pirate kake pipe tobacco

an ?Arrrrrggggh!? Great job C&D! It gets better with a little age. I'm sure this has something to do with my humidifying skills, so I usually only buy a couple of ounces at a time. I always have a couple brownies of this laying around. Not much ups and downs and very few acidity. Im a latakia lover. Really three-dimensional. After the initial char, it takes to a match easily and produces good volumes of velvety textured smoke. It doesn't do anything that would keep me coming back to it. Nic dose is fairly low on this one, which surprised the heck out of me because the flavor is so over the top. I must say that I was surprised at the smoothness of this blend considering its very high latakia content. Rich, smooth, tasty. Highly recommended to quite and cold winter nights. The VA's may be lower in percentage, but they are first rate and their earthy sweetness are obvious. I love it! Five year forecasts of market trends and market growth. The smoke has zero bite and is full of flavor. I really do not smoke this straight, but I do enjoy adding this to many of the blends I enjoy that need an extra kick of Latakia. On opening the tin the aroma reminded me of a warm spring night next to the campfire. Do not be scared of the high Latakia content. Might not have the best flavour in the world by itself, but it is a very cool burning leaf. I had thought to contrast it with McClelland's Syrian Full Balkan (acknowledging differences between a ribbon vs. a pressed product). I'll order the third tin soon. I never really get a nic buzz from this. The smell in the tin is not very very strong. This is the Tactical Nuclear Penguin of pipe tobacco - a joke that probably belongs in a Mountain Dew commercial and not in polite company. But it's a very static single-note mixture. It's easy to rub out and smokes coolly. Love the pressed bricks that lie waiting in the can when it is opened. the 75% latakia will stomp you; like being taken prisoner by blackbeard himself. As was stated in my earlier review of a sample I did end up purchasing a couple tins of this. This is a fine smoke for a snowy winter night, I will be ordering up the one pound bag very soon, this one is a winner. The flavor and aroma don't have that intoxicating factor that blends like Nightcap or Constellation have. I'm then not particularly surprised that this cake burns nice and cool. Burns consistently once lit. Heavy in each puff but always controlled by the Burley and Orientals, the Latakia seemed almost like a mild perfume that the other two were wearing. Could replace G.L. After discovery, I probably only got about three bowls out of this. The smell when i first opened lid was a leather like, chemical vinyl type smell. I sit at work, thinking about smoking a bowl when I get home. Holy crap this stuff is intense. Nice and creamy latakia, indeed. But what does come as a surprise, even though this packs a heady punch of smokiness, there's still a small amount of room for the nutty Burley and woody Oriental's; the Burley more-so. Pirate Kake may best be utilized as a blending tobacco. I do not find it as strong as many other reviewers. PK provides a phenomenal five-star strength, a four-star room note, with a five-star taste. Smoked well with liquor, and savored slowly, it has properties that could easily gain 4 stars. I bought the English sampler of C&D, a came across this blend. It doesn't stay lit, requires constant tamping and seems to fall out with hot embers. Please don't buy it and then tell everyone it's crap. This is for those dirty pirates!!! Lots of power. I am a fan of Latakia and do not like a lot of spice. I could easily do back-to-back bowls of it, but I'm not a new smoker so YMMV. This is a cousin to the now defunct Old Ironsides . The Pirates won?t let you down. Smells like fine, sweet Latakia. You can even just pack the kake bits. in my cellar and check on it every few month for the mellowing I enjoyed on my 2012 earlier order. Brand: Cornell & Diehl Series: Sea Scoundrels Blended By: Cornell & Diehl Model: Pirate Kake Tobacco Type: Burley, Latakia & Oriental First mistake: too much Latakia. Kinda like the O Douls of pipe tobacco. I had smoked samples from friends and a small tin of this in the past but waited to review until I could get a pound to start on just to see consistency from tin to bulk. We all had the same conclusion that this pipe tobacco reminds one of a fine cigar. A very full bodied and strong blend not for the mild smoker. .faint musk of slaves, hmmm appetizing, I'd like to smoke me some o that. Pipe Used: Latakia dedicated briars mostly. After the room stopped swimming, and the tastebuds recovered, I tried it again in a smaller block. I rediscovered this blend over the weekend. Avast! Here in Brazil many confreres saying about this blend and i decided to try. Nice and flavorful smoke! Maybe not an all day smoke but a great choice if youre searching for a characterful, spicy but not too strong mixture. This is my favorite tobacco. I smoked a tin then I bought a pound. It smokes very cool with no bite whatsoever. This cake is Very smooth. Smoking this tobacco reminds me of eating foods that have been really heavily smoked. Yep this and star of the east are extremely delicious tobaccos. If you receive this confirmation repeatedly, you will need to enable cookies so that your response can be saved. Having said that, this tobacco is in no way an every-day smoke as it just doesn't have enough character to contemplate on. Let me say, up front, I'm a Latakia fan. Pipe Used: Peterson Donegal Rocky 01, MM bent apple diplomat, Purchased From: Habana Port Cigars, Metairie, LA. The Cavendish tries now and again, but about all it can seem to muster is to have a slight sweetening effect on the Latakia. If you love latakia this is for you. Too much latakia and not enough flavor for my tastes. This was the last of 21 new blends that I recently worked my way through. There is a dash of cavendish in there but just to smooth it a little. It is very moist. SmokingPipes.com It takes a few lights to get going (possibly my own fault) but, once its underway, it goes fine all on its own with minimal fuss and the flavor is latkia spicy creaminess that is very strong. Revised: This is especially good when one has spent a week away from home and latakia blends. I just started to smoke pipes, so you could say that I picked up this tin too fast. Ron Swanson. It says it has turkish and burley in there, but the turkish BARELY comes through, and the burley is buried. I could give four stars for the presentation; it's about the coolest cake I've ever seen, but since it is almost straight Latakia, detract a star. Upon opening a small sample given to me by father, I noted the sample was about as hard as concrete. I can see why some like this alot, and some who would never smoke it more than an initial bowl. The orientals make a nice showing with a nice spicy finnish. It doesn't bite me any, regardless of my technique, it's just a very comfortable smoke. I will be stocking up on this heavily. The older it gets, the saltier it gets. En toda la fumada el protagonista indiscutible es la latakia. Choose . After trying a few Latakia blends I thought I might be up to the task of trying this tobacco. Initially very smoky, somewhat sweet, very smooth, but ultimately uninteresting. What keeps this from being a total lat-bomb is the dry, mildly buttery sweet, woody, earthy, herbal, moderately spicy and floral, sour Turkish, which is noticeable in every puff. Being a lover of Penzance, this is just as satisfying and the best Taste was consistent. This is a lat lover's dream. The latter of which adds a nice nutty sweetness to the blend. Pressed plug, quite compressed, so I'm not sure I'd call it a kake, but still not as dense and fine as a traditional English plug. After a couple of minutes of gentle drawing my mouth became very dry and so I put the pipe down and went back into my house to get a glass of home vinted pear wine -slightly sweet - to quench the fire. Latakia in capital letters, but smooth, evenly burning, never to harsh. I am really starting to sound old (58). Tin of 50 Grams. Pipe Used: A bunch because it's a go to blend for me. It is a very different taste from what I normally go for (I tend to like those hideous 'soapy' tobaccos from over the pond) but not something I believe is for me. One of my favorites. This stuff is, well, out of line. Once you are habituated to it, you are pleasantly surprised from time to time by the sweetness that comes through, possibly as an artifact of your palate adjusting to the overwhelming flavor of the Latakia. :), Now, being serious, while it is indeed very smoky, the leathery taste is also there, which is very very interesting. Don't know what made me think to do this but I loved it, there, in the background. Tobacco. After a few puffs on this, I'm bored. I was not expecting to like this as much as I did. Very pleasant smoke Great flavor. This is the ultimate Lat-Bomb. It was my first experience with tobacco in this form as well. got two tins just in time I also consider in the same level of quality as classics: 965, Dunhill Standard Mixture ad Presbyterian. Ive stocked u p on this so i can get the aged/cured effect!! Pease balkans I smoke like abingdon, kensington, caravan, and so on. It still made my tongue slightly numb, but then so does a shot of Mezcal, and I don't avoid that spirit. If you . Still great within its genre.however, and a big however it is, it tends to get overwhelming and is almost too much of a great thing. And, I almost prefer this one, DaVinci's flavor profile is more complex compared to Pirate Kake. I was able to sample this wonderful latakia nougat bar at the recent Chicago Pipe Show. It is obviously dark from the 75% Latakia, but the lighter Burley, and the Turkish can be seen well mixed in. (how many times did I say smoky so far? I enjoyed it immensely and it really fed the itch for something different. One dimensional taste. It was rare for me to pick out anything but the lat. Since in bulk I broke it into three big pieces and put it in a mason jar. The nose of the bag is prodigiously Latakia. Delicious and not overbearing although it is heavier than most other blends, and it should be, because thats w hat it was blended to be. Right next to SPC Mississippi River and Plum Pudding. I'm not quite ready to stock up on this one, but I will certainly buy more in the future. I bought a 1/2 lb of this product mail-order w/o first tasting it, based on its description and its reputation in latakia-addict circles. Yowza!!! A hack I do with cake when loading the bowl is use a good ribbon cut as the first pinch. This is a lovely lat-bomb. Sometimes I find myself puffing like a freight train, I just cannot get enough of this blend in one bowl! The overall effect is very good, similar to and in my opinion better than Mississippi River. Ex cigar smokers might enjoy this more than not. I've just ordered a bunch online and my point is, that like peaty scotch, this is an acquired taste. Definitely a blen d I refuse to ever run out of. Minimal relights. Wow, this is heavy in Latakia. From char to dregs lots of nice smooth, smoky latakia flavor with hints of minor components at times. It's just too much of it to the point of making it monochromatic. After packing the bowl, once you give a deep smell to your fingers, you'll get the point. For instance, theres plenty, and I mean plenty of dark lush tasting latakia leaf here. The quality of the leaf is good, as are all C&D blends that I have had. This is a smooth, robust tobacco, with awesome smokey , and nutty, and woody tastes. Otherwise a lovely tobacco and well worth a try for anyone who likes Latakia and definitely a tobacco you can use to put a bit of latakia in another DiY home blend or similar. The closest an honest gentleman can get to smoking straight Latakia. I first tried this in a Ser Jacapo LB Maxima Maxima. Easy stuff and no problems getting it lit. FREE Shipping on Orders of $95+ (Continental USA) | Yes, we ship Worldwide . Also, clean the pipe after each use, as this stuff will lead a silty residue. Thick and creamy with a bit if a sweet perfume-esque flavor to it. It got more pleasant towards the end of the bowl but the overall 'smokey' taste just seemed to dominate this blend. Free Shipping Smoked in Dunhill Shell Briar (5109) 2004. It's pretty impressive. Peterson Savinelli Rossi. This may truly be thee fynest treasure in the seven seas!! It strikes me that this is a good blend to build off of and I'll report back when I do but for now it's just lacks the depth to be interesting. Each breath of the smoke leads me on. sigh. It looked so strong and foreboding in the pouch that I refrained from whittlin' a chunk for quite some time. Islay malt scotch and rose water, as in a smokey, brine, iodine, perfume, incense sort of way. The smoke from the Pirates Kake draws me in. It is wonderfully and potently fragrant, it's smooth and rarely bites, and it is easy to acquire. When you open this tin your instantly brought around the campfire just an awesome smokeyness! A C&D pressed tobacco, it rubs and packs easily. I find it starts to mellow out a little after six months so I keep a stock on hand for aging. Cornell & Diehl Pirate Kake Premium Pipe Tobacco. This is the first latakia blend that i try, and i'm lucky this be the first and my favorite blend. The kake breaks apart really easily. Smooth, spicy, with some of the thickest, whitest smoke I have seen. This stuff, (yes stuff is the right word) is just plain brutal. Lucky me! The room note though, will send some running for the door. The flavor is largely latakia, but not one dimensional, as Old Ironsides is, for me. The Burley just donates body and rounds up the mixture. Older and wiser (temperature baby!) On the other hand if you like heavy Latakia blends then this may be for you. During the smoke this left a sweet, rich, smoky aftertaste and after the smoke the same aftertaste that was pleasant for over an hour. Haharrrrr!! Once you puff it very slow it will reveal beautiful oriental spices - peppery cardamom and pine needles - never overpowered and with a nice complexity. #1. If you want to try this stuff, you should probably put some away for a few years so you can compare the aged stuff to the fresh. I expected the Latakia to be overwhelming, but surprisingly its not. Pirate Kake is good for what it is but the other tobaccos add nothing.Good blend but will not be buying any more its just a bit too far out there. It takes a bit of patience to light, but once it gets going it lasts for a very long time. An after dinner smoke for me. Not an everyday smoke, but a great cold weather pleasure, to mix up the rotation. All the devotion to Nightcap ought to be transferred to PK, because this is what a deep,rich English ought to taste like. Blackbeard at his best!!!!! Tastes great up front, but once you get past the half way point of the bowl the flavor changes and not for the better. The blend becomes so smooth that it's almost like smoking nothing. I have not had the need to dry mine out and it smokes exceptionally cooly and dryly. It was very nice from start to finish. Hermit Tobacco Works Co. - Captain Earle's - Ten Russians, Dan Tobacco - Old Ironsides (American History Mixtures). It brings back good memories. Full taste. These traits usually go a long way towards making for an excellent tobacco mixture, but Pirate Kake just doesnt quite do it for me. Like most lat-bombs the nicotine isn't noticeable at all, but the flavor is huge. Flavor - Yep, that's latakia! It lights easily and stays lit. I am on my second tin now. It still took a fair amount of relights to get it going each time. The aroma is immense, the taste surreal. So many of me maties have given a good review - I'll squander no more of yer time. So, I sat back down and enjoyed the rest of the bowl! I was actually searching for this kind of tobacco for a long time. It is a good blend but could be better if it were 50% latakia, 30% matured Virginias and 20% orientals, in my humble opinion. You may want to get a small amount to try it before you go bulk. Pirate kake in the little devil cob this morning. Indeed most of the tobacco is black, just a little bit of gold leaves. This is Lat strong, so if you don't like Latakia, take a pass. I took the advice from one of the other commenters on this page and decided to spruce it up with some rum. Takes a light well and burns with few relights. Certo per fumatori che come me adorano il Latakia lappagamento pieno, la qualit della materia prima indubbia, ma manca sulla variazione tipica di altre EM della ditta (ad esempio Star of the East), piatto e mono-tono, non assume carattere e larmonia. As you progress, the burley makes its presence felt with a note that reminds of baking bread and rounds the harsh edges of the licorice-like (in looks and taste) black weed. Any pipe tobacco shipped to a New York State address will be subject to the applicable state imposed excise tax (75% over the wholesale . I do enjoy a good English, and one with a good balance of Latakia. PCALHO. bomb. This is a niche tobacco for latlovers. Non emergono gli orientali, meno che meno il Burley. bomb! PK has the reputation for being a Lat bomb, but it is actually a nice and smooth smoke. I have just finished my first tin of Pirate Kake, and feel like I'm in love! Slow and careful smoking, as noted, will reveal a more complex flavor character than is on the surface. It was more pleasant than I expected. It's still a strong smoke, it's just got a fairly mild flavor. Okay, Have you every chewed on a bit of boot leather? Be aware of not have any other EM in your rotation bc this is the kind of tobacco thats affect your taste for ages, after a few bowls of PK you cannot feel any latakia in other mixtures. Upon lighting, I was pleasantly surprised. It must be sipped , that way you bring in the Turkish as a minor player next to the Latakia. I would leave it for an end of the evening smoke. I could not cut this with my fairly substantial pocketknife, only whittle on it, just like a hunk of decking. Pirate Kake delivers a whopping dollop of 75% Latakia in the blend. I smoked some the next day and I noted that it smelled similar to being in smokehouse. The pirates have commandeered and taken up residence in my pipe. I love Latakia. It may be strong enough that you might want to store it in the garage so it does not influence your tobacco collection. Unlike Cornell and Diehls Tuggle Hall which you have to keep re-stuffing back in there. Is what this blend is all about. Great work C and D. With the description of a 75% Latakia blend, I expected this tobacco to be nothing but the dark leaf and put off ordering it for a long time. I would recommend letting it dry for perhaps twenty minutes after breaking it up as the bars can be very moist. FREE Shipping on all US orders over $95 | When Will My Package Ship? Yes, it is for the latakia affectionato but there is so much else going on in this one. I tend to like latakia in moderate doses. Another winner from C&D. Overall: This is for those who love Latakia, but want something that brings the best out of that fine leaf. I like latakia as a condiment, even sometimes as a chief component take HH Latakia Flake for example but this stuff is just disgusting. The burley and orientals are lost in the sea of Latakia, but I suppose they temper that robust smoke to remind you that you arent smoking a bowl of str aight Latakia. SO GOOD! Pirate Kake 2oz Tin. I once bought a Dolly Parton record on the same basis, so my shallowness is not new. 2000-2023 Laudisi Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved. I give this a 3.8 out of 4 stars and it gets rounded up to 4 stars for when I turned on my ceiling fan and as I watched the smoke roll out the windows I couldn't help but laugh .Har, Har, Har. if I had close neighbors what would they think? Here I am smoking this blend out of a Nording 2008 woodcock, sitting in my office reflecting on past bird hunting excursions and dreaming about the seasons ahead. Viene con cierta humedad, as que despus de desmenuzar hay que dejarlo un buen rato para que se oxigene y adquiera el punto ptimo. The cakes are easy to break apart and rub out nicely. This blend is one for the manly men and only to be enjoyed amongst other Latakia lovers. The Cavendish doesn't moderate this blend at all, and the Turkish is AWOL. Not much to say beyond that. This is a nice cake, black in appearance, smelled smokey and robust. Really like the piece I have come up with for this one. Not an all day smoke, but a must try for the latakia/english lovers. It gets one dimensional thru the bowl, in that Latakia dominates the experience and ultimately numbs the senses too much. 4 stars if you like lots of manly Latakia, 1 star if not. I realized I needed to take this sample and let it sit overnight with a damp towel over a bowl. The smoke ripples out of the bowl upon that first light, thick and velvety, so gray that it's almost blue, and the palate is hit with a blast of latakia that some may find overwhelming, but others such as myself simply surrender to. A strong Latakia tobacco is what I expected and that's exactly what I got, so no complaints. I got a sample from a friend and was very grateful, but I wont be purchasing any of this, just not something I would not smoke often at all. Makes a great change of pace for someone looking for something to enjoy while doing something else. My sample is from 1995 or 1996 and was stored until 2001 without adequate moisture control. Recommended. Put down the 1-Q, step out of the candy aisle of the tobacco world, and enjoy a truly flavorful tobacco. It was around 1999 and I had not been long into pipe smoking. I just pull it apart, load and light. Packing and Lighting: It can be time consuming to crumble, but you must, or this will not light well. To give it a fare test, I smoked Pirate Kake for almost a week. A drawback for me is the frequent relights, even with a dried tobacco. Well this is not one of them. Surprisingly to me with such a stated high content of Latakia, mild enough to start at day break and end the evening winds. I am a huge English fan and I have smoked most of the unicorns. You're going to want to take it slow at first with this blend. It might need a relight or two. . Yo-ho Latakia La Bamba! Who would you recommend it? Where to Buy I know, "BLASPHEME!" Mainly because it had to do with pirate. Awash in Latakia! I've been perfectly happy smoking it consistently and plan on getting lots more. The scent from the open bag makes promises that are kept. I love latakia. Compared to other Latakia-rich mixtures, I found Pirate Kake to be a flavorful yet monochromatic smoke. Final thoughts: if you get bored with all the medium strength english blends, and want something a little stronger tasting then pick some of this up and throw it in your rotation for the nights when you feel you just need something extra. On lighting the Latakia hits wonderfully. Beautiful Latikia Kake. If you're a pipe enthusiast looking for a show to listen to on the go or while you're kicking back enjoying a bowl, this is definitely the place for you. That being said, this stuff is good enough to drive to the next state to enjoy. The flavor is fairly monotone, and limited to the Latakia. Whenever I've had non-aromatics, I've felt like they've tasted like a combination of BBQ sauce and soap, and this wasn't much different.

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