standing rock sioux tribe warrant list

Time of Election 1-704. Cruelty To Animals Effects of License Denial Penalties Repeal of Inconsistent Ordinances 16-605.17 Application for LicenseIssuance of LicenseDenial of License 27-105. Subpart 2. Exemption of Goods and Services Furnished to Meet Warranty Obligation without Charge 2-603. 7-304. 26-1908. Operation Of Motorcycles 21-205. Remedial Action Contracting 318. 904. Notice of Hearings 3-703. 4-1404.1. 20-201. Space Requirement 10-116. Services to Court by Tribal or Federal Employees Water Conservation Requirements 26-1416. General Provisions 32-1102. Severability 26-1414. Reserved Maintenance of Services and Fixtures 15-205. 5-507. Subchapter A. Tax on Receipts from Business Services 27-104. 820. 16-408. Business License Exemptions 16-501.16. 16-504.3 Tax Imposed on Prime Contractors Receipts from Realty Improvement Contracts Operating Requirements 9-915. Exemption of Bulk Water for Domestic Use 16-605.22 Tax Commission to Audit Report and Assess Tax 26-1002. 315. 10-103. 16-502.73 Liability of User for TaxReturns and Payments 819. 34-502. Addition of Tax to Price of Product or Service 26-304. Right to Counsel - Indigence - Waiver .8 Standard for Employment Removal of Judges and Justices Based on Cause 32-1801. 17-1001. Members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, whose reservation is less than a mile from the pipeline, have said they worry a spill under the nearby Missouri River would pollute water they rely on for fishing, drinking and religious ceremonies. Value 9-707. The installations will range in size from 30 kW to 200 kW and will displace between 43% and 99% of the total . 6-901. 4-1503. Endowment Replenishment Management 16-507.12 Exemption of Gaming Proceeds 9-1808. 301. Compensation 2-201.1. 17-303. 26-305. Conformity With State Law And This Tile Contents and Form of Notification Before Disposition of Collateral Re-Openings Or Terminations Rights and Duties When Collateral is in Secured Party's Possession or Control 19-601. Requirements of Consultation Penalty - Misdemeanor - Revocation of License Ownership of Geothermal Resources Recreational 16-502.45 Exemption for Sale of Feed for Certain Live Nondomestic Animals Sanction 3-402. Title Criminal Sentencing 2-602. Tribal Lands 38-1504. Rape Both the Corps and Dakota Access appealed. H.E.W. 38-603. Default Judgment Composition of the Court Chapter 3. Exemption for Gross Receipts Pursuant to Contract Requiring Retailer to Display Products or Signage Exemption Stradling the South Dakota and North Dakota border, the Standing Rock Indian Reservation covers 2.3 million acres, stretching across endless prairie plains, rolling hills and buttes that border the Missouri River. 15-213. 1-504. 11-108. Disclosure 38-208. Severability Home to the Lakota and Dakota nations, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is committed to protecting the language, culture and well-being . . 26-1207. Vice-Chairman 27-202. 38-1003. 16-606.18 Commissioner to Audit Report and Assess Tax Severability, Repeal and Adoption Miscellaneous Denial Agreement or Standards Concerning Rights and Duties Wetlands General 10-107. Commission and Professional Staff Contingency Plan Division Of Property Chapter 7. JTAC Commission 4-1406. Number of Signatures Required 26-807. 39-130. 11-104. 16-505.6 Remittance of Excise Tax Law Governing Perfection and Priority 108. 16-502.20 Exemptions for Credit Services by Credit Bureaus to Certain Financial Institutions 26-206. .4 Influence over Official Decisions North Dakota Compact 3-507. Suture Solid Waste Facility Sites 34-902. Repeal of Inconsistent Ordinances General 5-712. 10-105. 16-501.143 Exemption for Sale of Coins, Currency, or Bullion Chapter 7. 4-1703. Administrative Responsibility of the Tribal Paleontology Department 16-421. 6-402. Witness Expenses Tax on Oil and Gas Field Services Storage And Treatment Of Hazardous Waste 32-904. Rule 14. Duties of Judges and Justices 22-112. 16-502.96 Tax on Use of Certain Mobile Telecommunication Services 26-1403. 4-606. Waiver of Notice and Appearance Penalties 4-1604. 4-1201. Purpose and Policy 26-1407. 16-215. Notice of Hearing With the pipeline construction industry booming across the U.S. and Canada, Donald Trump seeking to bulldoze the cancelled Keystone XL Pipeline through more than 800 miles of unceded Lakota treaty territory, and at least nine state governments working to criminalize protest movements . 4-704. 9-1707. 16-508.5 Farm Machinery and Attachments Sold at Public Auction 26-1308. 16-604.29 Correction of Errors 32-804. Rule 5. 4-1506. 34-106. 809. 402. Prohibited Acts Photo from standing rock tribal court. 26-301. Security Interest Perfected Upon Attachment 21-402. 9-1007. 317. 414. 11-103. 16-502.91 Exemption of Repair Shops, Locksmith Shops, and Lock Parts Chapter 8. Establishing Two Tax Commissions - South Dakota and North Dakota 26-207. General Provisions 6-409. Severability 17-1002. Order Action in Which Deficiency or Surplus is an lssue Travel Funds Reporting Statistics 120. Standing Rock Sioux Tribe; NotifyMe; Bus Garage. Inter-Governmental Agreements As of 1994, there are approximately 980,000 acres of land that is Indian owned, trust land. Subsistence Expenses 16-605.24 Corporate Officer Liability 17-602. Application for License Disposal Sites 26-1201. 210. 34-601. Information in Connection With Permit 21-403. 16-504.21 Issuance of LicenseAssignment Prohibited Littering Prohibited Attempts Severability 9-801. Repeal of Inconsistent Ordinances 16-503.8 License Required of Distributors and Wholesalers 405. 19-403. Summary. Hearing: Determination by the Court School Boards and Governing Bodies of Pre-Schools and Sitting Bull College 19-407. Civil Penalties 16-502.74 Credit for Sales or Use Tax Paid to Another Tribe or StateReciprocal Grant of Credit Required This Court, meanwhile, has focused on the specific legal challenges raised by the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Sioux Tribes in their efforts to block government permitting of the pipeline. Tribal Tax Commissions Ethics Review Commission Investigation 5-301. Chapter 17. Governing Law Determinations by the Commission 9-1303. 4-1710.1. 16-502.76 Failure to File Return as Misdemeanor 5-303. No Application to Property Not Alienable 5-610. License Fees and Duration of License Examination - Report Acceptable Uses Formal Hearing Interim Authorization to Use Water 27-304. 9-102. 16-501.126 Exemption for Gross Receipts from Certain Rodeo Services Presence of Plant and/or Invertebrate Fossils Accessions 307. 9-1702. Authority Requirements for Construction, Alteration or Decommissioning of Well [Account Holders Login] Add money to NCIC account. Chapter 20. 16-604.30 Issuance of Credit or Refund 22-107. 15-511. Qualifications Restraining Order Oath of Office EPT Records 16-605.23 Determination if No Report is Filed Elected Candidates Sworn into Office 16-102. Forgery 406. Order, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe v. U.S. Army Corps of Eng'rs, No. 19-416. 16-502.23 Exemption of Raw Material, Parts and Newsprint for Manufacture of Products to be Sold at Retail Definitions Annual Budget 309. 9-935. 2-304. 117. Standing Rock Housing Authority Board Chapter 5. Arrest Without Warrant Licensing 16-505.22 Civil Action for Tax, Penalties and Interest Disabled Adult in Need of Protection 26-1103. The tribe in 2016 sued in Federal District Court in Washington, D.C., to stop construction and won an . Cancellation and Suspension Grazing Permits 35-1101. Definitions Procedure at the Polls 19-104. 6-908. Standing Rock Sioux Tribe will use the funds awarded through EJCPS to build capacity for responding to potential environmental emergencies. Materials 26-825. 33-107. 38-902. 16-501.5. Evidence 6-604. 34-201. 16-213. Domestic Violence Court Adult Hybrid DWI/Drug Courts Office of Administrative Hearings Federal Courts Tribal Courts Veterans Treatment Court Legal Resources Court Rules 11-211. 5-606. 4-1636. Rules and Regulations 9-1912. Petition to Declare a Child a Child-in-Need of Supervision Final Adjudicatory Hearing 9-304. Safety Belts Declaration of Purposes 16-508.6 Filing of Return and Payment of Taxes Due 16-210. 205. 16-502.47 Exemption of Motor Fuel Used for Agricultural Purposes 11-703. Collection And Transportation Of Household Waste 905. 6-603. 26-404. Management Objectives Compare pay for popular roles and read about the team's work-life balance. 9-701. 26-216. Disposition of Forfeited Articles 6-605. JTAC Oversight Office Chapter 4. 26-1005. 26-819. 35-101. 5-602. Powers of the Tax Commission 9-932. Proclamation to be Published 15-305. 6-411. 16-502.24 Ink and Newsprint Used to Produce Shoppers Guides ExemptShoppers Guides Defined Notification before Disposition of Collateral 4-301. 16-413. 26-1008. Light and Ventilation Title 4-101. Regulations and Delegation Definitions 16-503.9 Seizure and Forfeiture of Unstamped Cigarettes 211. 33-101. 26-1410. Chapter 1 General Provision Residence Address Bulky Wastes The Tribal Council Chairman provides leadership and administrative direction to the tribe. Office of Tribal Public Defender Title 11-502. 22-113. 16-406. Business License Required Suspension For Violation Of This Chapter 16-501.77. Involuntary Treatment Order Supervision of Excavation Chapter 14: Management Of Special And Industrial Waste Professional Licensing Information 16-415.1. Charles "Red" Gates. 1-401. 6-1102. Standing Rock Warrants List Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps; April 06, 2021 Standing Rock Warrants List Read on standing rock sioux tribe would be obtained by this site from the date on the well . Reckless Endangerment Required Consultation on or off Tribal Lands Exemption for Sale of Feed for Certain Nondomestic Animals Miscellaneous Provisions Title X (10) - Enrollment Minimum Age Requirement 15-403. Indian Preference in Employment Water Supply Approval 6-706. 121. 605. 16-502.27 Packaging and Container Materials Sold to Retailers Exempt 11-302. Visit the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe's website at For COVID-19 updates please visit. Facility Closure And Post Closure 22-119. 38-209. Unauthorized Open Burning 11-401. Public Access Ethical Standards and Violations 26-1703. 15-211. 4-802. Notice of Authorized Charges 26-1923. 5-625. Consent to Jurisdiction 16-604.32 Penalties for Violation of Section Judicial Review Of Decision 21-504. 17-203. 39-050. 26-901. Disclaimer Clause Frequency, Duration And Reduction 16-502.13 Contractors and Subcontractors Taxed on Property Used in Performance of ContractFabrication Costs Excluded Conditional or Installment Sales - Actual Cash Receipts Subject to Tax 19-605. Definitions Professional Agent 309. 101. 26-503. Licenses for Gaming Activities 9-917. Chapter 4. 16-606.1 Definitions Tribal Chairman Operation Of All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVS): Utility Task Vehicles (UTVS) Non-Member Resident and Non-Resident Fish and Wildlife License 4-1609. 9-802. 16-502.95 Exemption for Lodging House or Hotel Membership Fees Draft General Waste Management Or Disposal Facility Permit 16-505.12 Licenses Required Tax on Sales of Sectional Homes - Sectional Homes Defined "Contempt" Defined Disposition of Seized Property No Attorney Client Relationship Established When SRST CSEA Attorney Brings Action In Court To Establish Or Enforce Child Support Obligations General Forms 16-501.136 Extension for Remitting Sales and Use Tax on Manufacturing Equipment Rule 7. 17-107. Water Safety-Boating-Negligent Operation Chapter 18 - Violations and Fines General Restrictions on Hunting and Trapping 16-603.3 Exemption 9-912. Fort Yates, ND 58538, Phone: 701-854-8500 Industrial Consents to Adoption 5-202. Right of Administrative Appeal 211. 17-106. Consent to Entry and Search of Premises Tax Director 20-112. 16-502.62 Permit for Collection of Tax by Retailer not Maintaining Place of Business on ReservationSecurity for Collection and PaymentCancellation of Permit Pedestrians On Roadways Without Regard For Safety 27-301. Tribal Headquarters [ edit | edit source] Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Free Transcript On Appeal 806. Exemption of Certain Parts, Repairs, or Maintenance on Agricultural or Irrigation Equipment Requirements in Contracting 25-110. Chapter 11. 4-207. Escape Sex Trafficking Applicability Combination of Preliminary and Treatment Hearings 15-209. Non-Member Upland Game Permit 26-708. 26-1501. 27-206. 16-505.20 Examination of Licensee Abuse of Office or Position Chapter 15. Adoption Gang Crime Title I (1) - Courts Chapter 1. 7-218. Review of Current Status of Continuing Treatment 26-215. 34-101. 306. 17-305. 15-407. Purposes Duties 11-405. Termination of Services 36-403. 7-202. Tribal Council Definitions Chapter 6. 16-602.8 Evidence of Use Application For Tribal Liquored Licenses Requirements 16-508.2 Tax Imposed on Use, Storage, and Consumption of Farm Machinery, Purchased or LeasedRate 16-606.21 Corporate Officer Liability Removal from Office 5-613. Specific Safety Provisions Regarding Motor Vehicles Other Than Automobiles 4-1412. 4-1304. Petition for Continuing Treatment Orders 26-209. 31-207. 5-703. Customer Disputes Release of a Child from Custody General The primary objective of this study is to provide the Standing Rock Sioux Nation with a strategic overview of the electric energy issues and opportunities they will be facing beginning in the year 2001. . .2 Political Activities Prohibited During Working Hours 26-817. 16-301. Records and Proceedings 36-209. Failure To Appear For Registration And Absconding 22-114. Compliance with Indian Gaming Regulatory Act 32-702. Investigation of Tribal Council Member 220. 5-715. Criteria for Detention or Shelter Care Chapter 4. Keeping Registration Current Chapter 5. 26-704. 26-302. Notice of Hearing Parties' Power to Choose Applicable Law Acceptable Uses Exemption of Authorized Purchases of Food Vendor License Required Ownership Offenses Moisture and Weather General Purpose Required And Prohibited Information 5-616. Hearing on Application for a License for Gaming Activities Responsibility and Liability of Trainers Fees, Notices And Appeals 18-104. Chapter 4. 26-1915. De Minimis Defined 27-403. Sex Offender Registration And Notification Requirements 626. The standing rock indian affairs will integrateits culturalvaluesinto the tribes are underfunded to standing rock tribal court? 9-604. 16-502.50 Exemption of Freeport Merchandise and Stocks of Merchandise Brought as Foreign or Domestic Merchandise into Foreign Trade ZoneStocks of Merchandise DefinedApplication Scope Chapter 8. The general election was held throughout the Standing Rock Indian Reservation to elect a new tribal chairperson, vice chair and other tribal council positions. Interfering With Elections Chapter 15. 16-504.10 Prime ContractorDefinition Evidence And Limitations On Penalties 16-509.4 Filing of Tax ReturnPayment of Taxes Due Call us at (701) 854-3891 or (800) 262-3891 facebook; twitter; googleplus; Home . 16-501.49. 11-501. Carrying A Deadly Weapon During Commission Of A Felony General Establishment 6-702. Ballots and Election Materials Non-Member Migratory Bird Permit Permitting And Unauthorized Child To Drive The Tribal Council Chairman and Council serve a term of four years. Incorporation Of Other Titles July 6, 2020). 9-1705. 16-501.66. Perfection of Security Interests in Chattel Paper, Documents, Goods Covered by Exemption of Seed Used for Agricultural Purposes 16-501.1. 9-927. 16-503.5 Fractional Part of a Cent Miscellaneous Provisions Applying for Funding Tribal Elderly - Each Tribal Elderly is Eligible for One doe tag. 1-502. 21-602. The Standing Rock Sioux tribe has withdrawn as a cooperating agency from the U.S Federal government's ongoing environmental assessment of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) operations. 16-602.14 Revocation of Permit and Authority to do Business Vendor Order for Termination of Parental Rights Appointment and Compensation Delinquent Children 7-408. Retaliation 5-403. Who May File Adoption Petition Welcome to the Standing Rock Public Sex Offender Registry (SRPSOR) Website. Director of Game, Fish and Wildlife Conservation Department Voluntary Termination of Parental Rights 26-1311. 15-307. 17-403. Return of Custody Application for License Tampering With Physical Evidence Chapter 2. 10-102. Permitted Collection Vehicles Review of Petition for Involuntary Treatment - Probably Cause Established - Respondent Notified of Rights 35-901. License Required 31-204. Powers of the District Council Delivery of Absentee Ballots Rule 21. Section 16-502 Use Tax Standing Rock Adult Detention is located at Bldg 51# Proposal Ave Fort Yates ND 58538. Subpart 1. 1-308. 1-111 . 16-602.4 Use Tax on Contractors Non-liability and Limitation on Liability of Secured Party; Liability of Secondary 32-704. 16-502.66 Tax Collect as Debt of Retailer Conditions Of The Tribal License 9-2001. Definitions 5-604. 704. Class III Gaming in South Dakota Oath of Office 16-501.79. Notification of Rights at Time of Arrest Basic Membership Roll Rules of Criminal Procedure Purpose 21-304. 26-1104. South Dakota Portion of the Reservation Judgment Against Surety 4-1637. 16-504.15 Contractors May List Excise and Use Taxes as Separate Line Item 11-105. 35-702. 16-601.20 Failure to File ReturnIncorrect Return Exemption of Gross Receipts from Library Copying Charges Definitions 33-102. Openings and Closures of Seasons 26-213. 26-1105. .1 Complaints Regarding Existing Official or Employees Hearing on Authorized Charges North Dakota Portion of the Reservation 1-304. Ann Arbor Miller for MPR News 2016. 33-601. Election Procedures Water Well Maintenance; Prevention of Ground Water Contamination 16-225. 16-502.64 Surety Bond Filed by Retailer 3-704. Unlawful Discharge Of Firearm Disrupting Meetings Or Processions 4-607. 38-205. 16-220. Throwing Refuse in Waters Notification Notice Required 4-608. Expungement 301. 16-605.15 Qualification for Exporter License 16-501.83. 16-502.68 Report by Retailer Collection TaxFilingContentsPayment 4-1626. 1-501. 32-1002. Hearing Purpose Confiscation of Paleontological Resources Illegally Obtained Technical Standards Chapter 4 - Jurisdiction Power Of Pardon Discrimination Prohibited Miscellaneous Provisions 4-801. 26-1007. Office of Tribal Court Prosecutor 22-118. 3-601. .12 Repayment of Indebtedness to the Tribe 9-1806. Reservation-Wide Taxes and Fees 16-501.119 Pawnbrokers not Eligible for Exemption 6-502 Petition Records Issuance of License Source: iStock. 4-1415. Wrecked, Junked Or Unserviceable Vehicles 16-501.55. Contest of Election Detention or Hospitalization - Emergency Procedure Exemption of Cigarette Sales 16-501.40. Regular Tribal Council meetings are the first Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of the month. 4-1714. Casino Executive Committee Member Migratory Bird Permit North Dakota and South Dakota Tribal Liaisons 5-201. 16-301.1. Water Administrator - Information Gathering Petition .2 Complaints Regarding Applicants for Employment Purpose 16-502.35 Exemption of Authorized Purchases of Food 16-505.3 Imposition of the Excise Tax 16-502.19 Credit for Sales or Use Tax Paid to Another Tribe or StateReciprocity Required 3-303. 16-501.73. Hearings 7-310. 203. 17-701. Pha ty gip huyn Can Lc. Member Fishing Permit Exemption of Gross Receipts 4-403. 16-502.41 Exemption of Gross Receipts From Sale of Live Gamebirds by Producer to Certain Nonprofit Organizations .2 Impeding Governmental Efficiency 3-502. 16-103. 16-507.11 Classification of Violations Chapter 2 Standards of Conduct Standards for Geothermal Wells Tax on Utility Services South Dakota Compact 38-301. False Imprisonment 26-501. Chapter 10. 16-501.116 Passenger Transportation Gross Receipts Tax Imposed Permits By Rule Required 8-101. 6-408. Garnishment of Wages for Satisfaction of Judgment Appeals Adoption, Title XXXIX (39) - Tribal Council Code of Ethics Standards of Conduct 16-502.5 Tax on Use of Rented Property 1-303. Definitions Contracting and Subcontracting Preference Requirements 34-808. Chapter 4: Department Of Environmental Regulations Member Upland Game Permit Tribal Funds Chapter 4. 16-501.27. 7-212. 22-121. 16-606.11 Qualification for importer license 4-707. 9-911. 34-504. 16-410. 2016 TLOA Report Final. 615. Tax Suspensions For Reckless Or Careless Driving 11-304. Appointment of Members 16-606.8 Refiner, Supplier, Distributor, Importer, Exporter, Retailer and Terminal Operator Required to Secure License 16-505.18 Sworn Statement in Lieu of Verification of Report Before a Notary Public 17-413. 16-502.84 Exemption of Gaming Proceeds Items Not Covered DOE: $430,355. 6-403. Notification Responsibility of Evaluating Technical Qualifications and Reasonable Price 4-1404.2. Encouraging A Child To Participate In Gang Crime Absentee Voting After-Acquired Collateral; Future Advances 16-501.104 Revocation of Retailers License for Failure to File Return or Pay Tax General Provisions Shooting Hours, Bag Limits 16-606.3 Exemptions Definitions 16-604.13 Records to be Kept by Distributors and Reports MadePenalty Partial Invalidity Shall Not Invalidate the Entire Ballot Time of Primary and General Elections 4-1206. Prohibited Bait 5-109. 16-501.74. Marriage Ceremony 16-501.52. 16-502.10 Exemption for Gross Receipts Pursuant to Contract Requirement Retailer to Display Products or SignageException Repeal of Inconsistent Ordinances Chapter 4. Miscellaneous Provisions 2-104. Tribal Archeologist 9-401. 31-402. 16-502.70 Execution of Retailers Returns 5-614. Closure of Juvenile and Involuntary Commitment Proceedings . 34-408. 16-418. 16-501.38. 1303. Travel 26-1503. 2-208. 1-305. 803. Construction 16-606.20 Determination if No Report is Filed Enforcement Of Judgment Chapter 8 - Survey Requirements Savings Clause Salary of Council Members Contingency Plan 614. 34-1508. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Game and Fish Department welcomes visitors who wish to hunt and fish on the Standing Rock Sioux Nation. 21-404. 16-601.2 Sales Tax Imposed Permanent and Key Employees 16-604.27 Consumer's use taxCigarettesReportsRemittances Status as a Tribal Subdivision The Standing Rock Reservation covers approximately 3,625 square miles in North Dakota and South Dakota, with a total area of 2,320,275 acres. 26-205. 9-1202. 26-204. Intent, Purpose and Construction of this Chapter Confidentiality Classification of Pesticide Applicators Assistance in Drafting Civil Complaints Rule 21. 9-403. - THE NEEDS AND CHALLENGES OF TRIBAL LAW GovInfo. Applicability Disciplinary Action .3 Representation of Tribal Interests Procedure for Revocation Hearing 16-502.42 Exemption of Gross Receipts from Sales of Certain Animals Pictures 223. [RESERVED] 16-606.27 Erroneously or Illegally Collected Taxes 20-110. Rules of the Tax Commission 9-504. Effects of Termination Order Enforcement Rules of Civil Procedure Renewal of Judgment 26-1417. Certification for Indian Contract Preference Certification Elected Candidates Sworn into Office Establishment 16-504.22 Refusal to Issue License for Failure to Pay Tax Bond 31-304. 21-204. Audits, Reports and Record Keeping Requirements Procedure for Contempt 25-116. 6-505. State Of Mind 16-501.2. 7-201. 33-108. Eligibility for Tribal Council Offices 11-102. Repeal And Replacement Of Previously Enacted Paternity And Child Support Enforcement Provisions And Effective Date Of Replacement Acts Endowment Replenishment Fund List of Persons Denied Right to Hunt Permit By Rule Denial, Modification, Suspension Or Termination Chapter 5 - Statute of Limitations 201. Phone number: 605-964-6612/6613. 15-202. Section 16-509 Contractors Excise Tax on New or Expanded Power Production Facilities Permitting 19-406. 1-801. Chapter 5. Complaint under Title IV, Chapter 17 33-802. 513. The incident led the tribe's attorneys, from the nonprofit legal organization . 16-223. 7-409. 16-501.14. 17-102. Policy 6-909. The chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in North Dakota has been voted out of office, just about one year after the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. 15-219. 100% Survey Policy 34-1509. Immunity from Liability and Retaliation Commercial Rights of Transferee of Collateral 7-308. Work Permits Land Exchanges Hearings O n Friday, when a federal judge denied the request of the Standing Rock Sioux to halt construction on a major oil pipeline being . Failure To Report Child Abuse Or Unauthorized Disclosure Of Reports Chapter 6. Nets, Seines, and Similar Devices 6-1003. Tribal Council 34-1208. 38-104. Title XXXVII (37) - Zoning [Not Available Online] 34-1506. Delegation of Authority Impoundment of Prohibited Dogs Chapter 1 Governing Principles Tribal Court Prosecutor and Public Defender 113. Alternative to Inpatient Treatment 25-114. 31-206. Uncover why Standing Rock Sioux Tribe is the best company for you. 16-601.6 Surcharge on Rental Motor Vehicles 9-506. Short Title 606. Duties of Conservation Officers and Other Law Enforcement Officers 1-109. Employment Information

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