angels motorcycle gang expands territory in Illinois, The Legend of Taco Bowman: Beloved Outlaws MC Leaders Biker Empire Began Crumbling In Summer Of 97, Chico Mora Led the Dirty Dozen Into the Hells Angels' Camp, Claiming Arizona for the Red and White, Ex-Outlaws biker boss speaks out, sees trouble with Hells Angels, Biker killed in gang fight at Hellraiser Ball, "Biker killed in gang fight at Hellraiser Ball | the Independent | the Independent", 'Hellraisers' brawl: L.I. Carlson said that he had been a fan of Barger since his college years, quoted Barger as saying "stay loyal, remain free, and always value honor", and adding "I want to pay tribute to the man who spoke those words". White people were scared of us. Sonny Barger, the founder of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, died on June 29 after a long battle with cancer. Talks of his retirement are premature. [16] Although always a predominantly male organization, the Hells Angels had female members until 1964 when Barger imposed a rule making the group male only. It was thought up by the FBI. A prosecution witness, Richard Ivaldi, testified that he witnessed Barger shoot Agero dead as he slept at the home of an absent acquaintance, and that Barger subsequently ordered the others to set fire to the residence. [3] After forming the Oakland chapter, Barger was instrumental in unifying various disparate Hells Angels chapters and had the club incorporated in 1966. [19] On October 16, 1965, Barger led a group of Hells Angels in an attack on anti-war demonstrators marching from Berkeley to the Army Terminal in Oakland to protest against munitions shipments. He was previously married to Zorana Barger and Sharon Barger. One of his first actions was to relocate the club's "mother chapter" the national headquarters from San Bernardino to Oakland. [7] He authored five books, and appeared on television and in film. "[7] On January 23, 1991, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit upheld Barger's convictions, stating that granting him amnesty "would greatly intrude into the law enforcement functions of the executive branches of federal and state governments". In reaction to his own traumatic childhood, Barger had created a brotherhood on two wheels in Oakland, California, in 1957. The funeral was heavily attended; thousands of bikers descended on Stockton for the 6-hour affair. [84][83], In 1997, the government of Denmark contemplated banning all outlaw biker clubs in response to the Great Nordic Biker War. Barger temporarily resigned as president of the Oakland chapter in June 1970 to fight the charges, but returned to the position within months after his successor, John "Johnny Angel" Palomar, was sentenced to a ten-year prison term for shooting a bartender. Sonny Barger, second left, in the film Hells Angels 69. [23] Six Hells Angels members were arrested and a Berkeley police sergeant suffered a broken leg in the brawl. Sonny Barger, a founding member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club who spent decades as the public face of the notorious biker gang, has died at the age of 83, according to his Facebook page. LIVERMORE, Calif. (AP) Sonny Barger, the leather-clad figurehead of the notorious Hells Angels motorcycle club, has died. Chosen Brothers Mc (Indiana) Confederate Angels Motorcycle Club, in Richmond, Virginia (defunct) [82] [83] Deathmasters Motorcycle Club [84] Demon Knights Motorcycle Club, in New York [85] Desert Road Riders [86] Desperado's Motorcycle Club [55] Dirty Dozen Motorcycle Club, in Arizona (patched over in 1997) [87] The Modesto native is credited with creating the first Oakland chapter of the Hells Angels, an outlaw .

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