toro 75740 vs 75742

As it has a twin-engine, it can be really efficient in larger gardens. The 75747 has a Kohler (made in U.S.A) engine, a reinforced, fabricated heavy duty deck, and the MyRide Suspension System. The Secret Guide For Kawasaki FX1000V Oil Type You Must Know it, The Most Common Ferris IS2100Z Problems & How To Fix Them, How To Run Zero Turn Mower in Sandy Soil? Despite poor customer service from both Toro and Husqvarna, there is no doubt their manufacturing capabilities are excellent. This is not related to the quality of their product but general customer service levels on offer. Email We dont recognize that sign in. Thoughts on if that is too good a deal to pass up? 18in Handcrafted High Back with Arm Rests - Lever Slide. The above that they have a fabricated 10-gauge cutting deck as standard. Find Out How. Copyright 2023 operated by Rank MT PT. Prodiamine Calculator- Get The Actual Rate Quickly! But we need to also look at their versatility across flat or hilly terrain, and how comfortable are they to use over time. Husqvarna also uses a 10-gauge steel frame for their Z242F zero turn mower, whereas the top end Z560X uses 11-gauge steel suitable for professional commercial use. (Select models) A ROPS (Roll Over Protection System) is available as an option for each of these products, except 74710. Top flat speed of 7.8 mph. Thoughts on how it holds up The 75742 has the v-twin 22 commerical toro engine? Getting on and off the mower to pick up yard debris and other obstacles is a breeze with a step-through front end. Ive had too many dealers state getting parts is a pain in the butt. Trying to decide between Toro 75742 and CC XT1 46. Country Clipper Avenue 42 inch. It's also a snap to control your pace with Toro's Smart Speed Technology. Hey Paul thank you for all the information it has made it easier, but I still had a couple questions. The statistics and reviews are taken from the survey data we get from visitors, The review you provide for this page is very useful for everyone, We will save your review in the database before we publish it and we will give it the name 'anonimous', The 75742 has the Toro (Chinese) engine, a 42 inch stamped deck, and a regular seat. Where Are Ferris Mowers Made- Know The Exact Location And The History Of The Manufacturer. This Toro mows very well, bags very well, and mulches very well. Electric Riding Mower Lithium-Ion and Lead Acid Battery- 10 Best Tips. The robust structure of the cutting deck is also an important consideration. Any comments on deals, pricing, or other suggestions are welcome. Its a powerful chainsaw. With Toro's Smart Speed Technology, you have complete control over the mowing speed of this mower. The Husqvarna MZ61 and Toro Tian 60 are fitted with 13-inch diameter tires with a 6.5-inch width allowing for good traction on slopes and hilly terrain. Accepts a hose for cleaning the underside of the deck more easily than from above. Which motor would you recommend? It starts every time. Service intervals depend on the intensity and duration of the zero-turn mowers use as well as weather conditions. Hi Troy, As far as I know, the Gravely ZT X and the Ariens IKON XD are the same mower. The toro 75740 has a 452cc engine. Let our dealers find it for you! Sign up to be the first to know! Find the product you are looking for related to Electronics. In addition, this ZTR has one of the few riding mower EFI engines available. Toro's 42-inch TimeCutter Mower is a great choice for homeowners who want a great-looking lawn while still having enough time to host backyard pickup games, barbeques, and other activities. All Rights Reserved. If you feel you have received this message in error, please view our customer care What is your opinion on Spartan RZ for a $200 more than the John Deere and Toro? For $200 more than the Toro 75740 you get a V-Twin engine. Its no secret that Husqvarnas zero-turn mowers are understandably recognized as a premium product, with a life span of up to 12 years if the machine is well maintained. x 35 in. Body Styling and Fuel Pod Assembly. Toro 75742 carries some pretty wide tires. Toro 42 TimeCutter 452cc Zero-Turn Riding Mower with Smart Speed Model# 75740. If you are in the market for a professional zero-turn mower for commercial use, then the Husqvarna Z560X is a superb machine with an 11-gauge steel frame and cutting deck. Please no foul language, be polite and use common sense, No expressions of hatred based on race/ethnicity, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, disability, religion and political affiliation, No political or religious discussions. Only 1 match found. If you need to tow a cart or pull other attachments on the hills it helps to put the lever in tow. This is a very heavy-duty frame of the highest quality. Lets the tractor's driver maintain a constant speed without using the foot pedal. 2022 Consumer Reports. I aso looked at the Timecutter 50 with and without the myride which is about same cost as John Deere Z525E, what is your opinion of these two? I think one of my choices is a 42 to 48 ZTR. So I was just curious on your thoughts on those mowers vs home depot. Owner satisfaction ratings are based on the proportion of members who are extremely likely to recommend their zero-turn mower brand to their friends and family. Toro 24.5HP V Twin engine 708cc Zero turn mower for tight spaces Includes MyRide suspension system Smart speed control system Dual hydrostatic transmission Reduces mowing times by 40% Mow heights 3.8cm to 11.4cm Larger rear wheel for superior traction Fuel tank capacity of 11.4 litres Price Guide: 4.5k at the time of this review Equipped with the Toro V-Twin engine, the mower moves swiftly. Take control over your mowing speed, while never sacrificing blade tip speed. Innovative technology allows you to have greater control over the mowing speed. The number of gasoline combustion cylinders in the engine. The Toro autonomous mower is coming Spring 2023 to shorten your to-do list and free up your calendar for everything but mowing. Please stick to the relevant topics here, we will not tolerate posts advocating political or religious views or goals, No SPAM, no commercial advertising, no referral programs of any kind, No trolling - deliberately antagonizing other brand/model users, Read before you post. Our First Choice: Toro 75740- Lawnmower with an Intelligent Speed Technology. Find the product you are looking for related to Pet Supplies. Also, there are some other differences as well. You're also a perfectionist. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. Looking around. Available on all but two models, they feature a 10-gauge high strength fabricated steel deck shell with a reinforced leading-edge across the entire deck. You've worked so hard that you shouldn't let your lawn to govern your free time. Due to the addition of this feature, dust rarely sticks to the air filter. On the contrary, the engine in the 75742 is around 708cc. x 49 in. Toro TimeCutter 4225 Zero Turn Rider 75742 features a 42-inch deck and 22.5 hp Toro Commercial V-Twin engine with Self-Cleaning Air Filter Housing. [Register HereRegister Here "Amazon, Amazon Prime, the Amazon logo and Amazon Prime logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates". Reset your password. Toro TimeCutter Front Caster Wheel & Tire Assembly (139-5842) - Mower Shop Products Home / Parts / Category / Wheels / Toro TimeCutter Front Caster Wheel & Tire Assembly (139-5842) Toro TimeCutter Front Caster Wheel & Tire Assembly (139-5842) $ 52.99 Free Shipping on orders over $100 How does this item ship? You've worked so hard that you shouldn't let your lawn govern your free time. Here is the sales page for all the Ryobi ZTRs at HD: Ryobi Zero-Turn Mowers. Before setting your mind to, Read More Before You Buy, Know How Much Does Peat Moss Cost!Continue, Where are Ferris mowers made? Toro's IronForged are the toughest residential decks and are built to last. The Deere is not designed at all for mowing fields. Buy Toro 42 in. I guess I really need to think if I want to quit walking and start riding as my first decision. That said, this is the best cutting, longest lasting workhorse of the 42 ich ZTRs. Pick Your Pace - Take control over your mowing speed, while never sacrificing blade tip speed with Smart Speed Technology. You have a lot of ground to cover. Take control over your mowing speed, while never sacrificing blade tip speed. OxCart Utility Cart Review The Best Dump Yard Cart? Husqvarna provide a fabricated cutting deck as standard on their consumer and professional models with a maximum cutting height of 4.5 inches. You can rely on it. The MyRIDE Suspension System protects your body from the roughest terrain, so you can ride in luxurious comfort even when the road turns bumpy. Ive done a google-search today, and Im coming up blank. Dump Carts There are cheap, good carts and expensive, bad carts. Take control over your mowing speed, while never sacrificing blade tip speed. Scott. they are new but from 2016 manufacture date. We are 24/7 available to ANSWER you! Ariens Edge 42 Briggs Model 915253. It takes less than a minute. This is one of the best 42-inch mowers on the market because it mows well, bags well, and mulches well. Noise measured at the operator's ear in decibels. Save products you love, products you own and much more! Thousands of people like you asking their problems, why not you? But peat moss is a costly choice for professional plant growers or gardeners. 22 HP Kohler V-Twin Zero Turn Mower Model# ULTIMA ZT1-42. With Toro's Smart Speed Technology, you have complete control over the mowing speed of this mower. This translates into around 3,000 hours of use. Cub Cadet Ultima ZT1 42 in. Go with the Toro 75742 if your garden is extensive. Lets see if we can sort them all out. models like the TimeCutter SS4225 75742 are rated on multiple criteria, such as those Available on backorder Add to cart The larger frame and wider tires account for this. Keep in mind that there is a specific limit to what you keep. The MyRide is unique and once you mow your lawn with one youll never go back to a conventional ZTR. If they offered it in a 46 it would be perfect, but the 52 is a little big for my usage. You dont have to worry about fuel issues and it will run on E15 fuels. Available at The Home Depot Also available online through A suberbly built zero-turn mower, powered by the exceptional Brigs & Stratton engine allows the MZ61 to stand up against any zero-turn in this price category. Fuel Capacity. Any advice or recommendations I would appreciate. This item can not be shipped to the following state (s): AK, HI And as a Toro owner, you'll have access to nearly 3,000 servicing dealers across the U.S. and Canada ready to assist you. Readers I Would Like Your Help Buying a New Pressure Washer, The question is: Do you need those extras? Your question is probably already answered. Toro: Kawasaki engine is very reliable and built to last, all models of built with high-quality 10-gauge steel and the larger models with fabricated cutting decks. Hi Tom, the only place to buy the Ryobi Zero Turn is at the Home Depot. Their trust pilot rating of 2.5/5 is something they will need to improve on to win customer confidence to match their product quality. They mow quickly and will save you time trimming around obstacles. Most of the time you will have to transport your mower to a repair center to get it repaired. What are your thoughts? CompareClick is reader-supported, When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. We will take you to Amazon after the survey closed to give you the most up-to-date prices. Get a beautiful, professional-looking lawn. 3 yr warranty, no hour limit, 23HP Kawa motor, the deck seems very solid. The payment for your account couldn't be processed or you've canceled your account with us. I am looking at two John Deere zero-turn models Z335E 42 and the Z355E 48, all of my other tractors are John Deere, love the company and service department if needed. Toro 75745 42in (107 cm) TimeCutter MyRIDE Zero Turn Mower, Toro 75747 42in (107 cm) TimeCutter MyRIDE Zero Turn Mower, Hassle-free maintenance, spend less time maintaining your mower with toolless air filter changes and belt covers. Find the product you are looking for related to Automotive. 22.5 hp** Toro Commercial V-Twin 708cc. JavaScript is disabled. Space Saver - Compact 42" deck means better maneuverability for gates and tight spaces. 20 HP Gas Dual Hydrostatic Zero-Turn Mower Model# BG21127. If you have any physical disabilities and still want to mow your lawn this is the first mower you should consider. Toro zero turn mowers offer both options to customers. Our Second Choice: Toro 75742- Mower With the Twin Engine! With Toro's 42" TimeCutter, you'll get real comfort and a stunning cut. The Toro 75750 is part of the Lawn mowers and tractors test program at Consumer Reports. Just pipped by the MZ61 powerful 11-gauge frame, large fuel tank, and engine reliability. Have you not heard of Spartan zero turn mowers? Save up to $750 off Select Zero Turn Mowers and get a 60V Max Leaf Blower or String Trimmer when you finance any new Titan, Titan Max or Timecutter Mower using your Toro card. Exceptional runtime and a compact design make it nimble and convenient. $68 to buy new plastic engine shroud (item # 4 in parts diagram). Comfortable seats ensure a flexible driving experience. Add to Cart. Once again, thanks! Available at The Home Depot Also available online through Models scoring Fair or Poor exceeded 85 decibels, a level at which hearing protection is recommended. I have the 52 inch and I really like the fact that Ariens put all the overhang on the left, closed side of the deck. The only other mower I looked at was the Toro from Home Depot that you talked about and its fall in the same price range as the others. Also, if your lawn is rough, it can easily traverse that terrain. But it can also be avoided. Then buy the bagger at $349. Spending the whole season outdoors in the heat of the sun mowing the grass is a waste of precious summertime. Delivery Cost: $200.00. The Z400 and Z500 series are a new design and appear to be fine. We offer the best selection of TORO 75742 TIMECUTTER 42" Equipment to choose from. This is how I make money to keep this website up and running. 11.4 L. Cutting Width. 2022 The Best 42-46 Inch Zero Turn Mowers. We still dont recognize that sign in. We steered the mower in tight corners, and it navigated very smoothly. As far as I know, there is only one 42 inch zero-turn on the market with a heavy-duty 10 ga fabricated deck. Hi Jack, And thats the problem. High-performing products that keep large turf areas beautiful and healthy-while saving you time, water and energy. And you can rest easy knowing Toro stands behind its mowers with a 3-year unlimited hour residential warranty, plus 3-year, 300-hour commercial engine warranty. (107 cm) TimeCutter Zero Turn Mower Featuring Smart Speed Control System Model: 75746 UPC/EAN: 21038757469 4.6 | 290 Reviews 120 out of 133 (90%) reviewers recommend this product Write a review $3,699.00 USD Not Available Please contact your local dealer Also available at select retailers: So, you can mow at your comfortable pace. There are various aspects to consider in the debate of toro 75740 vs 75742. The resale will be much better also. Lawn mowers and tractors test program at The toro 75740 and the 75742 are both excellent quality mowers. They will cut longer grass better than any of the other mowers you listed. Furthermore, the mower is a great choice if you are looking for long-term use. Introducing our new battery-powered, professional line of mowing equipment, the Revolution series. It mainly reduces the rutting. Furthermore, the things will be easier to take as well. Check out the article to see the reviews of the mowers. (The Gravely HD and Ariens APEX are the same both a lot heavier-duty mowers than theses) The Gravely and the Ariens are the best mowers for mowing both the lawn and the pasture. That said, A good electric string trimmer from Milwaukee, Toro, EGO or Stihl will quickly finish what the 42 inch cant get. Tractors with hydrostatic transmissions have infinitely variable forward speeds controlled by the operator. The comparison will look at the best each brand has to offer in the mid-price range, $5,000. Save up to $300 off Select Zero Turn Mowers and Get a 60V Max Blower or Trimmer for $1 When you Finance Any New Titan, Titan Max or Timecutter Mower using your Toro Card. 75742, worth it, if you are a veteran, box stores give a 10% discount, but dealer I am certain will match it, go with the dealer, you need them on your side, they are well worth it! If you want your comment to be published immediately, please consider registering your nickname on this page. The main difference is that the Pop-up emitter helps to release the water or any liquid to a safe and desired location. The Toro Choose a symptom to view parts that fix it. Top flat speed of 8.5 mph. I have watched a number of videos on these in the last month, and it seems good enough, and its near the price range for a similar-sized gas ZT. Because this whopping speed reduces your mowing time a lot. A step-through front end, built-in cupholder, and storage cubby are just a few of the features that make this mower the best in its class for convenience and storage. Toro 75740 comes with intelligent speed technology. Cannot ship to the following states: AK, HI, This item does not meet CARB requirements and cannot be shipped to California. Thank you for your feedback, From $288.83/mo with View sample plans Quantity Add to cart Pickup available at 305 Island Road Usually ready in 24 hours View store information Share Description Thanks! In order to retrieve the engine fault codes, you will need to park the machine on a level and firm surface. you can also, Add a review for this page, your review will be very useful for others, choose the product you are reviewing and give your rating, like it or not, or click here to close without visiting Amazon. You get faster service and you always have someone willing to help if you have a question. Ad-free. Pinpoint quality cuts and zero-turn mowing are just two pro commercial contractor features that put Toro's cutting-edge technology and world-class craftmanship into the hands of homeowners. If youre not familiar a stamped deck is literally stamped out of a single sheet of material. Thanks again for all your advice! Im considering buying a Ryobi 75 electric Zero Turn. Easier to handle than ever thanks to Toro's Smart Speed Technology, which allows you to have total control over your mowing speed, while never sacrificing blade tip speed. This innovative feature allows you to easily adjust the mower to two different speed ranges based on the type of project being done, without reducing engine speed. I recall seeing someplace, but cant find it now a free bagger kit for this unit if you buy before the end of April. You can be sure of it. x 7.5 in. So, 1. 1. Commercial DNA courses through these machines' veins with the same technology professionals depend on. A suberbly built zero-turn mower, powered by the exceptional Brigs & Stratton engine allows the MZ61 to stand up against any zero-turn in this price category. The repair center may be miles away from you. This is the final step and we need your opinion. There is a space under the seat of the mower. Its adjustable for your weight and takes all the shocks and jolts out of your mowing experience. (107 cm) TimeCutter Zero Turn Mower Featuring Smart Speed Control System Model: 75742 UPC/EAN: 21038757421 4.7 | 622 Reviews 257 out of 267 (96%) reviewers recommend this product Write a review $3,499.00 USD Please contact your local dealer Also available at select retailers: In my opinion, your property probably does not justify one over the other. Find the product you are looking for related to Travel & Leisure. Hi Jeffery, The larger the deck the farther it sicks out the side which makes trimming easier. Learn More. Beautiful controls, 8.5mph flat speed, and a large 22.7ltr fuel tank. Both are good and the support for both is great if you have any issues. The premium Titan range also has a fabricated deck as standard in all sizes with a maximum cutting height of 4.5 inches. I have the TimeCutter 50 and Ive reviewed it on my YouTube Channel (Pauls YouTube) Its a nice mower but I dont recommend it for the amount of grass you have to mow and it wont cut the higher grass in the field well. I just received a new Toro with the Kawasaki 691 and I expect that engine to be just as good. Toro 75742 42in (107 cm) TimeCutter Zero Turn Mower, 42in (107 cm) TimeCutter Zero Turn Mower. Hello Paul, They just introduced a whole new line of mowers to replace the CRZ. If your lawn is comparatively small or medium, you should go for this one. The Toro Titan uses the Kawasaki 708cc engine and an 18.9-liter fuel tank for use over 5 acres or more. Here are some points that will help you decide if a 42-46 inch zero turn is the best choice for you: Note: Zero turns are made to mow grass. Available at The Home Depot Also available at your local John Deere Dealer. It cuts very well and gets good reviews. But what are the Husqvarna 550 XP problems people face? Categorized by the drive system (engine and transmission), which controls a tractor's direction and ground speed. Finally, what warranty cover and aftersales support in case of product failure. These machines will last you many years and with the larger tires will ride better). Wondering if its worth the upgrade or not for my lawn. Beautiful controls, 8.5mph flat speed, and a large 22.7ltr fuel tank. While using the mower, we saw the maximum cutting is 107cm, just like the manufacturer claims. Compared to a 2018 Husqvarna Z242f with 21.5 hp Kawasaki engine. *Time savings based on survey of consumers who purchased TimeCutters from 1/1/18-9/30/19. The manufacturer's claimed cutting width, or swath, in inches. Stunning. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously, I sent out a questionnaire to the major manufactures and, Why 54-72 Inch Deck Residential Zero Turn Mower May Be, From Green Industry Pros Briggs Enters EFI Market with Strong, I would like to buy a pressure washer. (Personally, for the amount of land you want to mow and the fact that the field will be fairly rough I suggest you spend the extra money and go with the Gravely HD or Ariens APEX. The United States is the warehouse of Ferris mowers. Toro's high-quality equipment and precision irrigation systems let you easily care for every detail. Any thoughts on them? Copyright document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) The Toro Company. The blade speed on zero-turn mowers is faster than on a lawn tractor so you can travel over the lawn faster and still get a great cut. Husqvarna Vs Toro Zero Turn Mower | Which Is Best? Furthermore, there is a unique air filtering system that can self-clean itself. Best budget zero-turn on the market. Firstly, if you have a tighter budget and need a good mower, the toro 75740 is the best option. This is Troy-Bilts latest design. So my questions is I am looking at buying an Ariens Ikon XD-52 and the motor is either a Kohler or a Kawasaki and the price is the same for either motor. Within the budget, 75740 provides all the crucial features one needs. 42 in. Remember, when you get tired of walking Wright makes the Velke Sulky so you can ride behind it. On the contrary, the engine in the 75742 is around 708cc. Side discharging This mower has the power and mobility to tackle even the most difficult jobs in a jiffy. Model # 75740 Store SKU # 1001420934. Are you sure you are looking at a 2020 Ariens XD and not last years Ariens IKON XL? Hi Scott, I have the Toro here to test but like you Im still getting snow. 22 HP Gas-Powered TimeCutter Zero-Turn Mower at Tractor Supply Co. Great Customer Service. Find the product you are looking for related to Health & Care. Thats the best deal. Which is the better mower? Hence, you dont have to clean it regularly. Available at The Home Depot Also available at Luckily Im in Colorado and we are still getting snow so I have some time. Our goal is to provide a professional experience for every sale. Furthermore, it has special back support so that you can feel comfortable while sitting. This mower uses a fuel-sipping single-cylinder engine that has plenty of power for weekly mowing. Hey Paul, So 2 quick question for you please: Normally, toro lawn mowers can last up to 10 years maximum. Striping. Toro Zero Turn mowers are well known for their reliability. Find the product you are looking for related to Automotive. The warranty requires the owner to register their warranty and fulfill their obligation on servicing and maintenance. The manufacturer's claimed horsepower for the engine. Hi Sasha, The 42 (107 cm) TimeCutter MyRIDE Zero Turn Mower (75747) is worth $700 more than the 42 (107 cm) TimeCutter Zero Turn Mower (75742) because of the extras you get. And you can rest easy knowing Toro stands behind its mowers with a 3-year unlimted hour residential warranty, plus 3-year, 300-hour commercial engine warranty. With Toro's 42" TimeCutter, you'll get real comfort and a stunning cut. When purchasing a high-ticket value item such as a zero-turn mower, build quality, reliability, and performance all play a vital role in determining the best products on the market. Similarly, the toro 75742 features a handcrafted seat. It's also a snap to control with Toro's Smart Speed Technology, which adjusts to your pace for easy maneuverability. Pro-level striping delivers a statement-making, neighbor-envying lawn, while redefining mowing in a powerful way. So the 2020 Gravely X-52 has the bigger wheels and a high back seat, but it is 3,399. Stay cool and hydrated with a built-in cup holder. Please read our affiliatesdisclosurepage to find out more. Mulching Engine. I talked to a dealer about the Gravely ZTX 52 compared to the Ariens Ikon XD 52 at Lowes, dealer said he believes the Arions is more equal to the Gravely HD which is a step up for less money, what are your thoughts between the two? Find the product you are looking for related to Pet Supplies. Find Your Local Dealer: Ariens Dealer Locator. Toro (7) Engine Power 22.5 HP (1) 23 HP (1) 24.5 HP (2) 26.0HP (5) Fuel Capacity 3 (1) 3 Gallons (4) 3.0 Gallons (2) 5 Gallon (6) Fuel Delivery System Carburetor (10) Fuel Type Gasoline (12) Starting System Electric Key Start (10) Drive Differential Lock Press the ignition switch and slightly push down the reset button located on the dash for 3-5 seconds. With 4 years warranty cover. There are a lot of inexpensive 42-inch zero-turns on the market but this is the only one with a fabricated deck. But like all chainsaws, with prolonged, Read More Husqvarna 550 XP Problems You Should Be Aware ofContinue, How much does peat moss cost? and stay safe during this craziness. Husqvarna 550 XP Problems You Should Be Aware of.

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