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thes-a-lo-ni'-ka (Thessalonike, ethnic Thessalonikeus): 1. The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. Acts 17:13. Royal Sec. Hadrian's Arch. . From Athens Paul directed his steps to Corinth, where he appears to have arrived in the autumn of A.D.52. The church at Thessalonica, located as it was in a prominent city of Macedonia, had an ideal opportunity to share the gospel with the whole region. It must be given as food only that which will strengthen the religious experience. The Review and Herald, November 10, 1904. Spain Whenever I may go to Spain, I will come to you because I hope to see you while passing through Rome . Athens, Corinth Now after these things, Paul departed from Athens and came to Corinth (Acts 18:1). This reference map of ancient Greece includes the southernpart of the empire. Find local businesses, view maps and get driving directions in Google Maps. Bermius, on a tributary of the Haliacmon, and seems to have been an ancient town, though the date of its foundation is uncertain. The Acropolis was known as a strong example of architecture due to its structure, but it was ultimately destroyed in an earthquake. The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. Gill, N.S. Ewing. A free city, capital of the Roman province of Macedonia in northern Greece. History:Thessalonica rapidly became populous and wealthy. Note that you can see Byzantium (Constantinople) on this map. (2021, February 16). Acts 17:1721. The Dacians occupied Dacia, a region north of the Danube later known as Romania. Note: Christian knowledge bears its own stamp of unmeasured superiority in all that concerns the preparation for the future, immortal life. Retrieved from It was the ancient city of Chalab, lying about midway between Antioch and Hierapolis. The Bereans were residents of the city of Berea in Macedonia. Bible stories for children . Like the noble Bereans, we should search the Scriptures carefully, prayerfully, to become acquainted with the utterances of God. The arch itself, which was perhaps erected to commemorate the victory of Philippi, though some authorities assign it to a later date, has been removed, and the inscription is now in the British Museum (CIG, 1967; Leake, Northern Greece, III, 236; Le Bas, Voyage archeologique, number 1357; Vaux, Trans. Goodspeed, George Stephen, 1860-1905/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain. The Thessalonica of Pauls day, on the other hand, laid claim to some enviable features. (3) (Berea); A place mentioned in 1 Maccabees 9:4. It allied itself (including the Sacred Band) with Athens to fight the Macedonians at Chaeronea, which the Greeks lost, in 338. The former of them was, indeed, one of the apostle's most constant companions; we find him with Paul at Ephesus (Acts 19:29) and on his journey to Rome (Acts 27:2), while in two of his Epistles, written during his captivity, Paul refers to Aristarchus as still with him, his fellow-prisoner (Colossians 4:10 Philemon 1:24). May 29 - June 10, 2022. Howatson, M. C. "The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature." This map shows Greece at the time of the war with Persia in 500-479 B.C. In 253 the Goths had made a vain attempt to capture the city, and again in 479 Theodoric, king of the Ostrogoths, found it so strong and well prepared that he did not venture to attack it. I Corinthians 1:22. So, too, it seems, was Athens. (berea), Vergna, Kalambaka Today we'll follow the footsteps of Paul in Thessalonki, named after Thessalonica, the sister of Alexander the Great. Describe the response of nearly all the hearers, and the result. This map shows Troy and the surrounding area. The lower area of Greece, the Peloponnese, was made up of poleis allied with Sparta, except for Achaea and Argos. This ancient region and Roman province in the Balkans was known as Moesia. Lutheran Church of the Messiah, 407 Nassau Street, Princeton, NJ 08540-4647 Phone: 609-924-3642 Designed by Web 2.0 Promotions It lies in 40 degrees 40 minutes North latitude, and 22 degrees 50 minutes East longitude, at the northernmost point of the Thermaic Gulf (Gulf of Salonica), a short distance to the East of the mouth of the Axius (Vardar). Distance: 5103.4 miles; Duration: 19h 50m . Ancient districts included Thessaly through the Vale of Tempe and Epirus along the Ionian Sea. The charge against Paul is that of trying to replace Caesar by another king; the rioters wish to bring him before "the people," i.e. Derbe, Lystra And when an assault was about to be made by both the Gentiles and the Jews with their rulers to insult and stone them, They became aware of it; so they fled to Lyconia, into the cities of Lystra and Derbe (Acts 14:5 - 6). As I began to study Thessalonica, Berea, and Athens, I noticed something that you, too, may have noticed. be-re'-a (Beroia or Berroia):(1) A town of southwestern Macedonia, in the district of Emathia. is shown in this map. Part of Apostle Paul's path between Philippi and Berea lay across the neck of this peninsula. Probably Paul was again in Thessalonica after his first imprisonment. Gill is a Latinist, writer, and teacher of ancient history and Latin. 2. Nu xn:*'%+Oe You can see areas occupied by tribes, cities, states, and more on this map. This name, usually shortened since medieval times into Salonica or Saloniki, it has retained down to the present. The map includes the principal cities of Greece like: Athens, Corinth, and Thessalonica, and provinces like Macedonia and Achaia. Through the years I have developed a passion for Bible study that has made my life richer and my relationship with God stronger. First trip What's. Driving distance between Athens,Greece and Berea, Greece is calculated by google maps and it is 99 mi. Thessalonica, Berea, Athens, Corinth, Cenchrea, Ephesus, Caesarea; Paul's 4 th visit to Jerusalem; AnMoch, Syria. Acts 17:1-9 In Thessalonica, Paul went into the Jewish synagogue and . Hellas was centered on the western side of the Aegean Sea, with a northern section that was part of the Balkan peninsula and a southern section known as the Peloponnese. What principle did Jesus explain in this regard? Some of the Jews became converts and a considerable number of proselytes and Greeks, together with many women of high social standing (Acts 17:4). Translator was Kenmayer/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 1.0. User:Alexikoua, User:Panthera tigris tigris, TL User:Reedside/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 3.0. Paul and Silas preached to them during Paul's second missionary journey. After the Peloponnesian War, Thebes became the most powerful city temporarily. Note: Those who preach unpopular truth in our day meet with determined resistance, as did the apostles. You can search any location, sightseeing or destination in the wider area of the city. Acts 17:10-15 Paul and Silas journey on to Berea where they preach once again in the synagogue (see Map 24). , Some who prided themselves upon the extent of their intellectual culture entered into conversation with him. Thessalonica is the second-largest city in Greece, situated on the north. DAY 2: INTO THE FOOTSTEPS OF PAUL: Arrive in Thessaloniki where we will be met at the airport for transfer to our hotel. Encyclopdia Britannica, 1911/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain. When Paul traveled to a new place, if there was a synagogue, he always went there. After teaching some in Berea, Paul departed ahead of Silas and Timothy, southward into Achaia (now southern Greece), to Athens, possibly for the winter of 51-52 AD (Acts 17:14-15). From tours to hotels and car rentals, we provide all the essential services to make your trip to Greece the most epic and smooth one. 10) and when, after the battle of Pydna (168 B.C. Study not the philosophy of mans conjectures, but study the philosophy of Him Who is truth. Between 1600 and 1100 B.C, Mycenaean civilization contributed innovations to engineering, architecture, the military, and more. Paul Preaches In Thessalonica, Berea and Athens Acts 17 Introduction: 1. Now known as the modern Avlida, the Greeks often got together in this area to set sail to Troy and bring back Helen. Original: Map_greek_sanctuaries-en.svg by Marsyas, Derivative work: MinisterForBadTimes (talk)/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 2.5. Acts 17:11 Now these were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of the mind, examining the Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so. An inscription on the other side reads, "This is the city of Hadrian and not of Theseus.". In 362, Athens took over again. Athens (Attiki) Thessaloniki (Thessaloniki) 303.13: Piraeus (Attiki) Patrai (Acha?a) 169.73: Peristerion (Piraios Nomos) Irakleion (Irakleion) 325.33: Larisa (Larisa) Kallithea (Piraios Nomos) Silas? Corinthian immigrants, led by Archias, founded Syracuse before the end of the eighth century B.C. Tarsus And when the brethren learned of it, they brought him down to Caesarea and sent him away to Tarsus (Acts 9:30). The account of Paul and Silas in this location is recorded in Acts 17:10-15. Regardless, it was a place of worship for Greek Gods like Hera, Athena, and Hercules. What victories for Christ were achieved through Paul upon his first arrival in Thessalonica, another Macedonian city? Here we find a large number of resident Jews and a synagogue. Paul's Visit:Paul visited the town, together with Silas and Timothy, on his 2nd missionary journey. It certainly came as a surprise to me! Paul, the great missionary strategist, must have seen that from no other center could Macedonia be permeated with the gospel so effectively as from Thessalonica (1 Thessalonians 1:8).But his success roused the jealousy of the Jews, who raised a commotion among the dregs of the city populace (Acts 17:5). thes-a-lo-ni'-ka (Thessalonike, ethnic Thessalonikeus):1. In my last post I wrapped up the word studies for the chapter. Another contrast is that while Amphipolis and Apollonia seem to have had no synagogue, this town did. Neapolis Neapolis is the first European city Paul visits after God tells him to evangelize the continent. The mind that is earthly finds no pleasure in contemplating the word of God; but for the mind renewed by the Holy Spirit, divine beauty and celestial light shine from the sacred page. Ancient Aegean civilizations include the European Bronze Age time period. Berea still exists as a small city of about 50,000 people, and is called Veroia today. Before World War II, Salonika had the largest Jewish community in Greece.At the time of the German occupation, the Jewish population was about 50,000. If the people of our time would follow the example of the noble Bereans, in searching the Scriptures daily, and in comparing the messages brought to them with what is there recorded, there would be thousands loyal to Gods law where there is one today. Sketches from the Life of Paul, 88. 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