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"He pulls out a 9mm Glock and points it at her. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Prosecutors claimed Ricardo confronted his wife earlier that day, on August 31, 2016, about having an extramarital affair after seeing social media exchanges between her and the lover. That's what Assistant State's Attorney Emma Goerlich told the 12 members of the jury. On 05/21/2019 Ricardo Constantino Muscolino was filed as a Bankruptcy - Chapter 7 lawsuit. He shot at her five times; four shots struck her with one fatally wounding the 48-year-old nurse and part-time ghost hunter. One is shot dead and the other comes out alive, she said. According to reports, Ricardo shot his wife, Lara, a 48-year-old nurse and mother-of-three daughters, after learning about her extramarital affair. However, she succumbed to her injuries the following morning. If you do not agree with these terms, then do not use our website and/or services. Ricardo Muscolino, 56, was sentenced to 50 years in prison after being found guilty of two charges in connection to the August 2016 shooting death of his wife, Lara Muscolino. View personal, professional, and Dating reviews for Ricardo. The family seemed to have a perfect life, and they lived in Fallston, Maryland. Then we dont know after that, Ravenell said. Look at Muscolinos character, Ravenell said. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. I am confident you will find the defendant guilty of first-degree murder.. She feels like justice has been served, as long as he stays in jail. There wasnt any domestic violence that we know of, other than she was killed that way, she said. Thats the worry for anybody in that situation, that he gets out, and I hope that never happens, Crockett said. This section can be locked, requiring permission to Muscolino was found guilty Nov. 2 by a Harford County jury of fatally shooting his wife on Aug. 31, 2016, hours after finding out from his oldest daughter that his wife was having an affair,. The case status is Pending - Other Pending. The defense will also show that if anyone should have been fearful in the relationship, it was Muscolino of his wife, "because in 1999, she pulled a handgun on him," Ravenell said. Daily highlights from Harford County's number one source for local news. woman has hands and feet amputated after covid vaccine. 2023 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. In November 2017, Ricardo was convicted of second-degree murder and the use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. government sources. A suspect is in custody following a domestic related shooting that occurred Wednesday night in Fallston. Powered by WordPress.com VIP. RICARDO C. MUSCOLINO v. STATE OF MARYLAND, Video Series: Off the Record with Sloane Brown, YOUR CALIFORNIA PRIVACY RIGHTS/PRIVACY POLICY, Amazon pauses construction on second headquarters in Virginia, Anne Arundel health officer Kaylanaraman moves to state level, St. Marys College gets $1M for aquatic lab renovation, Montgomery County lawyer indefinitely suspended for obstructive conduct in divorce case, Md. Judge Yolanda Curtinis presiding over the murder trial of Ricardo Muscolino in Harford County this week. Shortly after the gunshots, Ricardo headed out of the bedroom and then out of the house, at which point he called 911. From the time he went into the bedroom until police arrived no one went in the bedroom, she said. Be the first one to comment on this story. people learn more about others, just like Yelp does for It kind of made me want to puke, its just so hard to see again. charlie benante' house; did julia child have scoliosis; cheesy old fashioned goulash; peter thiel matt danzeisen daughter; is melanie stansbury married; tony stark death and funeral; bed bath and beyond oxo $10 gift card Ricardo Constantino Muscolino Case Summary On 03/27/2019 Ricardo Constantino Muscolino was filed as a Bankruptcy - Chapter 7 lawsuit. And thats OK, Zoe Crockett, her daughter, added. "He's a multi-millionaire.". He would only be eligible for parole after serving at least 50% of his sentence. Ricardo C Muscolino 17450 Macduff Ave Posted by The Haunted Librarian in Domestic Violence, Uncategorized, domestic violence in the paranormal community, justice for lara, lara crockett muscolino, maryland ghost trackers. For news of the verdict, follow www.theaegis.com. They cited the challenges to the states case that he had presented during the trial, with one woman telling Murphy, you gave us a lot to think about.. Ricardo will die in jail. Record ID: 44245947. The three girls were at home at the time but were fortunately unharmed. At the end, it came down to the five shots Muscolino was accused of firing that killed his wife, according to the jurors. He had the time. Name: Ricardo C Muscolino, Phone number: (410) 941-5128, State: DC, City: Washington, Zip Code: 20001 and more information After deliberating more than five hours, a jury convicted Ricardo Muscolino, of Fallston, Thursday evening of second degree murder in the shooting death of his wife. Well, weve got you covered. Lara was hit 4 times. In handing down her sentence, Hartford (MD) County Circuit Judge Yolanda Curtin noted how Ricardo, a trained critical care nurse, fled the scene, refusing to lend care and possibly save Lara. After the bedroom door was closed, the video recorded some yelling. She was taken to Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, where she died the next morning from her injuries. To ensure Lara wouldnt have an affair again, she said. Brooks addressed the defense argument that no one knows what happened inside the couples bedroom. From the Harford County Sheriff's Office: UPDATE: Ricardo Muscolino charged with 1st Degree Murder, 2nd Degree Murder, Assault 1st Degree, and Use of Firearm in Commission of a Felony. Click the button "Get more info" on the search results you want more info about. Police said five shots were fired, four of them hit Lara Muscolino, she said. MyLife aggregates publicly available information from government, social, and other sources, plus personal reviews written by others. The courtroom proceedings lasted less than 10 minutes after the jury returned shortly after 8:50 p.m. Thursday. Those things dont matter, Goerlich said. (MATT BUTTON/AEGIS FILE 2015). Lara Muscolino was taken to Johns Hopkins Bayview Hospital in Baltimore, where she died eight hours after being shot, Goerlich said. After deliberating more than five hours, the eight-woman, four-man Harford County Circuit Court jury returned a not-guilty verdict on the first-degree murder charge, but guilty on second-degree murder and use of a handgun in a felony, according to Assistant States Attorney Emma Goerlich, who prosecuted the case with Deputy States Attorney Diana Brooks. !. On August 31, 2016, the authorities responded to the Muscolino residence after receiving a 911 call at around 11:38 pm. Ricardo Muscolino was angry his wife cheated on him that's why he shot and killed her on Aug. 31, 2016. He was found not guilty of first-degree murder. Ravenell said there is no reason why he wouldnt appear for further court proceedings. "Her first thought was that her dad shot her mom," Goerlich said. Check Full Reputation Profile Camelbak Hydration Pack, Unique Fruit And Vegetable Seeds, Filson Tote Bag With Zipper Navy, Best Graphics Card For Adobe Premiere Pro, Kd Transition Sunglasses, Kiss Lash Couture Faux Mink - Jubilee, Do Jimmy Choo Boots Run Small, He was convicted on two charges and handed a penalty of 50 years of prison time. "That seems like a tough price to pay for a brief affair she had.". The defense argued that Ricardo was not a violent man and claimed that the couple had previously separated in 2012, and that was because Lara had cheated back then. Background Check - Available. "That was his mindset on Aug. 31, 2016," he said. Investigation revealed that just hours before the shooting, Ricardo had learned that Lara was having an affair. Ricardo Muscolino 1916 Suwanee Valley Rd Lawrenceville, GA 30043. But the jury ruled that Ricardo was guilty. He was sentenced to a total of fifty years in prison. He was found not guilty of first-degree murder. Lara Muscolinos sister, Tonya Crockett, addressed the court during Ricardo's sentencing, alleging how his actions crushed their family and lives. Navigation Menu. Lara Muscolinos sister, Tanya Crockett, of Anne Arundel County, and her 18-year-old niece, Zoe, were among the small group of spectators in the courtroom. UniCourt uses cookies to improve your online experience, for more information please see our Privacy Policy. Lara was heard begging for the gun not to be pointed at her, and then she was heard screaming for Vivian. Who testifies she was sleeping? ricardo muscolino house. Find out. | . In the Fatal Vows episode, Crockett, who lives in Pasadena, recounts the relationship and the day she found out her sister had died. In the house, they found Lara shot dead in the master bedroom. Subscribers to Maryland Family Law Update can access the digital edition archive. Last Friday, her husband, Ricardo Muscolino, age 54, was sentenced to 50 years for murdering Lara. Ricardo Muscolino 6 Brown Cone Garth Nottingham, MD 21236 Age 61 (Born Nov 1961) (410) 882-1234. According to reports, the mother-of-three was found wounded in bed and was allegedly shot five times, out of which four bullets hit her in the upper body. But his scheming eventually drives Lara into the arms of another man with explosive results. He wasnt angry, Ravenell said. Its been nearly two years since Ricardo Muscolino shot his wife, Lara, in the bedroom of their Fallston home, and nearly six months since he was sentenced to 50 years in jail for killing her. Cancellation and Refund Policy, Privacy Policy, and Following Lara's death, her husband was eventually charged in connection with the murder after surveillance footage was used to implicate him. She still thinks about her sister every day. He came to the United States when he was 16 and established several businesses. People dont realize how prevalent domestic abuse is. President at Critical Care Professionals INC is presently Ricardo's occupation. He is appealing the conviction. A few seconds later, 'Stop it Ricardo,'" Goerlich said. (Baltimore Sun Media Group file). Police learned that Ricardo Muscolino had made the 911 call initially, asking the police to get to his residence, but he didnt mention why. Please logout and login again. Ricardo Muscolino is (or was recently) an inmate currently at the Harford County Detention Center, located in Bel Air,MD. The defendant, who was wearing a dark gray suit, stood as two Harford County Sheriffs Office deputies handcuffed him and led him out of the courtroom. This third-party data is then indexed through methods similar to those used by Google or Bing to create a listing. 2022 Beckoning-cat.com. The episode, for which Crockett was interviewed, also features interviews with Harford County Sheriffs Office detectives and Assistant States Attorney Emma Goerlich, who prosecuted the case in which a jury, on Nov. 2, 2017, found Ricardo Muscolino found guilty of second-degree murder and use of a handgun in commission of a felony. It has been renamed Domestic Violence Awareness: In Memory of Lara Crockett Muscolino, and Crockett shares information about upcoming events like a statewide domestic violence conference as well as statistics on domestic violence, tips to recognize an abuser and other awareness information. December 18, 2020, Criminal procedure Motion to suppress evidence Surveillance camera, Following a nine-day jury trial in the Circuit Court for Harford County, Ricardo Muscolino, appellant, was convicted of the second-degree murder of his wife, Lara Muscolino, and of a handgun charge related to that crime. In it, Ricardo was seen coming back home with Vivian at around 11 pm. He went in, closed the door and tried to have a conversation with his wife about her infidelity. Ricardo Muscolino was angry his wife cheated on him that's why he shot and killed her on Aug. 31, 2016. Brooks showed the portion of the video from the surveillance camera in the house from the time Muscolino goes into the bedroom until he leaves the house. The paranormal community reeled with their deaths. She also noted he showed no mercy., Indeed, Ricardo let his attorney speak for him. Subscribers to The Daily Record can access the digital edition archive. The defense also drew attention to the fact that Ricardo was a loving and caring father with no prior history of such behavior. Seconds after the shots are fired, he leaves the bedroom, goes downstairs and out of the house. Seconds later, 5 gunshots rang out. Kenneth Ravenell, part of Muscolino's defense team of four lawyers, said there's another side to the story. The surveillance footage showed the man entering the house on the night of the shooting and heading upstairs toward the bedrooms. Thats what I ask you to do. businesses, and does affect the Reputation Score. Tanya Crockett said she was not surprised by the jurys findings. For more information, please review Public Data Digger Terms of Use. michael sandel justice course syllabus. Either he told her or she just knew, because hed been pointing the gun at her. If you do that I am convinced you can only reach one verdict.. Vivian also called 911 and reported gunshots in her house. Find 1 person named Ricardo Muscolino along with free Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok profiles on PeekYou - true people search. Lara Muscolino was shot to death by her husband, Ricardo, in their home on Windswept Court in Fallston on Aug. 31, 2017. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Mr. Muscolino presents four questions . Micah Muscolino is a leading expert on the environmental history of modern China. But we did. What it didnt include was the portion of the video between Muscolino going up and coming down, when there was no visible action, only the sound of five gunshots. He has written books on the environmental history of China's fishing industry and the ecological impact of World War II in China, as well as numerous articles on maritime connections between China and Taiwan, territorial disputes in the South China Sea and the history of water and soil conservation in Northwest . This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. The house wasn't properly secured after detectives' initial investigation, which compromised the crime scene, he said. One hit her arm and went up to her chin, suggesting she was in a defensive position. domestic violence in the paranormal community, https://www.facebook.com/justiceforlaracrockettmuscolino/. 43min. Other names that Ricardo uses includes Ricardo Constantino Muscolino, Ricardo C Musculino, Ricardo C Muscolino, Ricardo C Moscolino and Constantino M Muscolino. "If you require proof and not speculation, they still will not prove to you the crimes charged.". He's ambitious and sets about creating a rich life for them and she's happy to go along. Judge Curtin sentenced Ricardo to 30 years on the 2nd degree murder conviction and 20 years for using a firearm in the commission of a felony. He is appealing the conviction. When he was with his daughter at Starbucks, Muscolino told her that he would talk to his wife the next day and contact a lawyer and get a divorce, Ravenell said. below. "Nothing in his history would lead you to believe he would in cold blood kill her over adultery," Ravenell said. On the way for St Albans investigation tonight! to see possible education history including where and when they attending high school and college, and a complete list of his high school class list. Attorney William Murphy, Jr. stated, Hes had a chance to pray and hes extraordinarily sad about the consequences of that night., Sad does not capture anything remotely close to what Laras family has gone through. By clicking Accept, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. "At the end, I hope you will find him guilty of murder.". The verdict wrapped up the trial before Judge Yolanda Curtin. ; dear daughter of Darryl and Evchen Crockett. That the dog was lying in Lara Muscolinos blood, that a shell casing was found in the bed, that the fifth casing and video surveillance werent found until the house was searched a second time on Sept. 9, 2016, that they didnt find a third gun, if Lara Muscolino was awake or sleeping when her husband walked in. Tanya said, when she heard her sister had been killed, her first thought was that Ricardo had something to do with it.. View court, arrest, criminal/conviction Muscolino and daughter Vivian went to Starbucks in White Marsh, where they talked about Lara Muscolino's affair and Muscolino "pored over" her Facebook messages, Goerlich said. It was not expected. ", Harford Countys Choose Civility campaign kicked off with a breakfast event at the Waters Edge Events Center in Belcamp on Wednesday. Ricardo was found guilty and sentenced to 50 years in prison. The latter was fatally shot four times at her home in Windswept Court in Fallston, Maryland. Following a nine-day jury trial in the Circuit Court for Harford County, Ricardo Muscolino, appellant, was convicted of the second-degree murder of his wife, Lara Muscolino, and of a handgun charge related to that crime. More purchase options. The video, which was played for the jury that convicted Ricardo Muscolino, shows Muscolino coming into the couples home, going upstairs and later coming back down. Something happened to make him not care. Love Gone Bankrupt. While the prosecutors painted Muscolino as a calculated, determined man intent on killing his wife, Muscolino has no history of violence, Ravenell said. More than two dozen police officers were in the house and the fifth shell casing was found until more than a week after the shooting, the same time police recovered the video cameras they missed the first time. Ricardo Muscolino was subsequently charged with first-degree murder and the use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence. Cases involving Chapter 7 bankruptcy petitions for restructuring individual and business debtors (corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, etc.). But we know he was controlling in other ways and had made threats to her about her life being miserable if she left him.. The medical examiner was expected to take the stand Wednesday afternoon. ricardo muscolino house ricardo muscolino house. Ricardo Muscolino's trial started in October 2017. Lara was well known in the paranormal community. That's what Assistant State's Attorney Emma Goerlich told the 12 members of the jury hearing the case against Muscolino in Harford County Circuit Court on Wednesday. Ricardo Muscolino had learned hours earlier his wife was having an affair, she said. "Ricardo Muscolino just couldn't take that she was having an affair, that she was cheating on him, so he killed her," Goerlich said. Ricardo Muscolino Addresses 872 GLOUCHESTER ST BOCA RATON, FL 33487 2303 WINDSWEPT CT FALLSTON, MD 21047 1298 SW 17TH ST BOCA RATON, FL 33486 SEARCH REPORTS Voter Registration Friday, December 6, 2013 Name First:RICARDO Middle:CONSTANTINO Last:MUSCOLINO Suffix: BirthDate:11/18/1961 Gender:Female Home Address As the anniversary of the murder approaches, the television show Fatal Vows on the cable channel Investigation Discovery is sparking renewed interest in the case. They are required to prove the things they say, not speculate," Ravenell said. If you are wishing to visit, the visitation hours are limited by the security level of the facility; please call 410-638-3140 to get the latest updates on the visiting application requirements as they change without notice. These cookies do not store any personal information. Public Records Policy. Over 10 million people per year are abused. After being acquitted of a first-degree murder charge, he was convicted of second-degree murder and the use of a firearm to commit a felony. (MATT BUTTON/THE. Ricardo Muscolino allegedly confronted Lara earlier that day about having an extramarital affair. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Goerlich said the state could call its last witness Monday. He could have told police he was trying to defend himself when the shots were fired, could have mentioned it in the recorded conversations from the jail with his friend. Be the first one to comment on this story. He was acquitted of a first-degree murder charge and was sentenced to 30 years in prison for murder and 20 years in prison for possession of a firearm. Just another site And to see the pictures of her with him, that was hard.. Because Mrs. Muscolino saw those gunshots coming, Brooks said. Do Not Sell/Share My Personal Information. The gun was found under a pillow inside a laundry hamper in the bedroom. To spread awareness about domestic violence and its dangers, Crockett has transformed a Facebook page previously dedicated to updates on Laras case into a resource for domestic violence victims. According to national statistics, 20 people per minute are abused by Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). Debby had left Mark after suffering years of physical abuse. He wanted her to be afraid, to suffer, to terrorize her. If somebody hits you once time and apologizes, that doesnt mean its never going to happen again, Crockett said. Laras sister Tanya was present along with other family members during the sentencing phase. Like the fact that Lara Muscolino did not go with her husband and three daughters on their recent trip to their house in Florida. Who's Searching for You, Relatives, Associates, Neighbors & Classmates, Court records found on Ricardo's Background, Lawsuits, Liens or Bankruptcies found on Ricardo's records, Lawsuits, Liens, Bankruptcies & sex offender status for Ricardo Muscolino. On the afternoon of Aug. 31, 2016, Ricardo Muscolino found out from his daughters Vivian and Shelby, 15 and 14 at the time, that his 48-year-old wife was having an affair. Brooks declined, telling the judge the state needs time before presenting its case for sentencing. On August 31, 2016, with their three daughters in the house, Ricardo gunned down Lara in a fit of rage. We wanted to change it, to honor her.. Lara Muscolino was shot to death by her husband, Ricardo, in their home on Windswept Court in Fallston on Aug. 31, 2017. After deliberating more than five hours, a jury convicted Ricardo Muscolino, of Fallston, Thursday evening of second degree murder in the shooting death of his wife. Weve all been given a life sentence in some way, and I hope you give him the maximum sentence and he never gets out of jail in his lifetime.. . The girls were all minor teens when tragedy struck the family. Everything. Case Details Parties . View Ricardo Muscolino's record in Washington, DC including current phone number, address, relatives, background check report, and property record with Whitepages. We will always be mourning who we were before all this happened. An upcoming episode of Fatal Vows on ID will further delve into the unusual murder case and Ricardo Muscolino's conviction, which was made possible after authorities were handed over a surveillance video that implicated him. Ricardo is now married. Maryland Ghost Tracker's Lara Muscolino, who was an avid ghost hunter and gave presentations about paranormal investigations, was shot and killed by her husband, Ricardo Muscolino. michael sandel justice course syllabus. By: Daily Record Staff We did hear some of what happened. ricardo muscolino house ricardo muscolino house. Judge Yolanda Curtinis presiding over the murder trial of Ricardo Muscolino in Harford County this week. Both sentences were to be served consecutively. Hes a peaceful man who doesnt have a violent history. President at Critical Care Professionals INC, See "The incident Aug. 31, 2016 is more than just about that crime. She keeps a picture of Lara on her desk at work and has other pictures at home. Finally, one place to get all the court documents we need. Lara Muscolino, 48, was found shot several times when first responders arrived at the crime scene, who administered first aid until the Fallston Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Company transported the victim to Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center. We use cookies to personalize & enhance your experience. The latter was. Who's Searching for You, Look Your Best to People Searching for You. Now, the question of who shot and killed Lara was not in dispute. Did he stop to see how she was doing, try her pulse? Brooks asked. Thats how self-centered he was and only thinking about himself when he made that 911 call.. Record ID: 44245926. We are pleased, she said in a text message. Vivian, their eldest daughter, had logged onto Laras computer and had come across messages on Facebook between her mother and another man. The episode details the history of the Muscolinos relationship, their financial troubles and how one of the couples three daughters discovered her mothers affair and told her father. Ricardo Muscolino, 56, faces up to 50 years in prison for killing his wife, Lara Muscolino, who was 48 when she was fatally shot in the master bedroom of couple's Fallston home on the evening. Youre the ones to determine what justice is., In her rebuttal argument to the defense, Goerlich said the things Ravenell spoke about dont matter.. This case was filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Courts, Maryland Bankruptcy. Sadly, domestic violence affects every demographic and income bracket in Americaeven the paranormal community. Ricardo Muscolino, 54, also of the 2300 block of Windswept Court, turned himself in at the residence and was detained pending further investigation, according to the sheriff's office. And in 1998, before they were married, Muscolino sued his soon-to-be-wife in civil court over a money dispute. All this was his way for making her pay and torturing her.. The official synopsis of the episode, titled Behind Closed Doors, reads: On August 31, 2016, at around 11:38 pm, first responders arrived at the Muscolino family's house on Windswept Court in Fallston, Maryland, where Lara, a mother-of-three, was discovered in bed with four fatal gunshot wounds to the upper body. Ricardo Muscolino was convicted of second-degree murder in November 2017 and sentenced to 50 years in prison. Navigation Menu The shooting itself was reenacted for the show. She mentioned that Ricardo had just found out about the affair. Sadly, domestic violence affects every demographic and income bracket in Americaeven the paranormal community. shooting in sahuarita arizona; traduction saturn sleeping at last; is bachendorff a good brand; One in 3 women and 1 in 20 men are murder victims. Wondering what exactly happened? Defense lawyer Kenneth Ravenell had argued that the state cant prove what happened in that bedroom. Weve all been given a life sentence in some way, and I hope you give him the maximum sentence. As per prison records, Ricardo remains incarcerated at Roxbury Correctional Institution in Hagerstown, Maryland. The shell casing, he said, was found under the bed where investigators had found an empty gun box. The gun was found in the hamper in the bedroom under a pillow. After the verdict was announced, Muscolino, 55, who is facing up to 50 years in jail, was taken into police custody, Goerlich said. watford town hall vaccination centre contact. Lara Muscolino was shot to death by her husband, Ricardo, in their home on Windswept Court in Fallston on Aug. 31, 2017. After leaving the house, Ricardo called 911, informing them about the shooting incident, and later turned himself in. The Crocketts also hugged and thanked several jurors outside the courtroom. Tonya Crockett is assembling stories to share with Laras daughters. Officials had previously overlooked the camera during the investigation. Previous to Ricardo's current city of Parkville, MD, Ricardo Muscolino lived in Baltimore MD, Nottingham MD and Boca Raton FL. So when the prosecutors suggest Muscolino killed his wife out of anger, his actions show differently. When he called 911, why didnt he tell them what happened? The jurors could see on the video his movements when he got home shortly before 11 p.m. the night of the murder were lackadaisical.. death spawn osrs. He didn't storm home, run up the stairs to confront his wife, Ravenell said. Ricardo Muscolino allegedly confronted Lara earlier that day about having an extramarital affair. Image Credit: Lara's Family/Dignity Memorial. Every time you see her face its become more normal to see her face in a picture, Crockett said. So the police had to figure out why that happened. Crockett said Tuesday that while Lara may not have suffered from physical abuse during her marriage, she certainly suffered mental abuse. Ravenell told the jury its in their hands to do justice. Case Details. We understand that the jury could only make their decision based on the information they were given, Crockett said. ricardo muscolino house. Her mother died 6 months and 6 days after Laras murder. He leaves her dying for her children to find. Statistically speaking, it was only a matter of time before the paranormal community was affected. No one could hear what happened, Brooks said. If Lara Muscolino had done something to prompt her husband to shoot her, Muscolino never spoke of it, Brooks said.

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