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Stefan responds by saying he's being himself, but she doesn't know what he looks like when he's not in love with her. Valerie puts him at ease by telling him that those flowers have no medicinal properties, they are a wives tale. Maria tries hitting the brakes, but it nothing happens. He asks if Jeremy is interested in making Elena human again and he agrees, following Stefan deeper into the cellar to reveal the fugitive who is tied up and in transition. They are both laughing when suddenly Julian is there, looking at Valerie and saying "Aren't we ladylike?" Klaus laughs at this and jokes about "The Salvatores and their unshakable bond." Having avoided him all day, Caroline is finally forced to face him. As a ripper, Stefan once wiped out a whole village in Monterey, earning himself the title 'The Ripper of Monterey' to which even Klaus was impressed. This results in their initially stable relationship into an antagonistic one before she was captured and killed. But after Damon's death he decides to break all his connections with his old friends, including Caroline, and start over, breaking her heart in the process. Katherine got under Damon's skin and Damon killed Jeremy with the intention of turning him into a vampire, but due to Jeremy's ring, Stefan was able to identify that he was still human. While most vampires are only able to cast a dream upon someone, Stefan has shown the ability to go beneath 'the surface' and interact with the subconscious manipulation of Sybil. Episode Count He is drowning and waking many times helplessly with no exit. Stefan mentions that he would have given anything to have spent one more day with her before her death. When the bottom is full, she dabs her index fingers into the bowl and puts her finger tips on Stefan's forehead, all the Travelers chant in unison and Stefan screams out in pain. Elena realizes that Stefan letting himself get beat up was part of his system. She tells Stefan angrily that she thought she could trust him. The younger Salvatore is however angry and says that Silas needs to die and he needs to be the one who kills him. Another night, Stefan and Katherine were spending a passionate night together when she suddenly bit Stefan. It is unknown if Katherine had compelled Stefan to forget after she had bitten him. .", Stefan said. As he is pressed up against the police car, Stefan looks in the mirror and sees Marty's reflection. Stefan asks Damon why he killed and turned Abby into a vampire while it should of been him. Damon tells him that he was right, Elena is sired and Damon holds up a photo Stefan realizes of being from New Orleans in 1942. While searching for clues, Alaric finds pictures of Jo when she was younger, and in one of those pictures, Damon recognizes one of the people she was with as Kai. Stefan walks in and ends the feud momentarily, however, Sarah bombards him with the fact that she is related to him. Stefan asks what, Elena smiling? Things escalated, and Caroline and Stefan ended up fighting and Caroline stabbed Stefan in the back with the leg of a broken chair as he was in pursuit of the phone. He compels April to not remember anything that he and Rebekah talk about, before he turns to Rebekah and tells her that Klaus wants him to fake peace with her so that she'll talk about The Five. The episode ended with Stefan and Caroline drinking margaritas. In What Lies Beneath, Stefan is still trying to convince Damon to give up on finding Enzo. Both Stefan and Matt, with the rest of the police find the bodies. Caroline is surprised and then Jesse arrives. Katherine was healed of a knife wound by Rose and hung herself. Stefan takes away all the blood and gore of the scene, and all the bodies and then leads her to a crib, with a crying baby in it. Stefan suggests that they also get Matt over there at the house. A detective then approached him, showed him a sketch of Nik and Rebekah and asked if he had ever seen them before. In Pilot, Stefan and Damon engaged in a spar upon Damon's return to Mystic Falls. Although Stefan was very popular and had many male friends during his human life, Stefan always considered Damon to be his best friend and companion. Matt approaches them about leaving but Sarah covers and the two take off. Damon appears behind Rayna and tells Stefan that it wasn't her idea, it was his. In All My Children, Elena calls Stefan but he declines to answer, an emotionally pained expression on his face. She proceeds to knock him out. In The Devil Inside, Stefan is in the Salvatore's mansion and Damon arrive, Stefan asks where he was and for Katherine's body but Damon doesn't want to tell him. Damon ended up blaming Stefan for Katherine's capture although it was not ever Stefan's intention on hurting or betraying Damon and outing Katherine. In the end of the episode, Stefan is shown back at the Salvatore boarding house, saying as Klaus left town, he's been ordered to keep Elena safe (for the reason that her blood is needed to create hybrids). Connor shoots Jeremy before Elena tackles him. Appearance Elena is undeniably drawn to Stefan and the two have an instant, deep and indescribable connection. It turned out that Oscar had stashed Julian's body at a casket emporium. She reminds Caroline how she raised her daughter to be a good person, causing Caroline to realize that Stefan's playing mind games with her. Stefan is seven years younger than his brother Damon. The original brother however says that if anything happens to Katherine he'll descent upon Elena and he hangs up. They find Bonnie and Abby knocked out and the coffin opened. Stefan was also close with his mother, before she had died when he was 10 years old. The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get, starts from where the previous episode ended. Stefan, already surprised that Elena had kept her difficulties from him, is especially shocked that Elena drank from Damon. Then Matt states "That stops today". Stefan seems satisfied at finally being able to stop Klaus but a part of him appears sad as well. Bonnie says that she knows how to bring Jeremy back-she has to complete the third massacre for Silas so that she could drop the veil between this side and the other side. After Elena asks why he sent Damon to look for her, Stefan admits that Damon seems to have Elena's trust in ways that he doesn't anymore. However he says that he's sure that this filing system goes by birth date and he can't remember when was Katherine's birthday. Instead, she was turned into a, Stefan enjoys listening to music by: Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Patsy Cline, Willie Nelson, Kanye West and he even likes one of. Stefan responds that this is the second time Damon had tried to kill Jeremy so nobody's perfect, to which Elena asks him if he's trying to punish her, because she doesn't know how many times she can apologize. Was it over? Stefan calls Klaus numerous times until he finally shows up. She sees April and decides to go say hi to her while Stefan goes to find something stronger than beer. 106 "Lost Girls". He had nanny named Cordelia and his ex-fiance, Rosalyn Cartwright, was killed by a jealous Katherine. Stefan then lights a Japanese floating lantern in memory of his Uncle Zach, his best friend Lexi and for Alaric. I love her. Stefan and Valerie meet at a fair and immediately take a liking to each other. Matt pulls a thumb drive out of his pocket and tells Stefan that it is footage from the Grill today of Damon doing some nonhuman things to Rayna. In the novels, Stefan is Catholic and has a strong sense of faith, morals and values. Elena's own compassion and kindness are very important to Stefan. While searching for Luke, Damon asks Stefan what he thought he'd do when he found out Enzo was dead. He and Damon showed up for a funeral of a family member and Damon later convinces Stefan to start drinking human blood again. It was there that he spotted a girl in the shadows and tried to attack and feed on her. Bonnie manages to find the which Aja who has come to help her and has also brought twelve witches with her which is exactly what Bonnie needs to complete the triangle. Damon tells him the truth about Bonnie's sacrifice but asks him to lie to others so that they don't have to go through the pain of losing her again. One night, Stefan went to a camp where the war-wounded lay, and discreetly fed on their blood. Stefan realizes that Qetsiyah wasn't making a daylight ring for him. He's trying to explain that Bonnie is trying to complete the expression triangle and when he does Aja brings out a knife and says that Bonnie has to die and she can't be saved. They take Luke along with them so that he is able to perform an anti-locator spell which will hide them from the Travelers. Stefan Salvatore is a fictional character and one of the two main protagonists from L. J. Smith 's novel series The Vampire Diaries. I won't-". He suggests that the bullets might just be steeped in vervain, but asks Bonnie if she has ever seen the writing on the bullets before. Caroline suggests that all of them dance together but Elena refuses. By that time however the Salvatore brothers have also find Katherine and Rebekah at the diner. Elena, suffering another hallucination, runs onto the porch and before either Stefan or Damon has time to react, Klaus snatches Elena and disappears. Male As they are checking each coffin, Valerie informs them that the phoenix stone is full of lost vampire souls, which means that they didn't really bring back Oscar. Then he goes downstairs and finds his Ivy scavenging for blood. Stefan wants to know what's in it for him, but Klaus merely says to trust him when he says that Connor holds the answer to all of Stefan's prayers. Answers will be shown at the end of the quiz! During this time, he begins to grow close to Elena again and they are able to form a close friendship. Elena seems confused by his reaction and he later tells her that she is better than Damon, that she is better than both of them. They see Tripp's van pulling up and Alaric tries to stop him but Tripp ends up crashing the car along with Alaric inside the Mystic Falls. Klaus tells him he's not going to the train station and that he has a witch who might help him with his Rayna Cruz problem. Damon initially refused, but Stefan would not relent, saying he couldn't let him die. While Jeremy sketches the tattoo, Klaus finishes telling Stefan the story about the Five, and how they daggered all of the Original siblings. He then tells him that Lily has Elena and Stefan angrily says Lily has everything. Stefan responds that he indeed knows her best-she puts her hope in all the wrong places and sometimes in the wrong people. He reminds Alaric about compelling Elena to forget Damon. He points out that Caroline is good at being a vampire, and she insists that it's because Stefan helped her when she first turned. In She's Come Undone, Stefan and Damon are at the house with Elena locked in the safe and Damon playing mind games with her for over an hour and still no emotional response from Elena, Later Stefan is Caroline and she wants to see Elena and Stefan said they are not letting anyone see her and that it was whole point of locking her isolation leads to misery and lead to emotion, Caroline says that she's been there for days and hasn't improved at all Stefan says that she doesn't want to not yet and that she's devastated she's lost her brother, she attacked her friend Bonnie and killed an innocent woman and Caroline said that Stefan knew how to help her Stefan said that he is helping her and Caroline asks him by torturing her and Stefan says its not torture but an intervention and the only chance they have with her is to provoke her to trigger something fear, anger, self-pity or anything Caroline asks Stefan to let her talk to Elena before anymore intervention and that Elena can't hurt her if she's weak and begs him to let her try, later Caroline is with Elena at the basement Stefan wishes her good luck and leaves her with Elena, Caroline says the she brought something for Elena and pulls a vial of blood and gives it to Elena so that it could help think straight and she also adds that she doesn't agree with what Stefan and Damon are doing to her making her suffer to turn her humanity back and its not who Elena is, Caroline says she's not giving up on her and Elena starts to provoke her about that she's the reason that Tyler left town and the he was running from her and not from Klaus and about how pathetic she's going to look in the cap and gown and that she's a repulsive, blood-sucking control freak monster and Elena is attacking Caroline and she breaks Elena's neck and Stefan is behind her and tells him to do what he has to do, later Stefan and Damon are in a room with Elena tied up to chair and they took her daylight ring and they plan on using sunlight to torture her and as Stefan slowly opens the curtain Elena asks if she's supposed to feel scared and Stefan said that she will be and to focus on that fear because its the key to getting her humanity back and she says that they are not gonna burn her and adds that if they get her humanity back she'll remember that they tortured her and she'll hate them for it, Damon says to work risk and Stefan opens the curtain and Elena's skin is burning and Damon extinguishes the fire and asks for any emotion so they can stop it and Elena says that she's going to kill them, Stefan says that they don't want to torture her and she can stop it and its her choice, Elena is provoking Stefan for being the one to pull back the curtain and a part of him enjoys it considering that she dumped Stefan, Damon believes that they are breaking through the tough shell and getting to the center of her humanity and asks Stefan to shed some light into the situation, Stefan is ready to reopen the curtain and Elena says its going to hurt Stefan more than it hurts her Stefan says he knows what she's going through and that she's afraid to face the guilt she feels if she turns her emotions back on and the only way to help is to make the alternative hurt even worse and Stefan opens the curtain and Elena is in pain, later Elena is still in pain from exposure to sunlight Stefan closes the curtain and Damon says she'll thank him someday and after she gets her humanity she'll know that life without emotions blew and she provokes Damon by telling him that the sire bond also blew and going everyday believing that she was in love with him and saying that he was afraid that it wasn't real and says that it wasn't, Elena says to keep torturing and she and Stefan might give their relationship another go and she exposes herself to sunlight Stefan and Damon extinguish Elena from the flames and she says that they won't hurt and she doesn't have to afraid of anything, later Stefan and Damon are at the driveway Stefan sarcastically says that it went well and Damon is frustrated that Elena is being stubborn and doesn't want to turn it back on, even though every vampire does it with out any problems Stefan says that she has nothing to come back to after she lost her home and her family and destroyed her relationships, Damon said that scaring her should have worked and that she's smart and she knows that they won't hurt her and Stefan suggests to bring someone who really will hurt her Damon asks who, Stefan suggests Katherine because she is the reason Jeremy is dead and she's the only who can provoke an emotion into Elena and Damon says that Katherine won't help them Stefan says the she was just abandoned by Elijah and that she has nothing and has no one and that she won't refuse their offer to torture Elena, later Damon and Katherine are discussing what will happen if Elena goes back to her old self when Stefan says the Elena is not in the cell and its revealed that Katherine lost interest in Elena's recovery and didn't lock her in Stefan with Damon and Matt search for her, later Stefan stops Elena for feeding on Matt and Damon has had enough and he's done playing nice and tells her to turn her humanity switch or he'll kill Matt, Elena calls his bluff and he breaks Matt's neck and Elena is crying and she's sad about what happened to Matt and later is revealed to be wearing the Gilbert ring and will come back to life and Elena gets her humanity back, Damon says that she's going to be okay and she remembers what she has done and Stefan stops her and says the he knows the stage the emotions are over-whelming her and that she has to focus on one thing Elena says she can't and tells to find the thing that makes her strong and to latch on to it and channel everything she's feeling into one emotion and to let it in, Elena does what she's told and he tells her to breathe it in and blow everything else out and she's screaming in pain and Damon asks her if she's okay, she says "no" but she'll get better.

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