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Read more about Julia Lundin. A distinct but vague sense of urgency, like the clock is ticking quicker. The increased and expanded cognition makes 3D consciousness a bore for you. . Cosmic Events. Follow new directions. Now, Im pretty sure that Im ascending. . The Physical Level. It can get really hard when you are being physically, emotionally, and spiritually being transformed at a rapid pace, while your mind is attempting to hold on to the past. More intense dreams, including lucid dreams. When this occurs, youre releasing blocked energy from your joints. 46. We move!!! 30. Its all about awakening to your true self, finding your place in the universe, and letting go of all the baggage holding you back. Below, I have listed the most common, but there are more. Understanding these changes can help individuals better manage their mental and emotional states during this time. Ill be getting into more meditations asap. It involves a shift in consciousness towards higher dimensions and frequencies and a deeper connection to ones higher self, spirit guides, and universal vibrational energy forces. However lately Ive become super sensitive to nature and even cry when its something beautiful, feel so disconnected and alone at times but I feel that what Iam feeling is right for me. It will help maintain your awareness and stops you from drifting away from reality permanently. With much love and high energy, we can embrace this ascension experience and embrace a new energy on planet Earth. I am so excited! Food has healing abilities that help you through this strenuous process. Irritability. Your sixth sense comes alive during ascension tap into it! Ascension can make you restless! Some people become physically sick, and others wake up with bruises that werent there the day before. You may have already noticed that certain foods don't go down as well as they used to. It could be a change of job, friends, or family relationships. Some people find their vision changes during ascension. I didnt like it at all when I was a kid and my mom thought I was crazy ! We analyze the geophysical evidence and competing timelines that map or guide us into The Event that influences the Ascension Timeline. I started going to church but realized I feel like I am reading a different book than them. Your ego is losing its hold on you and is afraid. A sharp uptick in the amount of synchronicity that you experience on a daily basis. Im also having memory loss that seems limited to geographical locations. The 3D (third dimension) consciousness is the physical world in which we live, known to everyone. You disconnect from the 3D reality and have long episodes experiencing 5D. Sense of smell becomes more sensitive. This isnt going to be over in a few weeks, months, or in ayearso its best to roll with it. Often accompanied by a change in music tastes. Crazy bc I worked so hard to be a nurse but now I often want to work for myself. And so much more. 6:6 Gateway Time to let your True Self shine! . Why do my knees ache when I didnt perform any physical activity? As we alter the electromagnetic frequencies in our physical and emotional bodies, many of us are beginning to think differently about . join us forCommunityin Unityon Tuesdays at 7 PM MT. My ears are ringing a lot my head tingles my heart palpitations turn the anxiety thinking I was having a heart attack but no I am a registered massage therapist with a Reiki practitioner dive into Buddha Im meditating cleansing colonics Im back on Super Foods and fruits and vegetables only thank you for your confirmation that Im not losing my mind, Youre not losing your mind! Read more about. Ascension is the process of raising your vibration, shedding your ego, and gaining control of your future through an elevated level of consciousness. Many people experience astral projection through sleeping. I feel energy flowing thru me, I can hear the energy. You are bringing to light what needs to be revealed so it doesn't destroy the fiber of your society. You live in tumultuous times and you live in a time of fulfilment. . On my own website, more and more people are finding some of my articles that deal with physical symptoms. If you are going through the process of spiritual ascension, its important to understand the physical changes that may occur. 3. I just need to clean up my diet and exercise my body more and I should be okay. Problems with judging the passing of time. Yes I think I am going through 5D . Those who have been on the awakening path for a while are experiencing new symptoms with this new wave of energy. However, with a little preparation and guidance, we can manage these changes with ease and grace. Sudden onset of bad reactions to foods that you were fine with before, especially highly processed food with lots of chemical additives. 1. . I have not felt like I am at all. Sometimes they can be prophetic but they can leave you mentally and emotionally exhausted. I feel the Universe doesnt give a shit about my life. The 12D Shield is helpful to harmonize the body through many ascension symptoms. Overheating is a common ascension symptom, especially through hot flashes and night sweats. Just ride it out and don't take antibiotics which will only prolong the process. 28. I have no energy and when I do it is spent really quickly and I am tired and want to nap a lot . Sometimes I wish I had Someone to talk to, but Im grateful nonetheless for each phase. Numbness and tingling with circulation issues. . More vivid and lucid dreams. I have to share that where it talks about Auras clashing; I had this happen 1/12/2022 time frame and It put me in the most awkward position. Im tired and this has happened a few times already sporadically. Trust the process and make peace with your evolution. Ascension Symptoms. With it came a plethora of energies. Upon waking several times this week, I was feeling sick again: headache, nausea, mini hot flashes, and tired. The journey from 3D to 5D often takes a toll on both your body and mental health. 1. Get afree numerology readingtoday to help get yourself on the right track. Sudden digestive issues, including flaring up of existing conditions like IBS. A feeling that there are spirits and other higher beings around you all of the time. You have explained the whole last year of my life in two web pages. Thank you for all the great info on 5D changes, it let me know Im not getting old. To learn more about spirit guides signs, check out my video below. When a life system on this planet raises its vibrational state from one energetic state of being to another higher one, it is known as ascending. Walking an ascension path is not an easy journey. Our planet is ascending to higher frequencies in order to become a new 5D home. You feel confused about where you are. . This usually occurs on the legs and arms but can appear anywhere. This advice may seem basic, but hydration is very good for your body. Ascension | Ascension Symptoms | Ascension Progress | Cosmic and Multidimensional effects on the New Earth Human Body | Ascension Updates | Incoming Energies | Gaia Ascension | Human . Embrace the change because fighting it can be painful. After I saw my first little boy that wasnt there it really stressed me out and I could not stay asleep past 45 minutes after seeing this vision. 47. This is leading to ascension symptoms as our DNA is being upgraded. This is because, in the process of spiritual awakening, your senses are heightened to adjust to new frequencies. Related article: Ascension Symptoms: Aches, Pains And Headaches. This journey can be a major life change and requires patience and dedication. And AGAIN all symptoms disappeared within about 1 hr. It made me nauseous as if to say my soul could tell she didnt really like me. In other words, places that Ive been to several times dont look familiar anymore. . Ascension Symptoms. Having 47 of the signs of a starseed! Things start to smell a bit different and a lot more powerfully. Everyone experiences these ascension symptoms, they are happening on an individual and planetary level. Its all part of the vibrational shift were going through now. From 2015 to roughly 2035, a new crystalline matrix will be established within the Earth, which will spark physical changes in our bodies. 9. STAY WOKE . Thank you for helping to spread the word about ascension!! A distinct but vague sense of urgency, like the clock is ticking quicker. Your Zen Growth is a blog devoted to exploring spirituality, mindfulness, and personal growth. It occurs when energy is flowing through your body. I talk more about this in my latest Youtube video: You feel energy bursts at intervals especially, when your soul is actively ascending. We encourage you to explore and discover the potential of your inner being through meditation, self-reflection, and creative expression. Have been through the dark night of the soul and am currently learning to let go of traumas, sparks in the eyes, and general aches and pains..Im an NDE..I have been a Vegan for nearly two years now. . Sometimes accompanies flu-like symptoms. Ascension Cycles, Timelines & Evidence Ascension is the ending of cycles that brings about planetary movement through a higher density and expansion of consciousness. These are all signs that your spirit guides are trying to contact you or send you a message. Out-of-body experiences are responsible for memory loss and forgetfulness. I seriously thought I was losing my mind. I dont know where else to post about this but it is so nice to see that there are people here who experience similar things who arent crazy also lol. Its like Im over the hard part, now I just need to integrate everything I have learned & remembered. You cant shake the feeling that something big is happening within your soul. In rare cases, people shed their old skins during ascension. 39. Ascension is the raising of our personal energy frequency. Aches and pains in muscles and joints that dont have an explanation. Boulder, CO 80304, 318 Paseo del Pueblo Norte Loss of appetite is common, and a change in taste is even more so, with a shift towards healthier foods. Hinduism and Buddhism have long-standing beliefs about spiritual enlightenment and reaching higher states of consciousness. 1: You start to have body aches During 5D ascension, it is common to feel unusual aches in different parts of your body. A feeling that there are spirits and other higher beings around you all of the time. You need to eat nourishing meals to keep your body grounded. I have been going through my own Ascension, but the symptoms are less nowit can get scary tho. Sending you lots of love and blessings . Thank you for this. I want to be alone more and become immersed in thought. Physical pain and discomfort can represent the first level of shedding the old to make way for the new, rather like a snake shedding its skin, or it can represent the very last vestiges of karmic emotional release. Are night time surges of energy and stomach discomfort most nights, part of the symptoms that Here are 31 signs that show youre ascending: Here are the 10 most common 5D ascension symptoms. My daughter is going through this now. How can I manage my 5D ascension symptoms? I can feel my third eye and my chest feels different but not palpitations is more of a sensitive feeling. Being in places like parks, beaches, waterfalls, etc., appeals to them. Crazy bc when the blogger mentioned joint pain lol well I just noticed the other day that my knees are aching out of no where. Cold-like or flu-like symptoms coming and going without a full-fledged cold or flue. . Insomnia and fatigue are as likely as each other, though it is most likely for you to experience both at different times. Withdrawal, usually to get some time alone and away from the energy of others. All it knows is love. I am the light! We call these rays photonic Light. This also changes the types of food we need for fuel. The Earth is at the moment going through a historic shift in vibration, ascending spiritually from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. Do the best you can and let your divine shine! During the Ascension process as we accrete frequency and light we may undergo a variety of ascension symptoms, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual-energetic.. the Kundalini awakening impulses a process of energetic cleansing, which can be profoundly destabilising from a physical, mental and emotional point of view. The physical body is super heavy and dense and slow compared to source energy. I start sweating like crazy which wakes me up. Typically, for ascension to occur, you must have undergone some type of, 6: You start to experience vision changes, In rare cases, people shed their old skins during ascension. A deep knowledge that you have a mission here on Earth, and a strong urge to do all that is possible to fulfill that mission. But in addition, an excess of mucus can be a physical manifestation of the intense release of debris from your whole being. I can sense that I should cleanse my space around certain individuals. Changes in the growth rate and appearance of the hair and nails. Difficulty maintaining a healthy sleep cycle. This is aside from my hot flashes that Im treating with hormones, or is it? Irregular bowel movements can occur. This usually occurs on the legs and arms but can appear anywhere. Can have more symptoms like those that are related to higher vibrations your bodies you are receiving. Old patterns, behaviors and beliefs are also being pushed to the surface. It happens when your souls transition is clashing with your present 3D reality. These changes may include weight gain or loss, skin eruptions, flu-like symptoms, and changes in body temperature. If you want to dive deeper, I recommend my article 31 Mind-blowing Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening. If you are reading this post, it is because you can probably feel it, be it physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. It is truly a great honor to be sharing this with all of you and being a part of Our Earth Mothers Ascension! Solstice (Summer/Northern, Winter/Southern) June-20-2021 9:32 PM MST. Im basically a vegetarian now. " Shekinah", a Hebrew word in the "Language of Light", is a mentor of the Blue Ray. I want to clarify what ascension symptoms are and why you might be experiencing them too. As you shift into a higher frequency, some vibrations repel or attract you. . Read: Just like youre doing now, read and educate yourself when experiencing more severe ascension symptoms. Physical symptoms in response to added Ascension related stress may include aches and pain, inflammation throughout the body, or in different parts of the body, (ulcers, boils, gum issues), digestive issues, fatigue, poor sleep, emotional outbursts and . . There are many books and YouTube channels available that can offer insights, guidance, and inspiration for those on a spiritual path. You can see the occasional hint of an aura around objects and people. It can also cause pressure and headaches. It let me to my current carreer as a Massage Therapist. My husband doesnt really believe in this, so I worry about him, but he may already be there because of just how he is and what attracted me to him in the first place. Hi Julia, I can resonate with practically ALL the symptoms described. Please dont ignore your feelings and intuition when they come. Theres a sudden need to connect with nature. 1. 32. The vibration on Earth is rising. 23. It happens when your souls transition is clashing with your present 3D reality. Basic energy shift (ascension) symptoms included things like: ringing in the ears, intense sweating, dizziness, forgetfulness, ascension flu, depression, and waves of nausea. I have such extreme fatigue in the afternoon that Ive never had before and wake up from 2-4 each morning usually in sweat. Changes in body temperature, including hot flashes and sweating without cause. Ascension is a completely natural and universal evolutionary process. I have felt the need to start meditating and become more aware of my thoughts. Being pulled away from civilization and modernity, towards nature and the wisdom of the past. Physical changes in your body may unfold as you open and prepare to embody more light and a higher frequency of consciousness. Your body is adjusting to its new reality and elevated level of consciousness. The feeling of losing your sense of self makes you on edge and quick to get angry, but its a common part of ascension. It occurs when we bring our layers of "light" from our Spiritual Body or Multidimensional God Self down into our physical form. It could be a change of job, friends, or family relationships. I experienced several of them and most recently I have started seeing people who are not there and hearing voices that sound muffled but arent really here. Flu-like symptoms that come and go seemingly at a whim. Now these senses r back and I embrace it. She had a virtual visit today with her doctor who prescribed medication for sleeping and a sleep study. Discomfort, Aches and Pains. More daydreaming and ambitious thinking, accompanied by bursts of creativity and productivity that are achieving results. Ive been to a Neurologist and was told Im perfect. Symptoms that may also be connected to the third eye chakra. The vibrations around you now make you uncomfortable so, you make changes. Why do my arms feel heavy? Feeling isolated and cut off from others, despite often being to blame for that fact. You might lose old friends who drain your energy or you might be drawn to more natural, high-vibrational food. Today I found your site. 45. Ascension Symptoms. The divine source will do what it needs to, regarding my marriage. The 5D (fifth dimension) is the non-physical world, a level of consciousness that is only experienced by the spiritually awakened. A lot of people have been experiencing sudden physical activations, new bodily functions, and they have expressed genuine fear and concern in regards to how . Have you ever found your mind awakening and opening to the reality that there is more to life than you can perceive? Trust and act upon your intuition. Going through changes physically and emotionally affects your mental health. #39 These symptoms can manifest in different parts of the body and include changes in energy levels, weight loss, and the experience of the ascension flu. Spiritual practices, including taking a rest period, can help to manage these symptoms, and seeking medical advice is always important when needed. These changes may also include a deeper connection to one's higher self . The process of reaching for a higher dimension is stressful for the 3D human body. Labile Emotions - meaning, emotionally up . 43. 18. Understanding these physical symptoms can help individuals prepare for and manage them more effectively. Remember to surrender, accept and release. As always, whenever you have ongoing physical symptoms, I encourage you to seek advice from a healthcare professional of your choice . Here are some practical tips to help you prepare for and manage physical symptoms: Spiritual ascension can also lead to changes in an individuals mental and emotional states. Expansiveness, timelessness and peace: as you surrender and let go of attachment to the 3D world, then consciousness naturally begins to expand into higher dimensions, especially 4D and 5D. I want to ascend who wouldnt ? 7. This is common withlightworkers, who get smoother and brighter skin. The above 5D ascension symptoms are just some of the signs to look out for. Clumsy behaviors: dropping or forgetting things, and acting before thinking. What's different with these energies is the way they came in. Well, unfortunately, doctors dont learn about ascension sickness in school. Many of the Ascension symptoms you are experiencing are related to excess energy, exciting your chakras. Me Ive had big issues with depression but for the most part it was gone but anxiety is back! These are affecting many Lightworkers in an emotional and physical way. 4. As we move through this human experience, we can continue to connect with our soul mate and navigate the emotions of others, even during times of past darkness and the dark night of the soul.. A balanced diet:Ascension stretches your physical limits. You need to eat nourishing meals to keep your body grounded. What is happening to me? More than happy to read the amazing experiences in the reply section too. After reading this article, I believe I am in the middle of the journey. I can not focus on my job at all . Physical 5D Ascension Symptoms. They tell you much about your developing life path. I hear voices and see visions which scared me at first because Im out here alone when he travels. Have become unable to watch the news because I feel so much hate and chaos.although this has been a tough journey but Im grateful for each day and trust in the Universe to provide what I need when I need it. Started meditating in 1968, was vegetarian, really health conscious, have always been a metaphysical being, but stopped meditating regularly around mid 2005 when I went to work for a big company & started moving up the latter. Latent electrical power in your muscles causes twitching, tingling, and spasming. Lisa Renee is a Spiritual Scientist and Quantum Therapist. January 2022 and the finalization of Divine Feminine Mother being physicalized into new earth, along with that Template, has manifested within humanity some very obviously different physical changes. Other times I will be sitting down, looking through a doorway and the door appears far away. A very unusual but related ascension symptom side effect is that hair and nails may start growing at a faster rate; damage related to the 'hair or nails' may be repaired at a more rapid pace than normal. 8. Friday Jul 17, 2020. I have memory loss, trouble concentrating, I cant do things I used to do, I have no motivation to do the things I need to do, no appetite and have been drinking so much water. Coldness, decrease in blood circulation and an inability to get warm. Ascension Symptoms | Teeth & Gums. Ascension Symptoms Include : Anxiety. 33. 13. You might also feel butterflies in your tummy or slight discomfort at intervals. The earth is spiritually awakening out of the darkness, denseness, and dis-ease of the 3 rd Dimension to reach higher planes of existence known as the 4 th and 5 th Dimensions. We may experience: Profound fatigue, softness of the body, breathing arrhythmias, cardiac arrhythmias, lack of force in the arms, hands, and legs. Joint & body aches.

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