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So, in somewhat of an alphabetical order, let's go over the ban appeal guide for some of the most played games! They just lied to me, and that's all. Do runs on your own or as part of a group I acknowledge that i have been banned justly for exploiting and hereby agree that i will not to do so again. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. -Shop storage islimited to different shop sizes, which are listed in-game at the safezone. Choose a location to deploy to Custom walkie talkie with sound effects, helps with immersion. why should i be unbanned: Ive been banned for couple of years and I have been waiting all the time that i just want to PLAY plz unban me. You have to contact Stylis. /kit ), a large ocean-side city with plenty of useful supplies and the undead! I played phantom forces a lot in my childhood and i enjoyed it even though i played on a laptop. It would not be considered KOS if there is a fair warning and a motive. Fail RP, or Fail Roleplay, is when a player does something to disrupt the current roleplay scenario they are a part of. I've always been lazy, paying attention to having to save money, so I used it in some games like bloxburg and autofarm. i often onwy used it fow a few games wike bwoxbuwg with autofawm because i didn't undewstand that i shouwd cowwect money aww the time and i was awso wazy. When inside the safezone, players have godmode and cannot be harmed. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. function onSay(cid, words, param) local t =. (Very helpfull community Btw) All i want right now is to get unbanned to start playing again to become better and better. SAFEZONE You can please unban me i never use flyhacks I gonna never use hacks but please i want to appeal and play mi favorite game. Bandit's Ultimate Arsenal Unlock & explore the many locations available . raw download clone embed print report. 4530cm. Join one of these to be granted access to its HQ. However, we do have to enforce just a short list of rules to ensure the roleplay aspect of the servers remains in play! . I apologize once again to the whole team and to the community who lose their fun because of people like me. Details About Roblox 4 Case Phone Case For Iphone Like Si Esta Bien Bueno El Ricardo Milos Meme De R Roblox 1 Killer Of Noobs Cheezburger Funny Memes, Best Roblox Games To Play With Friends 2020, How To Make Clothes On Roblox And Sell Them, Max Upgraded Tesla Roadster Vehicle Tycoon Roblox. 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Of course if you know you're the victim of FailRP (such as being captured and forgotten about), these rules don't apply Go to the discord server then appeal with stylish bot,i havent appeal yet cuz u need 1000 character long appeal. I have known this for a long time, its in the pf ban script. one day i thought what it wouwd be wike to expwoit phantom fowces i hesitated fow a wong time because i didn't want to destwoy the game fwom the othew pwayews but then the desiwe just got too high and i onwy thought to mysewf once. . Hey guys so i've been banned on phantom forces on 2 different accounts. Albion Online Ban Appeal. send in-game currency to another player, /discord Full customization with hundreds of different weapon skins rewarded for playing. Discover, The Bitcoin network shares a public ledger called, . If you've been denied, suck it up, wait for a while, learn from your mistakes and try your luck again. For example, NW Airfield on Chernarus is a KOS zone. In the event of another player instigating hostility, retaliation is absolutely fine. However there is only 1 form of Revenge KOS that is allowed 2021-03-23. Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page. I think it's wonderful. It would also not be considered KOS if it is part of a fitting roleplay scenario. I hope you wiww accept my apowogy. Detailed, custom animated, buildable minigun. Ban by association: Nordic Equipment Beautifully detailed weapons from a past era. Explore this hardcore environment as you go out on quests, raids and loot runs in search of gear. Sorry for the explosion. 9. But if you go to StyLis Studio's discord (See link) and go to their appeal section you will be able to appeal there. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Cash your gear in and spend it on other gear, upgrading your base & More! If you're banned and are caught trying to evade your ban by using alternate accounts, VPN's or hardware ID changers, your chance to appeal a ban on any of your accounts will become void. Holy shit, where do they get all these ids from? That's it. 8. The Survivor Pack Quests Players can find modded loot in airdrops, Currency Store your hard-earned loot or sell it to NPC traders to make money & buy more gear Phantom Forces is an FPS game by the Roblox game development group StyLiS Studios, comprised of Litozinnamon, shaylan007, AxisAngle, Semaphorism, and Raspy_Pi. 12/22/2022 No clue lol Why'd you get banned? Private Detailed Walkie Talkie The action you just performed triggered the security solution. We'd like to enforce bans on those cases where somebody is the victim of clear targeted harassment. 11 days ago. This just ensures everyone else has a good experience. In Phantom Forces, two teams -Phantoms and Ghosts- fight against one another to prove their dominance in an ever-growing selection of weapons, maps, and game modes. Large, detailed set of lockers to spice up any base. doron.maor123. Unapproved This will be my ban appeal and whatever your opinion is ill just keep them in mind and leave it a stride hope you accept me ty. 2 days ago I was False banned on Phantom Forces for using Exploits, I do not like hackers, I think they ruin the game. Redirecting to https://www. Admins will only provide storage. We want everybody to be able to have an enjoyable and friendly experience within this community, but giving people freedom is also important. Safezones AMA - Im rank 350 and considered one of the best players in Australia. This subreddit was made to archive copypasta. Engage in some PVP action at NW Airfield (KOS Zone). Recent Posts Unread Posts Tags, Forum Icons: More Farming Mod Our Fail RP rules are very simple as not to over complicate things. (Our server uses Bottlecaps as currency). Claim an apartment and start storing your equipment behind a secure metal door one day i thought what it would be like to exploit phantom forces i hesitated for a long time because i didn't want to destroy the game from the other players but then the desire just got too high and i only thought to myself once. The permanent ban feels overdone although I can't recall what I said or did at the time which does represent a problem, although the ban was most likely influenced by my age. The Cordoba I hope you will accept my apology . . I know this is a mistake on my side and maybe it's worth asking you for a chance again, and I don't do it anymore because I know it's banned now and my account is so important To me. Currency mod made especially for the URP servers. Go to the discord server then appeal with stylish bot,i havent appeal yet cuz u need 1000 character long appeal. Previously I was banned a year ago on the 17th of November 2015 for micspamming. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Find all the parts in airdrops and be rewarded with a bullet spitting, base shredding machine! -Shop owners are expected to use their shop as a shop and not a base to store personal belongings. At Roblox, we empower a civil and creative online community through our technological innovation. The ability to hold two pistols, Lax's Military Mod Survival Focused Shows a list of all the permissions and commands you have access to. You can email the site owner to let them know you were blocked. If you are found knowingly assisting, being assisted by or teaming & playing with a player who is alting and/or hacking, you may receive a ban because of obvious association. We want to make it clear that this rule is only in regard to obvious bullying. If you get caught breaking the law, you may end up serving time! We focus more on player interaction than PVP. Make money legitimately with a job, or take the less legal route, Customize your rides with various aftermarket parts. I played phantom forces a lot in my childhood and i enjoyed it even though i played on a laptop. In other words, if somebody attempts to rob you or KOS/shoot at you or your vehicle, it is perfectly acceptable to retaliate and attempt to kill them before they can you. For example 2: Simon steals Teds car, Ted retaliates by chasing the car and shooting Simon. if plr.Name~=Player.Name and plr.Character~=nil and plr.Character:FindFirstChild(targetpart) then Hello there. 1. These bans can be bypassed by using a VPN, but that violates the community guidelines. /pay Gather supplies by either looting or killing other players 12/21/2022 in Questions & Answers. EU or US. Whilst in the safezone, players are protected from all damage. )3:04 IMPORTANT THINGS TO NOT DO3:38 Troubleshooting and Other Help5:07 Frequently Asked QuestionsHOW TO REPORT PEOPLE:\u0026t=19s---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Contact me on the Discord for questions, comments, or other moderation related stuff: Extension Cable#4256Join the StyLiS Studios Discord Server!'t join the official StyLiS Discord for some reason? -Any active base/base raid (This does not include random or clearly heavily abandoned structures, they do not count as bases) i'm 14 years old now and one of my friends showed me how to download exploits . Welcome to StyLiS Studios! Help getting unbanned from Phantom Forces. To ensure everybody has a good experience, we'd recommend following these short roleplay guidelines. The ban was for exploiting which is something I have no clue what it is and after doing some research, realized my friend has been . /kit starter but this one time was weawwy not my wucky day because i was banned immediatewy. 1. Furthermore i agree to have all my progress in the game deleted and wait 7 more days until i am unbanned. i often only used it for a few games like bloxburg with autofarm because i didn't understand that i should collect money all the time and i was also lazy.

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